Through Shadow

by Queen of Gondor

Frodo walked up the steep slope, turning back only to watch his dear Sam being fought by Gollum. Tears were stinging his blue eyes, that once saw happiness. Not fires and death stinking all around him. He approached the doorway and walked in. He stood at the end of the path, looking down into the fires of Mount Doom. For so long this was where he had been working to get, this is where he needed to be. He held the ring tightly in his small hand. He took a deep breath and turned around.

Sam stood at the entrance yelling, “Throw it in Mr. Frodo! Let us be rid of it’s menace!”

Frodo looked down at the golden ring in his hand. He then looked back up at Sam, and showed a smile. A smile which Sam had never seen before, on anyone. It showed anger in it, but also the fact that was taken. The ring had taken Frodo. Slowly, Frodo still smiling, placed the ring on his finger. And vanished.

Sam stood close to tears and mumbled, “No…” Sam suddenly felt a large rock hit his head, and he collapsed onto the rocky ground below him. Gollum jumped on to the invisible Frodo. Frodo walked back and forth, Gollum hanging on to him, trying to get the ring. There was suddenly a scream of pain and Frodo reappeared. He was holding his hand, which now instead of five fingers, were only four. Gollum stood transfixed on the beauty of the ring that had finally come back to him. Frodo ran over to him, and started trying to pull the ring away.

Sam stood watching them, crying. He couldn’t believe that after Frodo had lost a finger because of this ring, he had gotten stabbed by a Ringwraith and by a spider, he was still fixed on the ring. So much power it had over him.

Sam’s eyes widened, Frodo and Gollum tumbled off the edge of the path. Sam ran over to the edge and looked in, Gollum was in the fire below, but his dear Mr. Frodo was still hanging on.

Frodo looked up to Sam and said, “I’m so sorry Sam.” And then in his mind he thought, “Sam, why don’t you just let me go. There is nothing for me now. I left my home, I have done so much awful things. Why should I want to go back?” Frodo suddenly looked up at Sam and stopped thinking about how there was nothing left for him. If there was truly nothing left for him, he would have already let go. He smiled faintly ip at Sam and extended his hand.

“Bless you, Mr. Frodo.” Sam smiled as he pulled Frodo up.

The two ran hand in hand out of the entrance. They stumbled down and lay on the rocks floating in the fire, the lava. Sam was smiling and looking at Frodo, glad that it was all over now. Frodo just kept thinking, “I am glad Sam, that I am with you, here at the end of all things. I am so sorry for everything. I wish that you had never had to come with me. But the truth is, I probably would have gotten no where had you not been here.” He stopped listening to his own thought and listened to Sam.

“We did it Mr. Frodo, it’s all over.” They smiled at each other and embraced. They had been through so much together. From the very beginning. They embraced, each crying. They were finally done what they had set out to do. They had been hurt, but they were still together, best friends to the end. Going through shadow was only part of their quest.