In Dreams

by Onóno Laivindur

Remembering Boromir.

Faramir lay sweating in mid-Winter and restless night after night in his chambers. Sleeplessness was not the problem it was his dreams, dreams of Boromir every night calling to him from afar, haunting him.

Eowyn knew of his torment, saw the changes in his demeanor and worried silently for a time.

“Will you not reveal your troubles to the King? Perhaps he could heal you from this torment.” Eowyn pleaded with Faramir time after time to no avail it seemed.

“I cannot endure this much longer and will heed your advice my love. I shall set out for Minas Tirith on the morrow.” Faramir smiled for her trying to belay her worry and fear.

As the six riders approached the White City with their banners of Ithilien unfurled, the watch upon the walls heralded their coming with trumpets.

A throng of people waited before the gates to welcome the Prince of Ithilien and news of his coming raced through the seven levels of the city.

King Elessar sent a herald to escort the Prince to the Great Hall and bade the kitchen to prepare a banquet in his honor for mid-day and a feast for supper.

The entire court was present for his welcome and as Faramir and his Ranger Captains stood and bowed before the King of Gondor he looked up and whispered, “You honor me much but in this hour I have need of private counsel my King.”

King Elessar made one sweeping motion with his hand and the court emptied immediately.

“Tell me my friend, what troubles you so?” Aragorn asked and stepped forward and embraced his friend.

“Boromir. It is Boromir that troubles me and haunts my dreams nightly. I have no rest and no one else to turn too about such a close matter. Can you heal me of this pain as you healed me last year of wounds? Faramir spoke in tears, as his emotions could no longer be held in check over the thoughts of his brother whom he loved more than any other.

“You come to me now after so long a time? Do you know that it was a year ago that he died?” Aragorn asked and was interrupted.

“It is and also a year since I saw his funeral boat pass me by in the Anduin. Yes I know. It is consuming me.” Faramir shuddered and sat at the table beginning to weep openly.

Aragorn stood behind him and placed his hands upon Faramir’s trembling shoulders.
“You are not alone. I too have been visited by Boromir.”

Faramir turned and looked up into Aragorn’s eyes searching. “What do you make of this then?”

“We have not forgotten him, but we have not remembered him, not as we should.” Aragorn now whispered and tore his gaze from Faramir. Tears welling in his eyes as he remembered his last moment with Boromir.

“We need to build a place of honor for him.” Aragorn and Faramir said as one and clasped their arms together as a vow.

“Where would you suggest?” Aragorn asked.

“Osgiliath!” Faramir almost shouted, “It must be in Osgiliath, the jewel of Gondor.”

“And so it shall be. An obelisk of the finest white marble and set atop the flag of Gondor shall ever wave. Would that ease your mind and please your brothers spirit?” Aragorn smiled.

Yes my King, yes, it brings me peace at the very thought and a fitting tribute to my brother, ever the Sword Arm of Gondor. Thank you my King, my friend.” Faramir knelt and taking the Kings left hand kissed his ring.

“Come my friend. Let us bring in the people and celebrate this day together with them and make plans for the restoration of Osgiliath and the building of the monument to your brother and my friend, Boromir.” Aragorn put his arm around Faramir and they opened the doors of the Great Hall and welcomed in the nobles and ladies of Gondor together.