Eowyn's letter to her Uncle

by mrspippin

sweet uncle..

you was always like a father to me and eomer.
it was you who raised us after our parents died.
you were teaching us to be fair and straight.
yes, you could be watching over us too much..
but you was not like that at all..
you let us play and be ourselves.
how much good and happy memories I have !
you was the king of rohan.
the master of the horses.
shadowfax was your most beloved horse.
you gave it to gandalf!!
than a dark shadow came upon us..and it had a name.
grima wormtongue..
he was your servant he said..
and you believed him!!
I was so shocked by that!
I knew he wasn't like that..and also eomer knew.
grima was trying to take me..
and then I saw you were chancing every day..
day by day.
we already heard about a dark shadow from the east..
mordor was our enemy and one by one the dark lord was taking over all the places.
you wasn't interested anymore and even when your
own son theodred was dying, you wouldn't watch!!
grima told me that I would be a slave..
I was caught in a cage and couldn't get out..
he was making me mad!!
theodred died and you didn't even cry!!
I was so helpless and eomer would love to kill grima..
then gandalf came and he brought along aragorn.
I knew there was something about him.
he was nice and OH MY GOD..I wished he would have
loved me like I loved him..
but it was otherwise...
he loved somebody else..
gandalf healed you my dear uncle.
you came back to live and you were the
uncle I used to know..
the uncle that I loved!!
grima was running away and I later found out
that he was killed..he killed saruman.
but I had no idea that the most blackest day
of my life still would have to come..
there was this fight at helm's deep.
yes..it was a big fight and a tough one.
you had lost so many men.
it was such a heartbreak for you.
you who loved the people and wouldn't have seen
them harmed or unhappy.
but then this terrible black and evil day came..
I wish I could turn back time.
I knew you wouldn't allow me to fight and when
you decided to fight against the orcs and servants of mordor, I decided to go with you.
I took merry with me, that brave little hobbit.
he is one of our closest friends now!!
we went to gondor and I was riding with you.
well,what a tough fight it was..
we were almost at the end of the battle when the elephaunts and the next army came.
not alone..I didn't know it.,
I was trying to do all I can and then he came along..
the man who stoled my life and ruined it all..
it happened right for my eyes.
I saw him and he grapped you..
you were sweeping and he throwed you on the ground.
terror filled my heart and I felt my life was broken.
I wouldn't allow him to kill you.
my uncle..he couldn't do that to me!!
my life was very painfull and now he would
kill the man I loved as my father.
I jumped in front of him and said he should keep his hands of of you..
he was so strong and he almost killed me too!!
but merry was stabbing him with his knife.
I love merry forever for that.
but it was too late.
I couldn't save you anymore.
I lost and you was gone..out of my life forever..
oh my uncle..how I cried..
how I cried!!
that day was the day that I felt like I would love to die too.
but it didn't happen.
I was saved and I married to faramir who gave me back
my life and love that grima had killed..or tried to kill.
I always remember you uncle and you are always
on my mind.
although I have a happy life, I can't go back
to that place where you were taken from me.
I love you so much and I hope we will see eachother again.
we will be happy and we will have fun again.
like we used to have uncle..
well..I have to say goodbye to you now..
it's so hard and it is almost impossible for me to stop writing this letter..

love you,