For the Rohirrim Amongst Us

by Sevilodorf

Simbelmyne, it is called. Evermind in the common tongue. A fitting name for blossoms that serve to adorn the final dwelling of he who now resides only in my heart and mind.

Oh, to possess the memory of an elf! Never fading. Each moment as fresh as the instant it was lived.

But I can not … and already, the edges of my remembrances blur.

The softness of his hair beneath my fingers, and the deep timbre of his voice are still clear within my mind. But the feel of his hand within my own slips from my mind's grasp and the taste of his lips upon mine fades with each passing day. Will next I forget the laughter we shared? The brightness of his eyes when he looked upon me?

But one thing that does not dull with time is the sharpness of my regret. For the words I did not say, for what can now never be unsaid. The lost moments when I turned from him in anger or hurried away to attend to duties that would have waited.

Aye, regret, I fear will retain its cutting edge for many seasons yet to pass. Seasons during which the simbelmyne will continue to shine like stars amid the grass.