What use have I for light?

by Uncle Melkor

 I am he that stood shoulder to shoulder with creation itself as it was wove into the very earth.
Oblivion is my refuge now, limitless and eternal.

To spread myself across the void and truly know its depths and secrets is my only distraction. My only gift from those weakling gods, the capacity to look apon what once I ruled... a more cruel punishment than perhaps they knew.
Even more so now, the last remnant of the legacy I was forced to abandon, bested by the blindest luck. My greatest general knew the weakness of material things, yet still he bound himself to that trinket. Destruction though, a more favourable fate than mine.

My lot now, to observe from this shroud, an oracle of doom that none can seek nor assay.
Yet not for recompense do I want. For me there can be no redemption. Instead I wait, patiently regaining my eminence as I grow to fill this chainless prison.

The day will come again when my name is spoken in the darkest corners of that land, this time of men cannot last. How deliciously ironic that like me, they were created with such a lust for power. We are brothers, they and I.

I have no doubt that the hate in them will blossom enough to release me, unleashing my will once more apon the world, drawing me back to its' light...

...but then, what use have I for light?