A Thrush's Tale

by Onóno Laivindur

Now-a-days, not much is known of the birds in Middle-Earth, but a scroll was recently found and is being translated from Dwarvish into the Common tongue.
I shall post messages here as they become available. It appears this is the birds-eye view of Bilbo’s adventures as seen by the old Thrush and told to Radagast the Brown Wizard.

A Thrush’s Tale: Flying there and back again.

Tweet: The last I saw of Bilbo Baggins he was traveling with dwarves all tongues a waggin.and a tall Wizard with a pointy hat up on ponies they all sat. Tweet: They were all talking at once about jools and a bargain, the distance to a mountain and the quickest way there and back again. I don't expect we will see them again and mores the pity, since I was just cozying up to him. Oh well, we shall see, we shall see. A most un-natural hobbit. Adventures make you late for supper.

Tweet! They made their way to the mountain pass; A terrible storm blew in: Bilbo says don't worry though, they found a nice dry cave to stay in. Tweet! and Trolls are no trouble it seems; should you invite them to stay for breakfast tea. Tweet!

Tweet: the cave gave way: I did not see them for a day. On the mountain-side they did bound, but no Bilbo to be found. Beater and Biter slew a host, nasty goblins screamed the most, the Wizard saved our traveling band after Thorin made a stubborn stand. So I heard part of the tale and was sent to share this by regale, now I must, in haste, fly back to find our friends or lose their track Tweet!