Of Cirdan and the Ring of Fire

by JimboBaggins

The following unfinished manuscript was found in the belongings of Samwise the Second, son of Elanor the Fair and Fastred of Greenholm. The family lived in the new country, Westmarch, between the Far Downs and The Tower Hills, which was gifted to them by King Elessar at the start of the Fourth Age.
The document was included in the last pages of the Red Book, which was inherited by their family for safekeeping. Shire Reckoning dated it 1457, as submitted to a class on The Histories of Middle Earth.

Titled: Outline; Of Arda, Cirdan and The Ring of Fire.

In the beginning there was Illuvatar, The One. Creator of the Holy Ones, the Ainur

Through the music of the Ainur
The world was created, Arda, Aman, and Middle-Earth.

The Valar, Lords of the West are:
Manwe, Varda, Melkor, Ulmo, Nienna, Aule and Yavanna. These are the Seven Great Ones of the Realm of Arda.
Lesser than the Seven but powerful still are Mandos, Vaire, Lorien (Este), Tulkas, Nessa, Osse, Uinen, Orome and Vana.

They made way the beauty of all things good
Preparing Arda for the Awakening of the Children of Illuvatar.

Melkor, brother of Manwe, corrupted the lands and beings of Arda with jealousy, hate and envy
as the battle of Good and Evil waged through the long ages.

The One had foresight of things that were not exposed to the Valar,
to allow the natural order of things to come.

The Awakening came and brought forth The Eldar.
These were the Vanyar, Teleri and Noldor.

From the Noldor came Finwe as Lord who begat Feanor who begat Curufin.
Feanor, son of Finwe was the master of crafts thereby creating the Silmarils
These, stolen by Melkor were the cause of many wars and great deeds recorded in the annals of Valinor.

From Curufin came Celembrimbor of Eregion, greatest of Jewel-Smiths who with the help of the Mirdain, fashioned the three rings of Power.

Of the lesser Maiar were Curumo, known as Saruman, Olorin, known as Gandalf
and Sauron, from the house of Aule the Smith. Sauron, corrupted by Melkor, fashioned the Ring of Power and lesser rings to control the peoples of Middle-Earth.

The Three Rings of Power were untouched by the hand of Sauron.

Of these are the Ring of Water, Nenya, Ring of Adamant, The White Ring.
Given to Galadriel to keep and protect Lorien.

Second is the Ring of Air. The Blue Ring, ring of sapphire, Vilya. Borne on the hand of Elrond during the War of the Ring.

Third and most important is The Ring of Fire. Narya, the Red Ring
This was granted to Cirdan, the Shipwright by Gil-Galad in the Second Age who had been entrusted with the ring from Celembrimdor at the time of the fall of Eregion.

Cirdan with his wisdom and foresight, granted by the Valar, through The One, passed the Ring of Fire to The Wizard Gandalf to bear in secret.

Throughout the Ages, as Melkor (Morgoth as named by the Elves) and Sauron’s evil grew, Cirdan and Gandalf were active in the fight against evil in all matters.
Gandalf wielded the ring against the Balrog on the bridge of Khazad-dum and against the Nazgul on The Field of Pelennor during the War of the Ring.

Cirdan became master of The Grey Havens, crafting ships to allow those that chose to fade into the West to the Shores of Aman, the Undying Land.
During the last part of the Third Age, Cirdan was given knowledge to build a ship to be harbored and kept safe for a time unknown but to The One for the Ringbearers to pass into history and to the Blessed Realm.
He chose the finest wood from the old growth primeval forests that grew west of the Blue Mountains, north of the Gulf of Lune. There he had maintained a secret grove of mallorn trees that had been blessed by Varda with the dew from Teleperion at the time Nimloth, scion of the White Tree of Valinor was gifted to the Numenoreans*. With the wood from these trees he crafted beams and timbers unequalled in strength and beauty. A pale white, iron-hard and glass smooth surface to honor those that gave their all to bring peace to Middle-Earth and usher in the Fourth Age, the age of Man, ruled by King Elessar.

* written in the histories of Numenor from the library of The Citadel at Minas Tirith as gifted to the family by Faramir, Prince of Ithilien.