Taking Ship

by Orangeblossom Took

Though the trees still hid it from view, she could hear the sea gently lapping at the shore. The sound was terrible and gentle at the same time and it imparted an idea of vastness the sounds of the river and fountains of Rivendell did not. She had heard that such a sound might be reproduced in the wild woods during a heavy wind but she had been long behind the walls of Elrond’s keep and other memories were clear but distant, like a faraway mountain on a clear day.

In the tireless way of Elves, their party had traveled all night and day. Even Faelon, after some brief discussion, had agreed not to delay or go back for Lady Arwen, who had so foolishly ridden back. She did not understand why Elrond’s daughter would go back when there was no hope left in this world. Vebrithien remembered Celebrian fondly and did not want to bring her such ill news for her daughter would surely share the fate of Luthien.

Was there anything she regretted leaving? She would miss the gardens at Rivendell on a summer night with the moon overhead and filled with song, the many visitors that came to Rivendell, interacting with other races, trees, the moon, and seasons and all the cycles of this world. Her apartment in Rivendell had been filled with moonshine when the phase and weather were right and was filled with sun in the morning. It let in drifts of leaves in autumn and the scent of flowers in spring. Still, she thought did look forward to the unchanging peace of Valinor.

Through the clearing ahead she could see the light growing golden with the dying of the day and Vebrithien thought with anticipation of all those waiting on the other side of the sea. No, she would be safe and content in their company and it would seem but a brief span until she was reunited with her prince. As she descended with the others toward the ships, the gulls shrieked their farewells and the sky was orange and crimson on the horizon and fading into dusk behind them. Thoughts of Arwen or the gardens of Rivendell saddened her but little as she boarded the ship bathed in light. She did not belong to this world anymore and her gaze was directed west, toward the sunset and Valinor as grey ship and white sails vanished on the horizon.