A Merry Moment

by Nuroreiel

Merry could still hear Theoden’s ringing cry, “Death!”, and Eowyn’s quiet, “Whatever happens, stay with me” in his mind. He’d been as caught up by the charge as any of the brave Rohirrim who rode around them.

But this time, no warrior needed to sacrifice himself to save a small Hobbit. Merry would do his own fighting. And even as she’d said she would protect him, Merry had vowed in his heart to protect Eowyn. Battle had been fast and fierce, with no time to think. Just twist, duck and slash. And then...

 A tear trickled down his filthy cheek as he remembered the sight of his King dying. He’d only been with Theoden a short time, nevertheless his young heart was sorely grieved at the loss. As he gazed at the sky he could see again Eowyn confronting the horrible thing that had killed her uncle. He’d done his best to help her, to save her, by stabbing it from behind. He had not anticipated the shock that had flung him to the ground. Even as he’d tried to clear his head he’d heard his Lady cry out and then it had been as if a small windstorm erupted in the middle of the battlefield. Just as he struggled to rise a wounded warg had collapsed on top of him, crushing him to the ground.

Now, barely able to breathe, he thought back on all that had happened since he and Pippin had gone to pay a visit to Farmer Maggot’s fields. He’d told Pippin once that it had been a mistake to leave the Shire, but now he knew that wasn’t true. They’d had parts to play in this quest, just as had Frodo and Sam.

He sent a silent wave of encouragement to them, wherever they might be now. As his eyes finally drifted shut, his final thought was murmured softly aloud, “Pippin.”