The End and the Beginning

by Faramir'sLadyLove
For Faramir and Eowyn on their wedding day

The bright sunlight crept in between the draping tapestries on the window, and found its way to the face of the sleeping figure on the bed. Faramir leaned against the doorframe, and sighed. She was so beautiful,this white lady of Rohan, who today would be his wife.

Eowyn, the name conjured so many images, that his head fairly spun. Just gazing upon her features stirred something inside him; for he loved, and was loved in return. What greater gift was there in life? How was it possible, was it fate, luck, or just pure chance that they had found each other? With her, life would never be dull.

At that moment, he heard Eowyn sigh and begin to stir. Not wanting to interrupt her, or let her know he was spying and practically drooling all over her, he quickly closed the door with the faintest of squeaks.

"Arwen, where is Arwen?" Eowyn was in her dressing gown, pacing the floor of her chamber back and forth, back and forth. The sun was making steady progress across the sky, and she was beginning to feel a panic lay claim to her senses. She wanted to see her friend quickly.

Merry couldn't stand to hear her pacing any longer. "Lady Eowyn, I shall go fetch her immediately."

"Oh, thank you Merry." she called through the door. If she wasn't sure this day had finally come, and pinched herself to prove this was real, Eowyn could've sworn she was living in a dream.

A few minutes later, Arwen opened the door, and opened her arms to the trembling Eowyn. They sat on the bed, as Arwen held Eowyn for a reassuring hug. "Now tell me, what has Dernhelm to fear? On your wedding day, you should feel joy, not sorrow, or fear!"

Smiling over the past, Eowyn took a deep breath and folded her hands in her lap. "Arwen, I am afraid. I'm afraid that I am not at all what Faramir is expecting. I'm afraid of being a disappointment or embarrassment to him in some way. I'm afraid I'll kill him with my cooking!" Arwen struggled to keep a straight face, without much success. Aragorn had confided in her the sorry truth that Eowyn was not gifted in the culinary arts, as he could attest to the swallowing down of her infamous stew.

Sobering in time, Arwen nodded her head and thought of her answer before she spoke. "So, you do not fear the man himself, or the love you share?"

"No, of course not. I have never had any fear of Faramir. I have known the fear that a man can elude, Wormtounge was my constant shadow, my tormentor." Her eyes brightened with her next words. "But with my love, everything changed. I changed! And I realized that life is good, and that my life was not deemed to die a glorious death in battle, but to go on and live, and that I was loved, and most remarkably of all....I loved him in return."

Arwen smiled, and patted her friend on the shoulder. "All will be well. Just you wait and see."

"You know that if you hurt my sister, I'll kill you."

Faramir choked on the sip of wine he'd been drinking and came up gasping for air. "What?!" he stammered. He blushed crimson as Eomer stared at him bemusedly. "Eomer, you know as well as I that the woman will have some pain with uh...with the uh...well, you know..." He was struggling to get the words out, and fighting off his embarrasment at the same time, his free hand waving in a circular motion, trying to get the words past his lips.

Eomer raised one eyebrow, then took a long draft of his own cup of wine. "By the love of Valar, I wasn't speaking of that! I was speaking in general terms. Be good to her, or you'll hear from me and my men."

"Oh." Now feeling even more the fool, Faramir took a seat while he still had his wits about him. "Sorry." The discussion of such an intimate subject around his soon to be brother-in-law was hard enough, and now he'd made himself look like a simpleton. It didn't lay well with him. "I give you my word of honor, all will be as it should be. She deserves nothing but the best, and I do believe she's settling for me."

"Nothing of the sort! Aragorn was a passing fancy, but I see how she has changed internally, and the sparkle in here eye, something that was never there when she looked upon Aragorn. It is you, she loves."

Faramir smiled. " I'll defend her with my life, praise her to the stars, and love her for the rest of our lives."

Now it was Eomer's turn to look decidedly uncomfortable. "Well, just see that you do. And have fun along the journey." He rose to his feet and headed for the door. Turning on his heel, he faced Faramir. "Just know this, for I will only say it once. I'm glad, and honored that you shall be my brother-in-law. No other man could marry my stubborn, willful sister but you and make her happy. Welcome to the family, brother." And smiling at the look of surprise on Faramir's face, he left him to his thoughts, mouth agape.

The time had come. Faramir was standing ready for Eowyn, holding his hands behind his back. The sky was clear, with a calming breeze to cool off his overly warm face. All eyes turned to Eowyn, as she was escorted by her brother to Faramir. They both forgot to breath for a moment. Then, Faramir smiled at his bride, and all the anxiousness, and all the fear evaporated as they held hands.

Their vows were spoken in clear steady voices. Eowyn was first.

"Faramir, where to begin? For you saw in me my inner strength, and my outward pain, and pitied me. But that pity turned to love, and you made me realize that life is worth living for! Your love is endless, and I shall always be grateful to you for all you have done for me. I promise to support you, to be your confidant, your wife, and your best friend. For I love you, now and forever. My knight, my prince, my captain, my Faramir."

Wiping away her tears, and seeing that Faramir dabbed at his own eyes, they smiled at each other. Faramir blew her a little kiss before he spoke his vows to her.

"Eowyn, shieldmaiden of Rohan, captor of my heart. I thank Valar every day that we found each other, that I found you! For my life was darkness with the loss of my brother and father. I never expected to feel as strongly as I did for you, in so short a time. But love crept upon me swiftly, and I thank you for your love towards me. I vow, and promise, to take care of you, to see to your every need, and yes, even permit you to practice swordplay with me every morning if you so wish." There were several chuckles over that, and once the laughter died away, he continued. "I am not complete without you, I shall honor you, and be assured, that you have my undying love forever. My dear, sweet Eowyn. Eowyn my own."

As they leaned into each other and kissed, the crowd gathered around, clapping. Eowyn and Faramir paid them no heed. For they were complete in their love for each other. Nothing else mattered.