A Promise

by Queen of Gondor

Merry looked sadly up at his younger cousin. Tears were stinging his green eyes. Pippin shed a tear, looking down at Merry - did Merry think he had failed?

“I love you, Pip.” Merry whispered.

Gandalf mounted Shadowfax and spoke to the horse; the white horse sped out of the stable. Merry looked after them for a moment, and then he broke into a run. He ran up the steps of a watchtower, passing soldiers who looked at him questioningly. Aragorn followed the little Hobbit up the steps.

The top was of a square shape. A small fence had been put around it, making certain that no one would go for a fall. Merry looked out a gap in the wood. Shadowfax crossed the small stream, running as lightning. Aragorn gently placed his hand on Merry’s right shoulder.

Merry turned around after a moment. He wore a red, tear streaked face. He put his small arms around Aragorn and wept.

Aragorn knelt down to Merry’s height and looked him directly in the eye. “He will be alright, Merry.” Aragorn reassured him.

“I failed him, Aragorn. I promised I wouldn’t let anything happen to him.”

“Anyone can promise anything, but not everyone can keep heir promises all of the time.”

“I know, It’s just I could have kept the promise, I just...didn’t.”

“Well, Merry, of the time that I have spent with you and Pippin, I have learned that it takes a lot to keep Pippin in order. I am amazed that you can keep him in order even some of the time.” Aragorn smiled down.

“I could have done more to stop him from looking into it.”

“No, Merry, you couldn’t have. It is folly that you think you could have. If he didn’t look into it then, he would have looked into it another time.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Merry sighed. “I think I shall go and lie down.”

Me made his way, slowly, from Aragorn, and down the steps. A soft breeze kissed his brow, and dried the fresh tears that were dripping down his face. Éowyn stood solemnly on the steps of Meduseld; she watched, silently, as Merry strolled past her, and made his way into the hall.

Théoden sat at a table, Éomer seated across from him. They, too, watched as Merry walked past them, with not one word.

Merry took a right hand turn and entered a dimly lit hall. He walked into the first room on the left. Many make-do beds lined the floor. Blankets and pillows were folded neatly upon each bed.

He looked down at the bed that had been Pippin’s. He sighed, and made his way to his own bed. He lay down on his back and stared up at the ceiling.

Had he failed? Had he been scared when his younger cousin, his best friend, needed his help most?

He closed his eyes...

The sky was dark; not one star could be seen in the black abyss. It was like a cave, it’s black walls keeping everything in. No, it was like a cage. No breeze stirred the leaves in the trees, and no sound was heard...save one.

The Uruks had settled down for now, except for constant arguing between themselves and the Mordor Orcs. Some were chopping wood, others were feeding fires, but their growl was continuous and echoed into the night.

Every now and then, Merry could hear his name being called - was it Pippin? He tried to open his eyes, but could only manage a bit. His eyes were cloudy, and he was weary - neither aided his sight.

The shape of an Orc bent down over him. It snarled; its breath smelled terrible, yet Merry could do nothing. The Orc brought a dagger up to Merry’s face...

Merry yelled. The Orc was pulled away from him. Another figure bent down over him - Pippin. Pippin smiled down at him, trying to hide his fear...

He opened his eyes suddenly, and slowly sat up. He let out a deep sigh of relief.

He looked towards the doorway, Aragorn was standing there, a worried look on his face. “Are you alright?” He asked as he walked towards Merry and sat down.

“Yes, why?”

“I heard you yell. What happened?”

“I was dreaming, that’s all.”

“About what?”

Merry sighed. “When we had been captured by the Uruks.”


“Pippin looked after me, he’s always looked after me, even though I am older.”

“You are very close with him.”

“We’re family, Aragorn. Now I have realized, I can’t break my promise until the day that death takes me.”

“And hopefully that will not be for a long time.” Aragorn smiled.

“Hopefully. I’m hungry.”

“Of course you are, come, let us eat.”

And so they ate...