Khamul the Black Easterling

by Halona Treeclan

How the royal family of the black easterlings had come so far north was no mystery,long had the kingdom been enslaved by Sauron and long had Khamul hated him.  Since he could remember it was always tax day,time to pay tribute to the dark lord and when the day came for his tribute,Khamul sent nine of his finest horses all were black.He did so begurdgingly. And soon this news reached the ears of the dark lord so in response he ordered Khamul to send his own personal favorite steed,a large black animal,built for carring such a large man as Khamul was not small being over eight feet tall and weighing around four-hundred pounds, all of it muscle.For he trained long and hard and had built his body from the flabby young man he had been when the forces of eveil had invaded and took the royals to Mordor as hostage,then his father had gained favor with the dark lord sending his small desert steeds to wrangle the much prized horses of Rohan up to Mordor.Although they only wanted the black steeds and would kill the ones left of any other color,thus forcing the hand of the king to strike the kingdom of Angmar only to be killed himself, no Khamul would wait his turn,just like the lion of his home land he would strike when he saw the guard of the Dark land go down.

Khamul was not idle and everyday he would go train his body and then towards the evening hours after the last meal of the day he would retire to private quarters with the priestess and she would train him in the occult.An adept student he was, learning with the hunger only a true champion of his people would.So long had they longed for the return trip home.So hated they the land of Mordor.
And so it was on one cold evening about sundown the blowing snows had begun a great bang came on the gates of Angmar.To the disbelief of all it was the Dark Lord himself, and he challenged the young king to beat him in a duel to follow his father to death or to beat he, Sauron him self in a "Fair" fight.

Hastily the priestess hung all the talisman and impotenet spell emblems she had for his protection,for she hated the Dark Lord also.And gathered all her believers around her to chant the spells of power for their young king whom all feared would be taken away.

Out rode Khamul on the finest of the black chargers, Sauron had ever seen this alone incensed him and the battle had begun.Whenever the dark lord smote Khamul the favor was swift in the return,soon the kingdom was on fire with the powers of the battle, for this Witch-King had power and Sauron was pressed to punish this disobediant boy which was how he saw Khamul,Sauron had not the knowledge to know all Khamul had in his favor.

And it was on the sixth day Sauron laughed at Khamul and said,"You think your little witch can help you?" To Khamul's dismay he saw the old woman brought out before him with her followers and they were killed one by one.With Sauron's laughter drowning their cries of pain and daeth.Although Khamul could still hear them.

And as the Witch-King rose in his saddlestraps to rush the dark lord, he noticed Sauron reach into his cloak and from there a large gold ring appeared on his right hand. The dark lord began chanting in the black speech and as Khamul charged Sauron suddenly the steed fell dead. And in the same moment, Sauron was upon him as he wondered at the animal,and took the life of Khamul. He bound the life force that had once been Khamul to the one ring and khamul looked to his dead steed as it rose from the death it had been sent to and mounting the animal, became the slave to the ring. Until he met his ending which is another story altogether.