The New Sam

by samwisegirl

Rosie Cotton was filling up her hundredth pint for the night when she saw him enter the tavern. She had heard the rumor that the boys had returned, but she had not seen them until now. They had secluded themselves in their smials, with only family permitted to see them. Stories were flying about where they had been, what they had done. Rosie cared not, all she knew was that her Sam had returned. For a year, she had waited, and worried. She was not lacking in suitors during this time, but she only had eyes for one hobbit, and he had been away, on some sort of quest that she knew nothing about. She knew it had something to do with the ever increasing shadow across the land, and that when the boys returned, the shadow had lifted. She knew in her heart that Sam had been one of the parties responsible for the light coming back into the land.

Frodo, Merry, Pippin ,and Sam raised their glasses in a toast. They were all so glad to be home, but each of them felt different. Hobbiton seemed smaller, and they were all still carrying the pain they had suffered during their journey. Sam remained quiet as the other three ate, drank, and laughed with each other. His gaze drifted over to the lovely barmaid serving the drinks. His Rosie. His one true love. He locked eyes with her, and this time he did not blush, did not turn away like he used to. His chocolate brown eyes held her, and she was amazed by the fearlessness that she saw in them, the bravery, and something else too. Something she couldn’t put her finger on.

This time, she was the one who dropped her gaze to her apron, and blushed a deep scarlet that made her cheeks glow. Sam knew that things would be different now; he no longer was content to watch her. To simply watch, and do nothing else. He suddenly stood up, knocking his chair to the ground, and strode over to the bar. Frodo, Merry and Pippin stared after him, bemused expressions on their faces. He could hear their laughter following him as he stopped in front of the lovely Rosie.

“Hello Sam” she said softly.

“Rose” he whispered. She was wiping out an ale stein with a wet cloth, and he suddenly grabbed her soft, petite hands, in his large, calloused ones, causing her to drop the stein on the ground. It shattered, and caused the patrons of the Green Dragon to turn and look in his direction. He cared not. All he could see was her face, her luminous eyes, her golden curls, her ruby lips. He leaned across the bar, and gently laid his lips upon hers. She tasted like honeysuckle in the springtime, and his lips remained pressed against hers for an eternity, touching, tasting, and feeling her. Finally, they broke apart, and she stared at him with love in her shining eyes. This was not the Sam that had left the Shire almost a year ago. This Sam was braver, stronger, and even more dear to her than the old one. The old Sam never would have kissed her like that, never would have kissed her at all.

“Marry me” he whispered, still holding her hands tightly, the bar separating them.

She pulled her hands out of his, walked around the bar, and threw herself into his waiting embrace.

“I will marry you Samwise Gamgee. I love you.” she cried. She would never forget this day. The day that her one true love came back to her.