She Would Not be Left Behind

by NorthStar

The Very Private Papers of Gimli, Son of Gloin

Well, this is a first.

Father has asked me to accompany him on a trip – a trip of great importance, or so he says, and I believe him. Never has my father led me astray and it has been just the two of us for many years now, since Mother passed away. Her memory still grieves me and I try not to think on her too often.

Father does, however, when he believes me to be elsewhere, out of sight. Oftentimes I have seen him lift his final gift to her, a necklace of wondrous beauty, out of its carven chest and hold it up to the flickering light of the few candles in his room. I remember how it adorned her neck, its fair gems little match for her sparkling eyes, though blue they both were. Sapphires, the finest to be had, set into a circlet of deep gold, a choker almost. Inscribed upon its inner face were the words “Your love is the greatest gift.”

Tears often fill his eyes at these times and I steal away, ashamed that I have witnessed his pain. Dwarves do not show such emotion to others, even those they love. Those words were, perchance, the first time he ever wrote such things to her, for all their long years together.

But I digress, as I often do these days. Though I am accounted old by the reckoning of men, in dwarven years I am still hale and hearty. My mind, however, tends to wander sometimes…ah, for a war, a battle, a fierce disagreement! My axes grow dusty and rust with disuse. Thus, I welcomed this trip, though I do not yet divine its purpose. Father has affairs yet to put into order, and I know not where we journey to, yet. I do not care. The fresh air and open fields call to me after so long in the caverns of the Earth.

Soon the sun will shine upon me and I will turn my face to its warmth and be glad.