Sam and the Spider

by Laerindae

My first inkling, for Samwise Day!

Sam sat and stared at the spider sitting dark within its web.
With excited voices, his children had called him over to see their latest discovery. His first reaction had been one of instinctive protection,
to smash this threat. But their happy chatter of wonder stilled his hands, hands he remembered with swords in them against a spider that
roamed his nightmares.
Spiders were entrapment. Their stings were poison, pain, and loss. 

This spider delicately arched a leg, then scurried aside to seek safety from the shadow of Sam's fingers, setting the web to shimmer with
rainbow glimmers.
Bright points like the Phial of Galadriel, star light that had been in his beloved master's hand, in his own hand. 

And it was within the web this spider had wrought, woven of silk and light. This small creature was plotting no evil malice against Sam or
his family, while living in his shrubbery. He had no need to fear it, or destroy it.

"It carries darkness and light within itself," Sam thought, "as do we all." And with that thought, he rose to rejoin his children, leaving the spider to Be.