Faramir and Eowyn

by Onen i-Estel Edain

The day was almost spent but it was not gone. Faramir walked in the garden and with what little sun there was left it warmed his body. He looked eastward to the walls and found Lady Eowyn standing alone.

 "My lady why do you stand her with no one by your side." he asked. Eowyn then turn to answer. She was a fair rose in his eyes.

"My window dose not look eastward. I stand here to wait for the riders to return."

 "Do you mind if i wait with you." he asked.

 "If you like." she answered.

 The wind went throught her hair and at that moment faramir fell in love. Yes it was fast but love happens when you least expect it to. He could not help but look at her.

"Forgive me but why do you stare." Eowyn asked still looking eastward.

"I have found something" he answered.

"Lose what you have found. I dont know what you found these past few minutes but I know it is something I can not give you." she replied.

 They both did not say a word. Faramir looked at her face and she looked hard towards the east.

 "What is it you look for." he asked.

 "My brother is one of the riders." she answered.

 "I think you look for more than your brother. You seek for Lord Aragorn." he said.

 Eowyn did not answer she looked down at the green of the grass.

 "When I first saw you,you were hurt and I pitied your sorrow and now you are sorrowless, now that I set and talk to you I find I love you." Eowyn looked in to his eyes and there was no lie in them. She then realized that she would never hear that from Aragorn.

"I may not love you know but, my love will grow for you."

"I do not want to be with me if you do not want to." Faramir said. "I would rather have your love then have none."

Days passed. Faramir and Eowyn spent time together. It was not until the day Aragorn return that Eowyn then learned to love Faramir. She wonderd if when she saw Aragorn if her love for Faramir would leave her but, it did not. It remained where it was meant to be.