A Hobbit's Christmas

by Onca Icatra

Bag End and the rest of The Shire was busy decorating and wrapping gifts for everybody. I'm sure know that hobbits have a lot of relatives so they have a lot of presents. Bilbo was busy decorating Bag End with the help of Frodo. Sam was out trying to find the perfect tree for Bag End. Pippin and Merry were trying to find ways to decorate Hobbiton and Bag End. Hobbits also always enjoyed the Christmas feast as well. Everybody loved decorating The Shire.

All the hobbits were bustling about and getting ready. As hobbits love family and Christmas people are usually with their family. Each year all the hobbits would go to one or two houses if needed of their relatives. This year it was Bilbo's turn and he wasn't to happy aboua every relative he knew coming to house to eat his food and sponge off him. He knew that there would people who would try ti pass as his relative just to get fabulous gift or a good meal. Though even if he liked it or not they were coming.

Yes, hobbits loved this time of year. Even if it was so cold out. One of the problems was trying to find a tradional tree. It was rare to find a big ole' tree out in or by The Shire. Sam was determined to find the best for this year. He would maybe not find a pine but maybe something close to it. Gandalf would come even for this festive time of year. He could conjur up all kinds of amazing tricks and gifts to give. He would always arrive in December by our terms. He never ssaid when kind of an unexpected visit.

The whole town was busy with people trading gifts and giving mathoms, better than normal ones. Frodo was sitting by the fire when he could hear horse hooves coming up the road. The sound of rickety wheels slowely turning. He peeked is head out the window to see Gandalf making is way up the road. HIs cart was filled with boxes and packages. Yes, Gandalf would usually bring a small gift for everyone in Hobbiton. Nothing to fancy by his standards but enough to make any hobbit happy.

Frodo burst out the door and ran down the road to meet Gandalf. He could see his big grey beard hanging down and his eyes twinkly as his hat hung down just like his beard.

"Merry Christmas,Gandalf." said Frodo quite happy to see someone new around for a while.

"Merry Christmas to you also young hobbit."said Gandalf in a low booming voice. "I have brought a few gifts for you and Bilbo. Where is he by the way?"

"Right here old friend."

Gandalf turned his head slightly to see Bilbo staring right back at him. They paused for a moment seeming to talk in silence to one another.

"Well come on in."said Bilbo. "I have a nice cup of tea ready. Would you care to join me?"

"Why yes, I think that would be a nice comfort from the long journey.

While Bilbo and Gandalf were talking as they drank their tea. Sam was coming up the road to see Gandalf's cart by Bag End. Frodo was still standing outside.

"Well,no luck finding a tree Mr. Frodo at least not a one good enough for this year by my standards."said Sam."I see that the old wizard is back. It looks like he brought some nice gifts for the the hobbits this year.

Sam turned around now to see Merry and Pippin coming up the road as well. They had a few boxes in hand full of decorations. They noticed a strange cart in the middle of the road.

"Hmm looks like the old wizard is back."said Merry.

"Huh Merry look come here."said Pippin. "He has broughten gifts for the hobbits including you and me. Where is he anyways?"

"He is in the house having tea with Bilbo."said Frodo.

"So....he wouldn't see us if we looked at our gifts?" asked Pippin.

"I wouldn't be so sure a out that,that wizard can see everything."said Sam.

Merry and Pippin thought about this but decided not to chance it. Frodo decided to go back into the house as Merry and Pippin went back down the road. Sam could see a large bag in the back with something sticking out of it. It was a tree! A nice big ole' Pine tree. Perfect for decorating. Sam was so happy that he decided to take it out of the bag. He made a nice stand for it to sit in. Filled the stand with water and finally had found a nice tree. Hobbiton had found their perfect tree.

Frodo had come into the house to hear Bilbo and Gandalf blissfully talking. Trying to remember the times they had spent together. Frodo decided to leave them in piece and could see a beautiful tree out by Bag End. Merry and Pippin and left their boxes so Sam was starting to decorate it. He filled it with bright round ornaments and candles ready for lighting.

"Quite a pretty sight isn't it Mr. Frodo."

"Yes,Sam it is,it really is."

Frodo joined Sam in the decorating. Merry and Pippin came back up the hill and joined Frodo and Sam in the decorating. After a little while they had finished it. Shining with all the ornaments and candles.

"Hmm all we needs now is a star."said Merry.

"I think I found one."said Pippin as he took a nice shiny star from Gandalf's cart. It shined so brightly. The hobbits were now trying to figure out how to get it on top. Merry and Pippin decided to try and stand on a tall box. Merry hoisted Pippin and Pippin pulled up Merry. They still weren't quite tall enough. So they stood on top of each others shoulders. They were swaying back and forth. Gandalf walked out to see them with his star. He ran at them like lightning catching them right before they fell.

"You hobbits need to be more careful."said Gandalf. "Also maybe a little to curious."

He grabbed the star from them and gently placed it on top.

"Well you hobbits should get ready. The party will start in a few hours."

The hobbits then scrambled in the house to put on some nicer atire.