Gimli's Decision

by Halona Treeclan

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Last time I looked and it was only a few days ago,this was where it should be.'Gimili thought to himself.Suddenly he relized he was lost.'This had been the idea of the elf to play hide and seek,still the drawf had to wonder,why the elves loved to play this game.
'Orcs!' he shouted.However this got him no response,he was getting tired of looking for the elf.Afterall elves had been hiding in the wood for thousands of years and how did he expect to ever find the elf? 'Okay,you win come on out.'As the tall handsome elf entered the little clearing in the wood he smiled at the drawf,'So still think you could find me if you had too?' Legolas walked over to the drawf,'Looking down he smiled,'Thanks for playing with me,now I wonder if any of my kind can find me,I became an expert at concealing myself from the guard at the kingdom in Mirkwood,as a youngster.'
Gimili growled,well bet you could not find me in the glittering caves.'
'Perhaps we shall go there to see,I know you have been wanting to go back to those caves since you saw them.'Legolas smiled,'Perhaps we could let you show me how you jumped the gap between the side of the mountain and the causeway at Helm's deep.'
This remark caused the drawf to wrestle with himself,wondering if he should tell the elf about Aragorn tossing him.Days passed as they wandered the wood of Fangorn,coming out almost at the crossing of the Isen,'Well Legolas,you win.'
'What do I win,Gimili?" Legolas smiled.Looking off into the distance through the wood as only an elf could do.
'Aragorn tossed me.' Legolas turned his gaze on the drawf,'Oh I knew that.'
'Then why did you make me say it?'
'So you would tell me yourself,instead of just hearing it from some other source.'
'He did not tell you?'
'No he only said how glad he was to have you for a friend.'
Gimili smiled and said,'I am glad to have had friends such as the both of you.'
Looking a little sad he continued,'I just wish you did'nt have to leave on the ship.'
'That's been put off for awhile.'
'Put off?'
'Yes,I am waiting to hear if you can join me,after all there is room and none of your kind will be there.'
'Oh,I don't know about me on a ship all that water and all.'
'Oh,you do not trust the sailing habits of elves?'
'No nothing of the sort,'whimpered the drawf,'I do not trust the sailing abilities of this drawf.' Legolas smiled and put the drawf on the back of Arod,then he mounted and as they rode off towards the glittering caves the elf said,'Do not worry,I can swim.'
'Well I cannot.'
'Then I shall help you.'


 Gimili woke to the familar hummings of Legolas.The elf proved to be the perfect partner for adventure.Elves need very little sleep so the drawf got plenty in the strange vastness of the open lands in which they roamed,occasionally finding small remnent bands of orc.Here they would hone those already impressive warrior skills.
Sometimes for fun Legolas would sneak up on the unwary drawf pick him up and just toss him.Gimili found this very annoying and decided one day to rush the elf and knock him over.This resulted in the drawf running smack into a large oak.
'Going somewhere?' Legolas had smiled and offered him his hand to help.
Surely it was a sight to see these two rather odd companions,at such times.However it was all done in good clean fun and it kept those responses from dulling.Gimili had certainly become very aware of his surroundings.Never knowing when,'Crazy Elf',would attack.
So the day came when on an excursion across Rohan,to visit Eomer and his court,a messenger from Gondor found them.He rode up close and announced,"I have here a message from Elessar,high king of Gondor,for Legolas the elf and Gimili the drwaf,then the man asked be this you?
'Well 'growled Gimli,'I am Gimili and this is Crazy Elf,yes.'
'From Aragorn,Gimili.'said Legolas,'Yes I am Legolas.'
Feeling much smaller Gimili made a mental note to be more courteous.'Sorry we have been travelling and are pressed to make it to Meduseld.'He said as he looked down at his feet.
'Then you shall be heading the same direction as I ',said the messenger.'May I ride with you?'
'Sure,'agreed the pair and Gimili asked,'You know our name messenger of Gondor,what be yours?'
'I am called,Barthil.'He said,'Messenger to the high court.'
'We would be most pleased to have you,Barthil.'Said the elf.
'Yes more's the company.'answered the drawf.
Soon Barthil knew all about the journeys of the two and was quite pleased to have been sent on this mission.He had heard of the halflings and got an earful about them.Soon the poor man was wounded with all the laughter.He liked these two they would be good friends to have,even if they were not Mankind as himself.Now he began to understand the Queen and reasoned this to be the reason for being sent on this mission.
Legolas and Gimili went off to them selves to read the message and it read as thus;

Dearest Legolas and Gimili,
I have sent the king's messenger,Barthil to join with your little party.May he return you to us promptly.He has another message for Lady Eowyn and Lord Farimir.Hopefully they will return to Gondor with the both of you,for Aragorn wishes to see you all,if possible.
This is nothing more than to let you know you are all loved and missed.Even with all the duties of the king,he still remembers the quest and his friends.This is to honor the monument to be placed at Rarous in memorial of Boromir.
Hope to see all soon,Arwen Queen of Gondor.
This had the offical stamp of the kingdom.So they rushed back to the camp and laughed at the man,now the fun could begin. Arwen had sent them a newbie and they would show him the ropes of dealing with elves and drawves.
Legolas began to hum and Gimili smiled at the man. They began their journey with all sorts of funny business and pranks for the newcomer.They could hardly wait.


It had been three days since the arrival of Barthil,and he was already building a most wonderful relationship with the other two.Both Gimili and Legolas decided to take it easy on him,since the poor man seemed prone to uncontrollable laughter.Much of this they did not understand.They would be riding along,not a word would be spoken and suddenly they would have to stop to see if,Barthil was hurt after falling off his horse in laughing fits.'The man needs medicine.'complained Gimili one evening,and Legolas wondered what the man found so funny.
'He has bad table manners.'The drawf stated,'Spewing his food all over the place and sitting with his back to us.'Legolas smiled,'He must be a very happy fellow,perhaps that is the reason,Arwen sent him to us.'
'Aye he is afflicted.'agreed Gimili.'Wonder if he is laughing at us?'
'Well we should ask him.'So the two approached the man,'Barthil?'
Now the fellow had taken to looking at the ground when talking to them and this they found annoying also.'What is it you laugh at,care to share it with us?'
'I am sorry I know you may take this wrong,however you two are the ones making me laugh.'Then he could contain it no longer and went into a laughter fit once again.'I see you do not understand,you two say the silliest things and do the most outlandish things.'
Here the drawf and the elf looked amused,'What you say Legolas?'
With that sparkle in his eye Legolas asked,'Say to what?'
'Lets show this man of Gondor a real wounding.'
Poor Barthil as the next couple days passed he was always on his toes knowing quite well these to would do some thing,he just did'nt know what or when.
And as the great golden hall of Meduseld came into view,he suddenly realized,they had put an end to all his laughter.'I meant no harm.' He told them.
'Aye and we cannot be entering this place with you being from Gondor acting as if you could not control yourself.'said Gimili.'This is an honor and a privledge to be here for you.'
'As it is for us.'Joined Legolas,'The Queen is a dear friend of ours ,fun and games have their place,this business of yours is not fun nor is it a game,Lord Farimir is Borormir's brother.'
'I know this and want to thank you for curing me from those fits of laughter.'
Most of the people of the golden hall knew these two wanderers and so the greetings went on all the way to the hall,where they saw to their surprise,Merry and Pippin,hopping out of the hall laughing as they ran to greet some very good friends.

Arwen wondered the fate of Barthil and smiled more since sending the young all too serious man to his errand.He had become a shadow hanging over her,and she had heard more than once how he felt about the Queen being ,'not human'.And a few other statements about why had the king not chosen one of the Ladies of the court or,The Lady of Rohan.
She felt the only wat to show him things were right for once,to be the taking of the messages around to all the ones Elesser,had wished to see and needed to be at the service.She decided it was the best option and had the king himself send the man,although she told him not the reason why it should be this messenger. Aragorn had feared the poor man might get lost,never having been outside sight of,Minas Tirith.
Still she felt the right decision had been made and busied herself preparing things for the great day,when she would see all those faces not seen for awhile.


Inside the hobbits quieted down and allowed the business to be conducted.Messages were handed to Eowyn who along with Farimir went over theirs,Eomer and Imarahil had there own note to look over.Then the messenger handed the two hobbits their note.This surprise them,however they had expected to meet up with Arwen and Aragorn in Meduseld and soon had the kingdom in an uproar,as guards were sent out in search of the king and queen of Gondor.To lose them now was too horrifingly awful to even consider.
All thanked Barthil for the messages,Lady Eowyn and Farimir had to leave the hall as both were overcome with grief at the message.Although it had been five years since the death of Boromir,not a day went by,Farimir did not think of his brother and the last time they had seen each other.
Lady Imarahil went to them and was away from the hall for a time. When she returned she quietly as was her way announced the couple were retiring for the evening.She returned to her seat beside Eomer,and all the gathering were busy eating,stopped and thought of the brave and the dead.
It was Pippin who decided to start with asking the messenger questions about his life in Gondor.And it was Pippin who became sorry to have asked for he went on forever,until the king announced the next day they would all prepare for the journey to Minas Tirith.Then he strode from the room with Gamling behind him.He had to set the orders and put the court to rights while he would be away.He decided to leave Gamling in charge,although the man protested,he told him,'You have grown long in your years and it is only right you stay.'Looking into Gamling's eyes he whispered,'You are the only one I trust to rule while I am away.'
'But,my Lord,why?' Gamling looked around him,'Why not some of the younger ones they need a good chance to prove themselves.'
'I have made my choice,or is their someone you wish to see in Minas Tirith?'
'No,my lord save you.'He looked at the younger version of His once king,Theoden,though not his father he looked so much like him,much more than his own son Theodred had.'I promised Theoden,I would not leave your side.'
'Then be on my side and stay here where you are most needed.'
Gamling nodded his agreement and turned to his task of making ready for the next day when he and Eomer would chose who would go and who would stay.Slowly he made his way to his quarters.Lying down his wearied self he began to weep.Silently behind his door.Some point he went to sleep and dreamt,Arwen was standing in the doorway to his room.'My lady he fell to one knee.'
'Gamling why weep,he will return to you.The darkness has gone,look who has come to see you.'Gamling looked and there stood Theoden,smiling at him.Beside the old king stood Hama,who had perished in the warg attack,during the exodus to Helm's Deep.
'Hama?' he woke and found he was in his small bed in his small room.It was dawn and he would never forget the dream for as long as he lived and that would be a long time.
'Pippin,'whispered Merry,'What are you doing?'
'It's that horse again,look just standing there, come look.' Annoyed,Merry went over to the window and looked out to see the white horse on the horizon.'Wonder if it is Shadowfax?'Questioned Pippin.'I don't know,but if you are thinking of going to see,I will tell the king and have them tie you up,understand?'Pippin was dressing and said as he left out the door,'You better hurry!'Closing the door behind him,Pippin rushed out the main hall to the doors leading to the court and the stables here he was stopped by Gamling who asked,'Well what are you up to?'
'Nothing.' smiled the hobbit all too innocently for the older man,'Oh no you are not going out to follow the ghost,not on this day,turn yourself around and go back for breakfast.'
Pippin sighed and turned to head back into the golden hall of Meduseld.Half way up he noticed the kings man had become busy and silently he slipped past the guard to the stables,where he found his pony,Dandy and saddled up.Then leading him out the side entrance he mounted and rode off in the direction of the white horse.'Pippin!' yelled Merry as he caught sight of the pony and hobbit as they topped the hill and went on out of sight.

5. The Ride from Meduseld

The front of the line went the scouts as well as bringing up the rear.In fact there were six-hundred strong in the livery of Rohan none the less being the Lady Eowyn.Merry rode his livery of the Mark as well as Pippin in his with the white tree.Merry cut quite the figure on his dun colored pony as well as the sight of Pippin on his white pony.
Although the entire court was upset with him,having delayed their departure for having to look for him.He had an amazing story to tell,of phantom horses.This was of course dismissed.After all he had been unconcious when found with his pony standing close,grazing.Legolas,Gimili,and Barthil had found him.So as they made their parade up the north east run to Gondor,the sun shone to warm them for it being early spring the night were still very chilled.
None spoke much and soon Farimir began to tell stories of he and Boromir of when they had been young.These were vey fetching tells and none who had known the man of Gondor were left untouched by his brother's memories.This soon broke the ice.Many feared to laugh and enjoy the trip,for fear of offending Farimir.Now Gimili and Legolas told the stories every one was anxious to hear.Tales of the fellowship.
It caused alot of bickering between the Drawf and the Elf,who often times just backed off,for Drawves were known for their stubborn ways.Everyone was laughing as Farimir proclaimed,'My brother,Boromir would not have you ride so sad and miserably uncomfortable if he were here.This is for him we ride,I would it had been sooner,or that I had known the mission and how close you were,then perhaps my company and I could have been of help and my brother would still be alive.
Eomer squirmed a little unfomfortably in his saddle,he had often thought about Theodreds death and had wondered if they had been together.Wondering if things would have changed.He and Theodred had been close.It was agreed between them if Theodred was to ever be king,he,Eomer would be right there with him.Ready to do battle and consult with.One of their first duties would be to rid the kingom of Grimma.How they both had disliked him.And it was had conversed about having him have an accident.How dishoroable it may have sounded to them they knew things were not right.Some of the court knew also,however none knew the true allies of Grimma.
'Did you know Lord Boromir?" It was Merry,asking him a question,pulling him out of the world of thought he had gotten into.'Not well,he and I met once and only breifly at the borders.a skirmish with a small band of orc,and then he was off back north,and we were heading for Edoras.'He looked at the halfling and smiled.Remembering what Eowyn had told him of the witch-king and how the hobbit had saved her life.
So Eomer smiled as they approached the small emcampment set up just outside the Fieren wood.
'Look!' shouted Pippin,'It's the phantom again.'A rider held out his hand and grabbed the little pony's brible at that point.They were tired and none wanted to go hobbit hunting.Merry gave Pippin a stern look,'Oh I don't plan to chase it again.'
He looked at the white horse standing there so tantalizing to the tookish side of Pippin.

This Pippin found unbearable.Everyone found one reason or the other to sit with him.The more they wanted him to stay and rode herd on him the more he wished to go see the stallion again.Though he could'nt recall a thing about the earlier visit.And there simply was no excuse for Merry to tie their hands together.After all he had fallen asleep and sometime during the night,he woke to find he was tied to Merry.Twisting over and tugging on the sleeping hobbit woke him.However this was the reason for Pippin's leash,all were tired and none wished to go look for him and where ever the phantom would lead.So he soon fell asleep and all rested ,knowing that Pippin was tied down.
Arwen knew of the company's approach,scouts had returned to tell of the border crossing several days ago.This would put the visitors and old dear friends closer by the day.She made sure there were several cottages all grouped together for the party. They had guards with them and the scouts counted plenty.Orcs loosed from their master,Sauron still roamed the wild places of Middle Earth,and waited for any they could catch of the enemy they had been born and bred to kill or any other torment they could come up with.Nowadays they found it better to run.
She was standing looking out towards the direction of Imladris,her father had gone and taken the ship with most of her family.Her twin brothers had elected to stay and were granted special posts by King Elssar.They had fought along side of many who would be returning to Gondor for the ceremony.She smiled as he entered the room.He entered the room and went to her side.Pulling her hair back from her neck he planted a very firm kiss there and she turned to look him in the eyes.
'Our friends shall be here soon.'He smiled at her,'Oh Arwen,if only the ring had not taken Boromir,he would be proud of the white city,now.'
'Yes,and he could enjoy this peace.'She mustered a smile,'He never knew much peace once he was of age to join the skirmishes on the borders.'
'He only knew battle,Arwen'Aragorn looked far away at what she could not see,'He was a very brave man.'
Arwen went off to the side and unfurled a standard for him to see.It was a Gondorian Steward's banner,with the white back ground and along the sides the more recent banner of the king was displayed as a border.'Very nice,'He smiled,then he began to wonder about her,'Have you wanted to sail and be with your father?'She looked at him,'No,I am here with my husband,although I miss him,I will stay here with you.'They embraced in the window seat of her rooms and some of the people would look for this in the evening,it had become a sign of peace.Now they not only had a King of great and admirable bloodlines,they had a Queen also.And the both of them proved to be champions so the people of Gondor felt safe and secure.The war with the evil forces had ended and all was right in the world once again.

7. It is Always Tea Time Now

Eowyn rose early.And after getting herself together went down to a lower level.Here were the gardens of the Queen.Eowyn had of course met,Arwen and the two had formed a fast friendship.Nothing was nor ever would be said of the feelings Eoywn had once held for Aragorn.
The warrior/mad-man she had met had been replaced by the kingly presence of Elessar,and there was a diference.Arwen was good for him and this made Eowyn love her as a sister.For in these times since the wars and even the minor skirmishes along the borders,blood did not mean so much.Eowyn needed a sister and chose the best to be had to fill the part.She went silently and lightly to where Arwen was just sitting down to her teas.
Arwen had the Lady of Rohan on her mind as she busied herself getting ready for the tea.Things had changed for her since the departure of her father.Her brothers were still there,though the status was uncertain at best.Either one or both could decide to sail,most likely if one did the other would do likewise.Elesser had changed for the better.Now he no longer put his neck out for the chopping block.Sometimes she wished he had made the move to the city sooner.She puzzled often on if she had done the right thing to stay in Middle Earth with him,from time to time.Perhaps it was the mortality in her nature which brought about the questioning of herself.Although her conviction held strong and her love for the king absolute.And so Arwen went about busing her days with helping those in need.Her agenda was to cause the people of Gondor,all it's territories,to love the house of Elendil.This was the legacy and bloodline flowing through her husband's veins.Yes she smiled as Eowyn entered the garden.Thinking to herself as the Lady from Rohan,greeted her and the tea time deliberations had begun.She smiled to herself at herself,for here was a lady to claim as sister.And some one on her level,for both had been thrust into battles,both had loved the same man and there was no winner or loser here,each had what they wanted.None could take away the fact they had been in this moment on the earth and had fun,with tea.
Aragorn as he liked to be called by those close to him found the morning to be restful.He remained up in the high tower where their suites were.Large and protected,wondering all the while why the whole affair had to be played out to the deaths of those he now missed.His thoughts were now on Boromir,and his last words,'Do not let my city fail,nor my people'Then came the sentance,'I tried to take the ring from Frodo.'The look in those eyes said it all for the dying man,'I have failed you all.' Aragorn could not help but feel as if he should have claim to that statement.Why had he not pushed this king position before now?He knew the answer,he had been overwhelmed and exile had been his only recourse.He smiled as he thought to himself of going back into the wood,he missed the wood,and the ranger ways.Then he thought of his duties here in the white city and Boromir came to mind again.He felt as if he might cry,and Farimir entered the room,'Aragorn,or what do I call you,Elessar that does not roll off my tounge as does your other name.'The king looked at him and smiled,they would pass the morning up on the balcony overlooking their women just a few terraces below.


The King led the mounted procession as far as they could go ,then they all took the trail to the monument.It was a white marble statue of Boromir,with his horn.Merry and Pippin began to silently cry holding onto each other as they saw the large canvas being pulled back to reveal the face of one who had saved their lives,or at least had died trying too.Farimir lost his hold when the curtain came down.Eowyn and several of the guard held onto him to support him.Even Aragorn had years.And did not speak in fact it was Arwen who gave the speech with a tremble in her voice.For she had met Boromir on his visit to Imladris when the fellowship had begun.Eowyn had only breifly encountered him on one of his southern visits,a short visit as the company had chased orc into Rohan and had turned to Meduseld for a nights lodging.Only she knew of the horror Famamir was encountering at this moment.Legolas and Gimli went to stand with the hobbits for the hill was steep and at it's foot ran the Anduin,on to the falls.No place to hunt hobbit.
And as the company made it's way down the path off the Amon Hen the sun shone on the statue and it seemed a golden ray of light shot up from it into the heavens.All stopped,and all saw it. Most gasped for this had never happened before,Arwen smiled to herself,for she knew though never would she tell of what had happened.
Eowyn saw her smile and later that evening when all else were in bed except for her and Arwen she asked her."What was this light we saw this afternoon?"
Arwen thought for a moment and said,"If I tell you ,"here she paused,"You need not repeat me,understand?"
"OH not I."answered Eowyn,witchking's bane
"It was the love shown for Boromir that released him to Mandos."
"So he is dead?"
"Yes,why did you think not?"
"NO." She looked off into the distance towards the stars,"I had hoped he would come back somehow for Faramir."

Somewhere in his dreams he encountered Boromir,"Well little brother,how goes it for you now?"
Faramir awoke to the smell of Eowyn's fragrance.She was smiling down at him,"I love you."He said.


Faramir rode off alone from the group,here he found the way to the cliff where he had once stood with Frodo to ask one last time if the creature was part of their company and here Frodo had relented,but only to the point of watching their (guide) killed would the young hobbit give up the creature
Faramir sometimes wondered at the little Gollum.He had held the ring so long and been hidden with it,why had it come to so many deaths before the ring could be destroyed,and most of all why had it been the death of Boromir.He felt a small tear fall from his eyes and he thought of the creature Gollum.Now he knew what he did not know then and felt sorrow.Wondering if the little creature had family and brothers knowing the story of him murdering his friend.
Still he decided in the end it was probably the best the issue had not been addressed at least not to him,if Gollum could exist without the power of the ring,he had survived long after,Bilbo had taken it back to the Shire with him.All he could do now was wonder,even Mithrandir was gone none of the elves were left,except Arwen and a few who had not passed,like Legolas,no he wondered at the changing world and smiled as he looked upon the bright light of the full of the moon.


And so we draw to the close of Gimli's decision.
In the last he went with his friend Legolas into the west,he had well earned the right,Gimli son of Gloin.

When the dark wood fell before me And all the paths were overgrown

when the priests of pride say there is no other way
I tilled the sorrows of stone

I did not believe because I could not see

though you came to me in the night

when the dawn seemed forever lost

you showed me your love in the light of the stars

cast your eyes on the oceans cast your soul to the sea

when the dark night seems endless

please remeber me,, then the mountain rose before me

by the deep well of desire

from this fountain of forgiveness beyond the ice and the fire

cast your eyes on the ocean cast your soul to the sea

when the dark night seems endless please remember me

I wrote this here for ,Boromir - it is Dante's Prayer.Loreena McKinnitt,Book of secrets,except I had not the heart to put the last two verses in...please remember me..,ht