A Brother's Love

by samwisegirl

“He loves you, father!”

Those words echoed in Boromir’s ears as he gracefully leapt up onto his grey steed. He had tried so earnestly to help Faramir earn his father’s love, but it was not to be. Denethor was blind with grief and pain when he looked at his younger son. A constant reminder of the beloved wife he had lost had soured his love towards his son, and strengthened his love for the elder Boromir. The proud and noble warrior Boromir.

He shuddered. What was wrong with Faramir? Nothing, as far as he could tell. He loved his little brother unconditionally, and would die before he saw Faramir come to harm. He could fight off a thousand foes, but he could not protect Faramir from their father. If he could heal their rift, he would pay any price, and gladly.

He looked up at the banner of Gondor, flying in the morning breeze. He had never felt more proud of his country then he did at that moment, and yet, never more ashamed either. Denethor was slowly going mad; Boromir could see it, why could no one else? And now he was going on this foolish mission ,at his father’s bidding...

“Isildur’s Bane is found...”

Faramir came across the courtyard towards his brother, and looked up at him with love shining in his eyes. Boromir reached down and touched Faramir’s cheek with one gloved hand. He had made this simple gesture towards his brother ever since they were little, every time he had to go off somewhere, and little Fari was afraid he would not return unharmed. He would wipe away the tears on his brother’s cheeks and he would always say, “Remember today, little brother.”

This day was different. He said the words out of habit, but today he felt the hackles rise on the back of his neck. Something was wrong.

Faramir looked into his brother’s eyes, and did not speak. He couldn’t. He felt that this would be the last moment he had with his brother. He had a horrible feeling about Rivendell. No words were necessary; the depth of his love for Boromir spilled from his eyes like rain from the heavens above.

Boromir knew that this time a touch on the cheek would not be enough. He slid down from his steed, and embraced his brother tightly. He held Faramir in his strong arms, stroking the back of his head, and whispering in his ear, “I love you, little brother. Never forget that.”

He gently disengaged himself from the distraught Faramir, but right before he re-mounted his horse, Fari grabbed his arm. “Be careful” he whispered.

“I will” he grinned, trying to make light of the superstitious dread they were both feeling.

He looked down into his brother’s face one last time, so similar to his, yet kinder, gentler.
More like their mother’s had been. A soft smile, and fair eyes.
He then clucked at his steed, and rode off without looking back. He did not want his brother to see the tears that were forming in his eyes. He must be strong, like he always had been. For his little brother. For Faramir.