by Queen of Gondor

For Mithlond Day

The sun was setting just beyond the sea, and the grey-water lay calmly ahead, as if no ship could even break it’s moment of thought. This day dad been coming for long now, it’s sombre edges creeping closer.

Elrond looked at the fair water, and simply watched it with all it’s glory. His face was despondent. He looked carelessly around, as if hoping to see that his dearest Arwen was there with him, but he regained his composure and remembered her choice. How he wished he did not have to leave. He turned around now and looked back to where he had come. Would he go back? He thought to himself for a moment.

For a mere moment he had the urge to walk out into the water, and let it’s depths swallow him up, perhaps there he could be free. Death. Was it his only escape? He knew full well that his trip from the Havens would not be death, it would be a renewal, but he could only think of what he was losing. He had lost his wife all those ages ago, and now he would be seeing her once more, and yet, he would be leaving his daughter behind, to some fate that would not save her.

He breathed in deeply, inhaling the salty sea air. And with a few steps, he turned around a proceeded to the ship, glorious in it’s splendor, and yet, nothing more than a small ship. He began to walk up the small wooden ramp, and he continued, lost in some deep thought that would not ease his pain, or his joy. How could he feel such different emotions all at once?

And with a single look back at the world he was leaving behind, he closed his eyes. "Farewell." He whispered.