Frodo's Primer

by jan-u-wine

A is for Amon Hen and the part of me which forever departed, with the seeing, there, upon the very Hill of Sight.  
B is for Bilbo.  Cousin by birth.  Uncle by chance.  Ringbearer by fate.
C is for Cormallen, whose name means "Golden Ring".  Perforce, I lost the one, and gained the other.    
D is for Deagol.  Often I think upon him.  His was the easier end.
E is for Earendil.  There is peace within his serene light.
F is for the  Fire-Mountain, where both ending and beginning stayed within a breath-closed chamber, one moment bound to all others in time.
G is for Gamgee and Gardner.  Friend of friends.  Full-wise. My Sam.
H is for hobbit, we folk of simple ways and mysterious origin.           
I is for Isildur.  He whose shame I shared.      .    
J is for the Jewels of Feanor.  In the West resides, yet, the unsullied light of the Two Trees.  The distilled joy of them sounds within me like my own heart.    
K is for kingsfoil.  In the hands of the King, it was no foil.
L is for the Lady of the Golden Wood.  In her land grew the golden mallorn,  the star-eyed Elanor.  The Ring of Water encircles the slim grace of her finger.
M is for Mirrormere, whose deep calm contains the unassailable stars.
N is for Necromancer, created in dawning song, consumed by wilful evil, destroyed by his own construct.
O is for Oliphaunt.  I am glad we saw them, Sam.
P is for Primula.  Even now, her voice sighs a lullaby to the ear of my mind.   
Q is for Quelle, the season of harvest.  When the sun grows heavy and sullen-orange, within the pull of this season, I dreme of home.
R is for the River Daughter.  I wonder, now, where she might be, all rain-washed spring and silver-shod, all golden-haired and waxen-lily-crowned. .
S is for the Shire.  As am I.
T is for truesilver, beloved of the dwarves, and the true saving of my life.
U is for the Undying Lands.  Time fails beneath the stars which linger here, and here is healing caught between dawn and dusk.
V is for the Vision of Iluvator.  All that there is, all that ever there shall be, dawning seed of the first music. 
W is for the White Downs.  Beyond them lies Far Downs,  Emyn Beraid and the Harbour of Master Cirdan. 
X is for the criss-crossed mark I scribe upon a map, indication of where the person of Iorhael resides.  Frodo is not to be found there.
Y is for Yestare, first-day of the Elvish year.  Birth-day of Sam.  Soon enough he will again journey across water for my sake.  And all the homely Shire will reside within the silver'd envelope of the Lonely Isle.
Z is for Zirak, whose white-shod feet and snow-swept head were called Celebdil in the tongue of the fair folk,  and Silvertine in common language.  Never did I walk there, never now shall I.

I could wish but for one letter more, one that should encompass the meaning of all that I define above.  In all my learning,  all my searching and healing and being, I have found it not. 
There is no letter  by which we may place our love into the heart-hand of another.
I am Frodo; this, my story, my primer, by which I attest my love.  That was all I ever bore.


Author's Note:   definition of "primer":  A book that covers the basic elements of a subject; from the Middle English:  devotional manual