Samwise in Rivendell

by Froda Baggins
Sam sighed and stroked Frodo’s hand softly. His master lay quietly in the large bed, pale and still, but at least Sam knew that he was only asleep. The golden light of Rivendell played gently across Frodo’s face, lighting it softly and bringing out what seemed to Sam to be an almost
Elvish sort of beauty.

He pressed Frodo’s left hand tighter. It was still cold. But not as cold as it had been just after Frodo had been stabbed.....Sam shivered at the memory. He remembered running blindly to Frodo’s side, kneeling and gazing into his blue eyes, which were full of pain. The sight had torn his heart in half. Frodo was in such horrible pain! His shoulder had been covered with blood; the dark green of the cloak was stained a darker red, and a small tear showed where Frodo’s shoulder had been pierced. “Oh, Sam,” he had gasped..... the pain in his voice had made Sam shudder with agony. He had not expected that Frodo would have to face this kind of awful thing! He’d thought that Strider would be able to help him, but Strider took one look and said it was beyond him. That was when Sam really began to worry. Was there poison or something on that knife? It surely seemed like it was magic or something of the sort by the way it just disappeared on the wind.

Then they had traveled endlessly through the dark, damp woods, Strider carrying Frodo. It hurt Sam to think of Frodo’s shoulder being jolted; every moan of Frodo’s sent a stab of agony through Sam’s heart. The way his master’s dark, limp curls contrasted with his pale, drawn face made Sam’s heart ache. How was Frodo going to survive?

Not even that Elf-woman who had joined them had been able to help him. She took one look at Frodo and looked distressed. Then she took him away as fast as she could on that Elf-horse of hers. Sam was beginning to lose hope. Was there nothing they could do to save Frodo?

But once they got to Rivendell, things seemed to get better - after a while, at least. Sam never left Frodo’s side while Elrond worked with him. For a long time Frodo had tossed uneasily, moaning in fear as dark dreams overtook him. Sometimes he would cry out in pain, and Sam would shudder in agony for him, and clasp Frodo’s cold left hand tighter. But at last Elrond had been able to find the splinter of knife that was buried in his shoulder, and finally Frodo fell into a peaceful sleep.

Sam sighed again. He was tired, but he would not leave Frodo’s side. Gazing at Frodo’s face, he watched shadows chase across it. Peace was on Frodo’s face, but also a great weariness. How long will it be until he wakes up? wondered Sam. He felt a great relief that Frodo was past danger, and that when he woke up, all would be well.....he knew it. They might stay in Rivendell for a while, but then they’d go home. Home to the Shire. And Rosie. Sam sighed a sigh of happy anticipation. The journey had been hard, harder than he had expected, but they had come through all right, and soon it would be over. And I’ve had quite enough of adventures, thought Sam. They’re all very well in stories and such, but when it’s yourself that’s in them, it isn’t always so nice.

Frodo stirred slightly, and Sam leaned forward. But Frodo didn’t seem to be waking up; as yet he slept deeply. Sam leaned back, thinking once again of Rosie at home.

“Well, Master Samwise, I think you ought to get some rest now.” The voice startled Sam out of his reverie, and he looked up to see Gandalf standing over him.

“Beggin’ your pardon, Mr. Gandalf, but I’d rather stay here.”

Gandalf smiled. “I know, Samwise,” he said gently, “but think of yourself. You haven’t slept in nearly three days - you’re exhausted, I know it. And think of Frodo! Once he wakes up, I’m sure he’ll want to walk about Rivendell and explore it, but he hasn’t any idea of where to go. You’ll need to show him about, since you’ve been living here for three days now. And if you’re completely exhausted when he wakes up, there’s no way you’ll be able to properly look after him.”

Sam sighed; it was true, what Gandalf was saying. It usually was. But still.....

“You needn’t worry about Frodo,” Gandalf added. “You’ve taken very good care of him, and while you go and rest I’ll sit here and keep my eye on him.”

Finding that he was having trouble keeping his eyes open, Sam gave in and nodded, but secretly made a resolution not to sleep too long. He looked up at Gandalf. “All right then, Mr. Gandalf. But I’m coming back soon!”

Gandalf smiled. “Of course.”

Laying Frodo’s hand gently down on the cover, Sam left him and made his way to the room the Elves had given him, though he hadn’t used it much yet. Taking off his jacket, he nearly toppled onto his bed, and was asleep in moments.

When he awoke again, feeling refreshed and rested, he found that it the sun was high in the sky. It must be noon, or close to that, he thought. Remembering Frodo, he got up. Leaving his jacket behind, even though Rivendell’s climate could be cool, he stepped outside his room, and for a moment breathed in the sweet air.

Glancing toward Frodo’s room, he started suddenly. Frodo was sitting up! He could see him - he was awake! Filled with joy, Sam broke into a run.

“Frodo!” he cried joyfully as he ran in, and took Frodo’s hand.

“Sam!” exclaimed Frodo happily, laughing for joy. Looking into Frodo’s eyes, Sam saw peace and joy there, and it filled him with inexpressible joy. Frodo was all right! He was healed - he was awake!

“Sam has hardly left your side,” Gandalf was saying to Frodo.

“We were that worried about you, weren’t we, Mr. Gandalf,” Sam agreed, clasping Frodo’s hand a little tighter. Frodo responded by squeezing his hand, and a glance of affection and friendship passed between them.

Now Gandalf was speaking again.....what was he saying - something about Elrond? Sam looked up, and saw Elrond enter the room, and look warmly at Frodo. “Welcome to Rivendell, Frodo Baggins,” he said.

Frodo smiled, and again Sam was filled with happiness. Frodo’s smile - it had been so long since he had seen that! Sam felt completely happy and fully at peace. Frodo was awake and well........nothing else mattered. Everything would be all right now!