Tears of Pain

by Queen of Gondor

Her long golden hair glittered in the sunlight, her cream dress waving in the wind. She stretched her head, looking out over the yellow plains. Her father and Uncle had ridden out six days ago, and she was eager to see them. She longed for the gentleness of her fathers smile, and the warmth and love that he showed to he when he looked at her.

“Éowyn?” A sound came from behind her.

She slowly turned around and smiled. “Good morning, brother.”

Éomer smiled at her and said, “let us get some lunch.” he took her small, pale hand into his, and led her into the hall. Éowyn glanced once more at the plains below before walking in.

They ate some crusty bread and thick vegetable soup. All of a sudden, a woman came running in. “They’ve returned! They’ve returned!” She stood smiling in the hall. Éowyn jumped out of her seat and ran out of the door. As for Éomer, he stood up slowly and took his time leaving the hall.

“Uncle,” Éowyn ran up to Théoden and they embraced, “where is father?” She asked, looking up thoughtfully at her uncle.

Théoden looked down at her, what a beautiful child, so fair. “Éowyn, your father, he was ambushed by Orcs, he has fallen.” Éowyn stood, looking shocked at her uncle, tears started to drip down her fair face. He embraced her once more, and then walked back into the hall. She turned around to face the hall, Éomer stood grimly looking at her. No trace of tears were in his eyes. Éowyn walked up to him and hugged him.

* * * *

Éowyn peeked round the corner and through the doorway into her fathers room. She walked in. Éomund’s body was lying on the bed. She smiled faintly at him and put her right hand on his chest. No heart beat could be felt. She found his right hand, which was much bigger than her own, and held it. Cold. It was stone cold. She pressed his hand against her cheek. The warmth that used to embrace her was lost. No feeling or soul left in him to love her. Never again would she feel the love and gentleness that he showed her. There was a look of determination on Éomund’s pale face, but there was also a pale smile.

Éowyn felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned her head, Éomer was standing there, still without a trace of tears on his face, the same grim look. Éomer reminded her of them of their father. Very well structured, a fighter, and a leader. “Do not cry, do not grieve, sister.”

Éowyn was looking down at her father, “will you not shed one tear? He was a brave…brave and fair man.” She muttered the last few words amongst the tears of pain that were streaming down her face.

Éomer sighed. “I do not find it as easy to shed tears as you do. Why must I remember someone who is no longer here?”

“You must remember because he is your father, and always will be, and you love him. Théoden said as he walked into the room. “He was a valiant man, you must remember him.” He gazed down at the body.

Éowyn hugged him right away. Éomer stared down at his father. His father had taught him how to fight with a sword. They had spent many an afternoon in the plains, and the halls of Muduseled, laughing and playing against each other. His eyes began to glisten, and a single tear trickled down his face. Théoden put his arm around his shoulders, Éomer dug his face into his uncles chest. Éowyn was grateful that he was showing his tears, she knew he was grieving, even if he did not want to show it.

* * * *

Éowyn gazed down upon the golden fields of Rohan, ever hoping to see her father riding back on his own brown steed. The sun was setting beyond the mountains to the west. She had had her supper an hour ago, and her only wish was to sit on the steps of the Golden Hall and watch the sun set.

A pale moon shone down onto her pale skin. Tears were lingering in her eyes, and she was debating with herself whether to drop them or not. She let one fall. For her father. Whom she had loved so dearly. She smiled faintly down at the stables below. She got up off the step and walked towards it. Lamps were lit along the pathways of the village. The fire seemed to make her feel better somehow.

When she walked into the stables, she walked over to a brown horse, and reached her hand up so as to stroke his nose. The horse was much bigger then herself, but she smiled up at him. Her small arm did have to reach high, but she loved horses.

Footsteps echoed behind her. She turned to see Théoden. He walked over to her and picked her up. He hugged her. Then he set her down on top of the horse. “This was your fathers horse, Éowyn.” Théoden said gently. The pain was still near to him, but he knew that it would take a little while before it left Éowyn.

“I know, uncle.” Éowyn said with a sigh. “I just wish that he was still here. I know that I have Éomer, but it’s not quite the same, but I also have you.” Tears fell down her red face. The wrapped her hands around Théoden.

Into her ear, Théoden whispered, “Of course you have me.”

* * * *

The next morning dawned with grey clouds in the sky. It was as if the weather could tell that this was a sad day to begin with. It was not yet raining, but Éowyn didn’t care. She needed to watch her father be put to rest. Whether it was raining or snowing, she would be out there today.

In her mind she told herself that she would be brave, but she knew it would not help. The sadness would forever dwell there. Perhaps Éomer would be brave. Would he cry in front of everyone? If he didn’t, it would be terrible, only because he would not be showing how he truly felt towards his father. Éomer had loved Éomund dearly, they had spent so much time together, and they never argued with each other. He was hurting. Éowyn could tell.

Éowyn sat on her soft bed, remembering the words her father had told her, shortly before he had departed Edoras. “You are fair beyond count of words, my daughter.” He had lifted her onto his knee. “To me, you represent everything. The stars in the sky. The violets in the grass. You will make a beautiful woman. You must understand this, no matter what ever happens, you will always have me with you…” A tear dropped down onto her black dress. She smiled down at it though. She would have her father forever. Even though he was not here in person, he was here in spirit. She could feel the empty place in her heart fill up. Now she had her uncle and her brother, both loved her very much. They may not be her father, but they were her family, and she loved them more than anything.

“Éowyn.” Éomer walked into the room and sat down beside her. “We are needing to go outside now.” Then, he hugged her. He just put his arms around her. Together they cried.

“Cousins?” Théodred walked into the room and stood in front of them. “We must go out now.” He held out his hand for Éowyn. She thankfully took it. They walked out. Éomer holding Éowyn’s right hand, and Théodred, her left. They were both taller than her, and very strong. But they were being gentle with her, as if she was a freshly picked flower, and could be crushed so easily.

The village had gathered around the hills, just outside the gate of Edoras. The three cousins walked to the front, solemnly. Théoden stood there and took Éowyn’s hand, he gave it a gentle squeeze though.

A woman stepped forth and began to sing a song. A song that was sung at all funerals. They shed tears, Éowyn looked over at Éomer who smiled at her, and shed a tear. She smiled back.

When the villagers walked back inside the gates, along with Théoden, Théodred, and Éomer, Éowyn stayed behind. She promised to not stay too long.

She walked up to the hill, and placed a hand on it. In a whisper, she said, “Goodbye, father.” She dropped a white flower down as she walked away. The wind carried it and it landed on the hill, nestled in the brown grass. There it would grow and bloom for years to come, on the grave of Éowyn’s father. But for now, they would carry on, with tears of pain.