Samwise the Brave

by Overlithe

*~Samwise the Brave~*

“Samwise the Brave”; the phrase rolled in his mind as impossibility. Never in all of his life had Sam desired to be brave. He had never thought he was brave; Frodo must have been joking. Surly his tearful display before the men of Gondor was proof enough of his fear and doubt. Yet Frodo had called him brave; in all the years he had known him Frodo had never told him an untruth.

“I want nothing more than a home and hearth; and good tilled earth he thought.” A dark cloud entered his mind reminding him of the task at hand. He did want more he supposed. He wanted Frodo safe and happy back at Bag End, he wanted an end to this quest. Sam turned his head toward Frodo knowing by the sounds of his breath that his master finally slept. Frodo lay wrapped in his cloak his breath soft and slow; it was rare to see him so peaceful. Sam took in the scene and breathed a soft sigh; he released his worry over his master for the moment. Frodo had finally escaped into sleep at least for a little while.

Sam sat up with his back against a tree. He would guard all night if need be. Frodo’s rest was more important, he would make due. Gollum the creature was no doubt still nearby and Sam still did not trust him.

He allowed his mind to wander and drift as the phrase came back to him. “Samwise the Brave”, he wondered is that how he would be viewed in the end of the days? “ More aptly I’ll be Samwise the ninny-hammer, or the fool, meddler in the affairs of Wizards. More than likely as not he was already forgotten in his own land. And no doubt Ted Sandyman was spreading rumors of Mad Baggins and his wayward manservant.

As he pondered on these things the thoughts ran together and Sam’s slow mind gradually added things up. He did not desire to be known as Brave in fact he didn’t care if anyone in the Shire knew what he was doing. He certainly didn’t care what they thought of him fool or no. He thought Frodo far braver than himself. It was Frodo who lived with ridicule everyday in the Shire. It was Frodo who bore such a burden that even the wise dared not bear it; Frodo who left everything to take on the Quest.

No he was not brave he decided, he settled against the bark of the tree and pressed his fists into is eyes forcing himself to stay awake. “I just have something to do before the end is all. If that’s what they wish to call bravery then so be it.” He yawned broadly and sighed. He looked again at his master sleeping and shook his head…I’m not brave master…I am just Sam, just plain-old Sam…….