A Bit of Merry and Pippin

by Ladyhawk

When I first moved to Bag End with Uncle Bilbo, I found myself quite alone, compared to Brandy Hall, not that I’m complaining. I’ve rather enjoyed being able to come and go as I please without feeling like I was under foot or worse, someone was under my foot. No Merry and Pippin seeking a playmate, funny, I didn’t think I’d miss that at first, but inside a week I did. It wasn’t long before I got in the habit of inviting them to visit whenever occasion permitted.

More and more we found ourselves going on our own adventures in the Shire. Merry and Pippin both have a bit of adventurer in them but then they are Brandybuck and Took stock. Sometimes we had adventures together and sometimes they went on their own. It’s worked well. They don’t seem to mind that more times than not I go off on my own. It’s good to have several friends to depend on and count on and who accept you the way you are and don’t go trying to change you to please themselves.

Uncle Bilbo blessedly hired hands to clean up after the party, so really all I saw to were the final details. Wasn’t sure if Merry and Pippin were more help or hindrance at first. They have a way of getting into things even when there’s really nothing to be gotten into. Sam did come along to see to it that the grounds were put to rights when all was said and done.

Uncle Bilbo left me with a bit of finishing up business to do for him. There being certain items he wanted given to a few specific folk and as the new master of Bag End, it has fallen to me to see it done. I must admit, I’m a little surprised that I feel slightly burdened by all this new responsibility rather more than I expected to. Uncle Bilbo has been preparing me for this for as long as I can remember.

As the morning has worn on I’m terribly glad for Merry and Pippin. Though Pippin is quite young, so not many pay much heed to him, he has a good humored way about him that lulled several unwelcomed guests into leaving before they knew it just by jovially escorting them out the door. For all his name suits him very well, Merry, bless him, found himself more a sergeant of arms, occasionally needing to bodily remove one or two intruders who refused to leave. What would I do without my dear friends?