One Last Look

by Namarie

The sky was clear and only the sounds of gently crashing waves could be heard as Frodo stood on the deck of Círdan the Shipwright's White Ship while it sailed away from the harbor. Frodo could hardly see over the deck's banisters, but from where he stood he could see well enough. His friends, his companions, all stood still on the harbor, watching the ship go further and further into the West. Gandalf came up beside Frodo and put an assuring arm on his shoulder.

"Shall I ever see them again, Gandalf?" asked Frodo. His eyes were a bright blue, softened by his tears.

"We'll all meet again some day, under the same night sky," said Gandalf softly. "When that is, not even I can know, but if you keep looking now Frodo Baggins, you can keep seeing them again and again."

"Yes, you're right." Frodo turned back to the harbor, his heart aching to seeing his friends, his Sam. They were still there, waving slowly into the breeze. Frodo had to smile. Gandalf was right; they would see each other again, and when they did it would be the greatest of days for the Hobbits.

"Come Frodo, let's go down below and have ourselves some rest," said Gandalf. "We have a long journey ahead." Gandalf looked out to the harbor, watching it grow smaller and smaller, then turned and walked away. He paused at the cabin door and looked at Frodo. The Hobbit wiped his eyes, walked over to where he was, and quickly paused. Frodo turned around and took one last look out to his friends. Only the sounds of gulls in the sky and the tossing of waves could be heard.