How Loathsome

by Overlithe

FOTR "A Shadow of the past. "Gollum"! cried Frodo. 'Gollum? Do you mean that this is the very Gollum creature that Bilbo met? How loathsome."

"How Loathsome", Frodo remembers

Frodo thought back to that first revelation, his first understanding of the fullness of the connection of 'his Ring' with Bilbo's adventures. Somehow the relization that the creature from the tales of his earliest remembrances was alive made the whole idea of the dangers much more tangible.

His revulsion of the creature was total and as the totality of the tale had been played out in Rivendel his disdain for the wretched creature had grown. The hair on his feet stood on end when he thought of Gollum. "If only Bilbo had killed him when he had the chance". He'd thought it many times since the first time and who deserved death more?

Pity, it had been, as Gandalf said, The pity of Bilbo had ruled his own fate as well as many others he now knew and loved. When he'd finally met him it was truly loathsome and the hatred had fallen from him for to hate the creature would be to hate himself. They were victims of the same thing, The Ring, it drove them both and they both knew it. He did not hate him but nor did he trust him, not fully there was no way to be sure and with Sam to remind him of what Gollum really was it was impossible.

Frodo reached down and grasped the white gem at his breast. "Pity ...Pity I could not destroy it myself...that I did not see its full power until the end. " Pity I could not save him from his fate...

These thoughts always consumed him, it was one of the last chapters he'd been trying to get through. To record for all the events of the war of the Ring was daunting especially since he could not always remember. But this he did recall and far too well, his final decision to claim the Ring and finally to see Gollums destiny fullfilled. No matter how loathsome he was in his eyes it was he who had saved him, He who had finally and unrevocably fullfilled the quest.

The emotions swirled in his mind...guilt, regret, sorrow. How could he hate him, or even pity him now? He had saved him from himself saved him from becoming what he would have become..." loathsome."

"Thankyou Smeagol..."

Frodo sighed, finished the enrty placed the quill qently back in the well. Placed his head in his hands and sighed again tears filling his eyes...Thank you.