Untold Journies

by Onca Icatra

The Fellowship aproached the door to the Mines of Moria. Gandalf read the elvish words above the door. Speak,friend,and enter. Gandalf tried different passwords he knew in different orders. The Company had been waiting for some time for Gandalf to figure out how it would open. Then Frodo got up and stared at the door.

"It's a riddle."said Frodo."Speak,friend,and enter. What's the elvish word for friend?"

"Hm Mellon."said Gandalf.

The door started to slowely open revieling the steep stairs inside. The Company started to walk in when Frodo was pulled back from his feet. A huge creature was pulling Frodo towards the water. Aragorn and Boromir tried to slash at it with their swords. Legolas shot at it with his bow. After some time the creature let go. They grabbed Frodo and rushed into the mines. Its' long tentacels were still trying to get through. It brought a crash of rocks and rubble down by the door. They were now trapped inside the mines.

The Fellowship slowely made their way up the long,steep stairs. After trekking up for awhile they came to three doors. They decided it was better to split up. Aragorn and Boromir in one. Legolas and Gimli in the other and Gandalf and the hobbits in the last. Aragorn and Boromir came to a stinking pit of liquid not knowing what it might hold. Legolas and Gimli came on to a high bridge in the mines. Legolas walked lightly on his feet barely making a print in the ground. Gandalf and the hobbits came to a huge open hall. It seemed to be a main area for keeping treasure many years ago.

"Watch your step."said Gandalf. "The dwarves were greedy fellows. They built traps to keep people from their treasure. It is said that a huge tunnel lurks in shadow. Taking prisoner any who touch their treasure. You must be cautious."

The hobbits were being extra careful including Pippin. Careful to a certain extent that is. Gandalf had walked into a small room. Probably the sleeping quarters for the guards. The hobbits had been rumaging through old thikngs they had found. Nothing very interesting just basic things needed to live. They started to walk down a dark corridor it was long and narrow. The hobbits had to walk single file. They slowely walked cautiously of what could be ahead.

Back with Legolas and Gimli. They were also walking slowely accross the bridge. Gimli like exxamining how well the carvings were and how detailed it was. Legolas saw a small break in the bridge and pulled Gimli back before he fell to his doom. Legolas looked at carefully then said.

"We must jump accross it."

"And might I ask you why we must jump accross it?"said Gimli

"Gandalf wanted us to find a way out of this area and through the mines. This might be the way out."

"The bridge is broken."said Gimli."This is not a easy jump mind you. If you slip you will fall into the endless pit beneath it."

Gimli spotted a rock and gently tossed it down. They waited for a minute until they heard a hard clang far beneath the bridge. Legolas got ready to make the jump.He got a back a little bit so he could get a running start. He came down ever so lightly. Gimli was next.

Mean while back with Gandalf and the hobbits. They were still going down the corridor. The hobbits started to notice a foul smell as they got closer and closer.

"We should turn back."said Merry. "Gandalf doesn't know where we went I'm sure.

The ground started to shake. Frodo was the farthest ahead of them. It was cracking beneath them.

"Mr. Frodo!"

The ground was pulling him under. It was a trap door hidden beneath. Merry and Pippin grabbed him before it could ingulf him into the darkness. Frodo was now dangeling over the pit.

Gimli was now getting ready for his jump. He took a step back and leaped into the air. He barely made it grasping on to the ledge. Legolas pulled him up. Gimli dusted himself off and adjusted his posture.

"Well that wasn't that hard."said Gimli.

They now made their way accross the rest of the bridge. Until they reached the open door. Inside they found one of the many mining grounds. Small huts lined the way with pickaxes and shovels. The walls were now bare, no more jewels seemed to grace this great hall. Gimli walked around seeing that this wasn't probably a way out. The dwarves were known for having their mines go as deep as they could go. Gimli bent down and noticed a small gen sticking out of the rock. He gently removed it with his axe. It was a beautiful green color. Gimli looked at for a minute marveling at its' beauty. Then he stuck it into his pocket.

Back with Boromir and Aragorn. They were examing the area. It was hard to tell what thhis place used to be. It now seemed like a stinking pit of foul creatures and smells. They had been observing it carefully. Aragorn noticed a small crack of light coming from the wall. He tapped at it. It was a door! A stone door.

"Boromir,help me open this door."

They struggled at it for a minute until they opened it. They had found the way out. They now left the room and called for the others.

Frodo was still dangling over the pit. Merry and Pippin were struggling with getting him up. They heard a soft growl in the pit. Frodo felt something move past his leg. He looked back but all he could see was darkness. He reached his other had up to them. They started to hoist him up when Frodo felt something pulling him back. It was a claw, it had dug into his pant leg. Frodo let out a cry. They hoisted him up until they saw the claw. Sam hit it with his pot and it ripped Frodo's pant leg. After they got him out,they took a minute to catch their breath.

"Come on we better get back to Gandalf."said Merry.

The hobbits scrambled as they fan back through the narrow hall. Until they saw Gandalf coming there way aswell. He bent down beside them and spoke gently.

"I hope you young hobbits haven't been getting into to much trouble."said Gandalf. The hobbits said nothing. "Aragorn and Boromir have found a way out of here. They are trying to find Legolas and Gimli now. We shall help them find them."

The hobbits scurried out of the hall and into the main area where the three dorrs were. Now they must find Legolas and Gimli.Hidden in the walls of these great tunnels.

The Company had come to find Legolas and Gimli on the other side of the bridge. How they managed to make it over was a mystery to the rest of them. Legolas swiftly came back over the gap. Gimli again fell,well he fell short. He made it none the less with more struggle then Legolas. They now continued to the door. It opened to a huge hall again. It was filled with more rooms and doors all around.

The hobbits were amazed by the sight they saw. This was once a great and majestic hall,but now is nothing more then a tomb for those that once were. Terrifying and beautiful at the same time. Vast walls of rocks. Their jagged peaks reaching to the grounds and the skies. The carvings were great and raw. Filled with the rocks that were mined deep within the Mines of Moria.

"What do you suppose this place use to be?" asked Frodo in a puzzled manner.

"A great hall for the king." said Gandalf. "A dinasty of the rulers here."as he pointed to a statue. "Where all the rulers of past and present would forever be remembered. So that years later their kin would come and see what they were. We better start moving. We don't know what could be following."

So Gandalf and the rest decended deeper into the ever growing tunnel and tomb of Moria.