Frodo at Amon Hen

by Mel Baggins

They’re after me! If I don’t keep runnning, they’ll catch me, and then all is lost. Up ahead I see a tree that I can hide behind, and hopefully they won’t see me. These cloaks the Lady gave us are magical, I think, and won’t let the enemy see us.

I hear the orcs run past, but I dare not look. After they’ve gone, I hear some rustling beside me...did one find me? I look over and to my relief, see Pippin and Merry, hiding as I have done. They motion for me to join them.

“Hide here, quick!” cries Pippin. They do have a better hiding spot, under some bracken, but I can’t. Don’t they understand? No, of course they don’t. How could they understand why I have to leave them, why I have this Ring, why there is such evil in this world. I don’t even understand it. I’ve made my decision to leave and fulfil the Quest on my own, and that means leaving them aswel. I can’t imagine even my dear cousins being taken by the fell Power of the Ring, but the Lady said it would be so if I did not leave them. One by one, it will distroy them all.

I shake my head ‘no’ to them, even as they continue beconing to me. They stop, and I see slowly, first in Merry, then Pippin, the realization of what I just did. Pippin looks to Merry, hoping that he’s wrong, but I know that he already understands.

“What’s he doing?”

“He’s leaving.” Merry sounds shocked and hurt, but yet I also hear his understanding. I look at him and he looks at me. Now I know he understands. I look away, but then hear Pippin get up.

“No!” he cries and runs over to me, but then stopps. I can’t see what he sees, but it must be bad. He’s frozen in place as Merry joins him. I strain my sight to look behind me and see the Uruks pouring out of the forest. They’re heading for us! Merry looks down at me with the bravest look I’ve ever seen on his face.

“Run, Frodo! Go!” I realize with utter shock what they’re about to do. I try to protest, but they’ve already begun to distract the orcs.

“Hey you! Over here!” They start to run away, and the Uruks follow. I can’t believe it. How could they do this to me? What if they’re hurt? Everything in my being tells me to go out and help them, but then I think of what would happen. I would get hurt, or even killed, and then Evil will win. I can’t help them, and I can’t stay here. If I stay, then their sacrifice will be for nothing. I have to go. I can’t stay...I have to go.

“It’s working!”

“I know it’s working, run!”