Of Elrond and Celebrian

by Orangeblossom Took

The air shivered and went silver. The dark-haired Elf lord no longer heard the traveling song four small figures sang as they rode away from the sea on their ponies. The brilliant gold of a mortal afternoon gave way to the soft blue of twilight. A cool, green island emerged and its white beaches shone serene against the pure blue sea.

Elrond's eyes shone brighter than Varda's stars as they scanned the group gathered at the harbor to meet the ship. Their grey cloaks dim lanterns made it difficult to distinguish between them.

When the ship drew near the dock, he saw she was there, a slim, pale figure but so beautiful. There were no longer any marks of the injuries she suffered and she was just as he remembered from when they met countless lives of men ago. His eyes shone brighter with tears of joy. Celebrian brought the hood of her cloak down and her silver-gold hair was brighter than the lanterns and there were tears in her eyes, too.

As the ship docked, his anticipation grew. It had been so long since he had held her, kissed her. He though it must be the impatient human blood in him but he felt as though his heart would burst before he could get down to her. Once the gangplank was down, he ignored decorum and ran to her.

He took her in his arms and they kissed. His fingers caressed her smooth, unscarred face and he tried to speak but works failed him.

Celebrian spoke first and she, with the low and musical voice her husband missed so dearly, said, "I've been waiting for you, my love."

He finally managed to say, "I know."

They kissed again and it was a long time before they broke that kiss to rejoin the others. Their hearts were young again.