The Birth of Arwen Undomiel

by NorthStar
The sky tonight is ablaze with stars, the moon just a pale shimmer over the mountains surrounding Rivendell. Outside in the courtyard it’s deep dark, yet the house is alive with light. Tonight my love will give birth to our third child, foreseen to be a girl. Dreams have I had of her, this child...she will birng me both joy and heartbreak; but tonight I can feel only the joy.

Celebrian’s room is just above where I stand now, in the courtyard- I can hear her moans, as the pains grow more intense. It has been many hours and I know her ladies are worried; the birth of our sons went far quicker – indeed it seemed that no sooner had she felt her first tightening, that they came into the world, howling lustily, two perfect boys, dark like myself, with strong limbs and lungs. My sons, Elladan and Elohrir; they wait now outside their mother’s room, huddled together, waiting for their sister to be born.

I myself am not worried; Celebrian’s line is strong and she is healthy. Perhaps I am naïve, but I feel in my heart that there is no danger. I feel with my love, every twinge, every pain, even as they grow harder and come faster….

Ah, I hear a cry! “Lord Elrond, come quickly – your daughter has arrived!”

There is joy and laughing as I enter the house-news has spread like fire and the household is alive with happiness, music and dancing.

Celebrian lies on the pillows, looking pale and exhausted, yet still so beautiful it hurts my heart to behold. Always, it makes me catch my breath just to look upon her, as white and gold as a ray of sun. Our daughter is cradled in her arms; just born, she still makes me gasp at her beauty. As always, my love is flanked by our sons, her ever-present shadows, who gaze at their infant sister in awe. Celebrian looks up at me, tears shining in her dark blue eyes and whispers “behold, my darling – Arwen Undomiel.”

I sink down on our bed and enfold my family in my arms. As I look into the faces of my children and my wife, I can only whisper “I am truly blessed.”