Beneath the Banner of His Eye

by Sevilodorf

Long ago, I was someone else. It proved too dangerous to let that person live. So I killed him.

His Eye is everywhere.

To serve the Dark Lord and hold on to memories of other places and times sets one’s feet on the road to insanity. Or perhaps choosing to live was the true insanity.

Always watching.

Early, I learned the cruelty necessary for my survival and have risen high in the favor of my lord. I am privileged to know much of my master’s mind.

There is no escape.

Now I am commanded to go forth beneath the banner of The Eye to parlay with those who dare assail his gates. Terms of surrender I am bidden to lay before them.Terms they would do well to accept for the forces my master wields are great.

Voices whisper. They dare to question the power of The Eye and speak of the early breaking of His darkness and the failure of the Nazgul. But long have I spent in his service, and the petty defeat of an army concerns him little. It is the presence of a spy within the very borders of his land that occupies his great mind. A spy of which there is now no trace save for a garrison of dead orcs and the tokens I am ordered to present to those before the gate. Tokens that bespeak a far reaching conspiracy, a conspiracy of folly.

His Eye burns within my mind. I become an instrument of his sight as he searches for hidden messages within the words and minds of those I speak with. I feel his hatred building, his power surging through me. Yet, they stand motionless. Unmoved. This can not be. None have the force of will to withstand my master. None.

Rage. Fury, tempered with something I have never sensed in my master’s mind before…fear. I find myself racing madly back to Cirith Gorgor. The drums roll and the trumpets sound calling forth the hordes of Mordor, compelled as ever by the hate and fury of our master; but the full strength of his will is not with us for he is searching, desperately searching. Seeking for the knowledge of what has made his enemy so strong.

His wrath sears my mind; then, there is nothing. Only a void where his will has resided for years unnumbered. From a distance, I hear the shrieking Nazgul race to answer his call; but within my own mind, there is nothing. I have been abandoned, forsaken.

His Eye was everywhere.
Always watching.
There was no escape.