Below the Golden Elves

by Peregrine
Legolas walked below the golden bows of Lothlorien. The leaves shuddered in the slight breezes and the air was quiet but for the silver-soft voices of his kin. He was alone in his thoughts, crossing a small bridge that leapt over a narrow stream. He paused upon its center, leaning against the white railing carved into the likliness of many swans upon the water. Below him, he could see the smooth blue and grey stones through the clear, shallow water of the murmering riverlet.


The Elven prince looked up and he looked upon the fair Elf-lady, Galadriel herself. He had not seen her since the fellowship had been presented to her and Lord Celeborn. That had been neigh unto three days agone.

"My lady." Legolas smiled and bowed to the golden-haired Elfess, placing a hand over his heart.

"Legolas, I hath come to speak with thee." Galadriel said to him. Legolas straightened and looked upon her.

"About what, my lady?"

"About Gimli."

Legolas paused. While he was no longer against the Dwarf being a part of the fellowship, he was still a Dwarf and hard to accept as anything but. It made him wonder why the fair-skinned lady of the Golden Wood would be thinking of him.

"Gimli, my lady? Why so?"

"Legolas, I would have ye speak to him."

"Me?" Legolas blinked in surprise. "But, my la--"

"Hear me out, Son of Thranduil." Galadriel spoke. She did not speak sharply, but Legolas was silenced nonetheless. "I know, Legolas, that thou were not overly pleased when Lord Elrond had Gimli son of Gloin join the fellowship. But Gimli is not thy enemy. He is a simple warrior, as thou thyself art."

"My lady?" Legolas frowned, fearing he had missed her point. Galadriel took a step forward until she stood just before him upon the bridge. He was not at all surprised that she stood slightly taller than himself.

"Legolas, I would have ye speak to him." She repeated. "He is alone and without kin upon this journey. Aye, before ye do protest, I know that thou travel without kin, as well. But here ye are now, in the Golden Wood of the Elves, kindred to the woodelves of Mirkwood. But Gimli may not visit any Dwarven halls and shall taste no Dwarven company for many days to come, longer if thy path remains sure-footed. He has friends, to be assured, and within the fellowship he does not lack them. Frodo, certainly, finds his company most welcome. But Legolas, ye must not ignore him. He hath done much for the fellowship, as have thyself. But list to what I have to say: once ye leave the fair wood of Lorien, ye shall have no kin beside thee. Gimli will not, either. So I say, be not harsh to him. Ye may welcome a kindly word from one other than Man and Hobbit ere thy journey is through."

"Let me understand this, my lady." Legolas frowned. "You simply wish me to befriend the Dwarf? To what purpose?"

Galadriel sighed and shook her head.

"Legolas, I do not ask ye to do aught that thy heart goes against. But I see no harm in ye becoming more aquainted with thy companion. We have welcomed him into the eves of Lothlorien--a land that has not been seen by any Dwarf for a very long time. I suggest, Legolas of Mirkwood, that thou should consider doing the same."

And without another word, Galadriel turned and left him once again alone upon the white bridge. Legolas did not leave it for some time. He leaned once again upon the carven railing and watched the stream giggle passed. The lady asked him to do something so simple--to befriend a Dwarf. Yes, a Dwarf that had done as much as anyone else to protect the fellowship from harm, but still a Dwarf.

But something in the Lady's words caused him to pause and think upon the wisdom hidden in such a move. It was the truth she spoke when she told him that, once they left the golden eves of Lorien, he would be surrounded no longer by his kin. Aragorn was a good friend, yes, and the Hobbits were delightful company, but they were not Elves. Aragorn and Boromir--if not of the same mind--were of the same nation. The Hobbits all were kin, or close as kin. Gimli had no other Dwarves. Legolas had no other Elves. They were bound together in that, at least.

Legolas laughed softly to himself and left the bridge. He truly saw little point to becoming the stubborn Dwarf's friend. Even if he was in awe of the beauty that was the Lady Galadriel and the Golden Wood. No. No, indeed, he saw little point to it. But perhaps, just in the fair trees of Lothlorien, he would try it. If just for the lady.

From that moment on, wherever he went, Gimli was ever at his side.