Frodo's Last Letter

by Queen of Gondor

“My dear Sam,” Frodo said aloud as he began writing his letter. He stopped for a moment, there was no easy way to explain the pain he was feeling, but it had to be done. He lifted his eyes from the parchment and looked out the study’s window. Eleanor, Rosie, and Sam were walking down the lane, on their nightly walk. He looked back at the parchment and continued, “My dear Sam, you are my best and most loved friend. I am so happy for you and Rosie, and of course, darling Eleanor.” Frodo stopped writing again. He felt that finding the right words, was very important under the circumstances. He put the quill down and got up. He made his way over to the table where his pipe was, and picked it up. He walked outside and sat down on the bench looking down upon the party tree. A warm Autumn breeze greeted his rosy cheeks, and the smell of the last of the apple cider drifted into his nose.

This was it, the day had finally come, Frodo was going to leave to Valinor. Of course no one else knew this, yet. They were all going to have a sort of, ceremony, for dear old Bilbo, who was saved a seat on the last ship. Merry and Pippin knocked on the door, Sam and Frodo came out, holding his red book, entitled, ‘There and Back Again, A Hobbit’s Tale by Bilbo Baggins and The Lord of the Rings and The Return of the King by Frodo Baggins. They walked down the lane until they reached the harbour. Bilbo was hugged, and was said goodbye to, and then Gandalf, who was also leaving, hugged them, and called for Frodo. The other three Hobbit’s turned and looked at him. First Frodo hugged Merry and Pippin and said his goodbyes to them. And then came Sam dear Sam.
“Sam, I must go, I was a ring bearer, you will never truly know what it did to me.” Frodo handed Sam his book. “The last pages are for you Sam, for your adventure.” Sam was already in tears, Frodo hugged him, trying to comfort him, though he knew that Sam would never truly be comforted.
Frodo walked onto the boat and looked one last time at his good friends, and then with a small nod, he turned away.

* * * * *

Sam walked home alone, for Merry and Pippin had turned in the opposite direction to go towards Buckland. When Sam reached Bag End he opened the door, he headed towards the study and sat down in the chair, just where Frodo had sat the night before. He opened the book, a piece of parchment fell out and so it read:

My dear Sam,
You are my best and most loved friend. I am so happy for you and Rosie, and of course, darling Eleanor. That is why I must say this to you. Only you will ever know how big of a burden the ring was on me. And because of that, you will be the only one who truly understands why I must leave Middle Earth. For you, Merry and Pippin, the Shire was saved, and you lived happily ever after. But for me, it was never saved. And in my heart I would be causing on myself even more pain if I was to stay here. But you must not worry, you must be happy, and think about your future. The last pages in this book are for you Sam, remember, to have some more adventures, as they are what makes life worth living! You must know Sam that I love you very much, and one day, we will meet again.
Love, Mr. Frodo

A tear drop landed on the parchment, Sam was crying, he just could not get over the fact that he would never see Frodo again and then he remembered what Frodo and Bilbo used to say, “The road goes ever on and on.” And so it did for Sam, and he lived, happily ever after.