Frodo's Last Journey

by Queen of Gondor

Frodo walked onto the boat, Gandalf’s hand gently resting on his shoulder.

Frodo had thought about it before, how he was not going to look back, it would just be too hard. He turned around, he couldn’t just leave without having one last look back at his dearest friends. Pippin and Merry were crying and hugging each other, in his heart, Frodo realized that Pippin and Merry were better friends, they would be quite alright in a matter of time. Then there was Sam, his hear Sam, just staring at him from the shore, his face was red and tears were still running down his rosy cheeks.

 It would be hardest to leave Sam, they had been through so much together, if anyone really knew what had happened to them, it would be Sam.

 Frodo thought for a moment, “Sam really destroyed the ring, he protected me and loved me after all the times I yelled and threatened him, he led the way, and carried me so much of the way, I hope he knows what he did for me, and how much it means.”

He would have to turn away eventually, the longer he looked, the harder it was going to be. He lifted his right hand and waved, Sam did the same thing. 

Just as Frodo turned away, Sam lifted up the red leather covered book that Frodo had given him, and hugged it, and he kissed the top of it. Then as Sam started to turn around, Frodo noticed him mouthing something, “I kept a promise Mr.Frodo, a promise, and I don’t mean to lose you.”

Frodo then said his words out loud, “You haven’t Sam.”