Letters to Theodred

by Faramirgirl
A Letter from Eomer

Dear Theodred,

I went out looking for you when you did not return. We had found your men all dead but you were still alive. When Eowyn and I went to tell uncle he said nothing, even when I showed him the helmet worn by the Ugluk bearing the mark of Saruman, there was no feeling in his eyes.

Grima Wormtongue had taken over and is doing the work for Saruman.Uncle looks so old, but there was nothing that I could to. Grima had uncle sign the paper for my death. I was able to escape and had taken two hundred men with me that are loyal to Rohan. I had to leave Eowyn there. I did not know that you would die while I was gone.

Remember when we were little and our fathers had taught us ride and fight. They made sure that we also knew how to shot a bow and arrow, even while we were riding. Eowyn was so upset because father and uncle did not want her to learn to fight. But you taught her anyway, and you would have been proud of her, she fights well. When our father was shot down by the orcs, you and uncle took us in and made us feel like family, uncle loved as if we were his own children and you my dear cousin loved us as brother and sister.

Gandalf the White had freed uncle of the evil of Saruman, but they fled to Helm Deeps, and a man named Aragorn was with uncle, it is said that he is the King of Gondor. Saruman had sent his army to kill all, this Aragorn along with an Elf and a Dwarf stayed with uncle and fought to save Helm Deep. Gandalf had ridden off looking for me, he had found my men and I. I went with Gandalf to help save our people.

But dear cousin that was not the last war we fought. Gondor had lit the beacon and uncle had decided that Rohan would answer. So we got ready for war at Pelennor field. With us was a hobbit by the name of Merry, he had courage, but I doubted that his arm would reach that far. Eowyn was also upset that she could not fight, but she dressed as a man and her and Merry rode into battle with the rest of us. Merry rode with Rohan to war and together he and Eowyn killed the Witch King.

Aragorn was able to get the dead to come and fight for us, we won that battle but we had lost uncle there. It does make me feel better to know that uncle is with you now. But there is another hobbit that is carrying a ring that must be destroyed, so Aragorn decided that we would march to the Black Gates and drawn Sauron’s eye away from Frodo and Sam. Eowyn could not come to this one because she was lying in the Houses of Healing, gravely injured.

The ring was destroyed and Aragorn was crowned King of Gondor. I am crowned King of Rohan, uncle and cousin I just hope that I can be the kind of King that uncle was. Cousin I will miss you and uncle very much. Aragorn wants us all to be one people and rebuild our lands together.

Eowyn was healed by Aragon in the House of Healing and has a man from Gondor; he is now the Prince of Ithilien. Theodred, you would like him for he is a good and loyal man and he does love Eowyn very much. And these halflings you would love also for they also showed so much courage for being so small. They fought well. I am very fond of Merry as is Eowyn and uncle.

Well cousin I hope that you and uncle will always be watching over Eowyn and me. You are fine men and very good marks men. The people of Rohan will also miss you both very much. Well I must go now as I too have found someone to love. For I have wedded Lothiriel, daughter of Imrahil. Eowyn has wedded Faramir son of Denethor and she is very happy.

With all my love,


A letter from Eowyn

My dearest Theodred,

After all of these years, I still miss you and uncle very much. Today Eomer and his family came for a visit. We sit outside watching the boys play. For it was such a beautiful day and mine garden looked so beautiful. Sam a hobbit from the Shire had made me one of most beautiful garden you had ever seen, as a wedding present for Faramir and me. In fact all four of the hobbits came to the wedding, Sam, Frodo, Pippin and Merry. Faramir is very fond of Pippin, because he knew Boromir (Faramir’s borther) and as hard as it was for Pippin, he told Faramir about the last days of Boromir life, for this little hobbit was very fond of Boromir and loved him very much. Pippin had a son and named him after Faramir and Faramir was very honored. Elboron also loves Pippin and little Faramir, because Pippin also tells him about his uncle Boromir. Eomer and uncle and I are very fond of Merry, together Merry and I killed the Witch King that had killed uncle. Elfwine loves to hear the tales Merry tells about uncle and how he had given his services to Rohan in the battle of middle earth.

Theodred you and uncle would love Faramir he is such an honorable and very brave men. I met him in the “House of Healing” where Aragorn had healed both of us. I would hope that Boromir would also love me; Faramir said that he would have loved me just because he loves me. Eomer loves Faramir and this makes me so happy, that my husband and bother whom I love very much do get along. Eomer was honored when Faramir told him that he loved me and wanted to marry and that Faramir had asked him to stand in at the wedding when Aragorn had married us. I was so in love with
Aragorn and was heart-broken when he told that he didn’t love me but, loved another. I didn’t want to live when I was hurt I just wanted to die. But Faramir would never give up on me and then one day I found out that I did love him some very much. I was very happy for Aragorn and Arwen when they wedded. Now I can see that Aragorn and I are with the people that we were meant to be with.

Well I was watching the boys play, I thought of how much each boy looked like their fathers. But then I noticed some thing else for the first time, how much of you and uncle are also in them. Eomer and I kept you and uncle’s memories alive within our hearts and the hearts of our children. Each of us had told our sons what brave and honorable men that you both were. And how you both fought to save middle earth from the evilness of that time.

Also for the first time I saw a lot of Boromir (Faramir’s bother) in Elboron. Faramir keeps Boromir alive within his heart and the heart of our son. He tells Elboron all about how brave and honorable man Boromir was. I remember one night that Elboron came and asked his father if uncle Boromir was with you and uncle. We just looked at each other and smile. “Of course he is son.” We told him that it was you three that sent him to us and had sent Elfwine to Eomer and Lothiriel. Then he looked at his father and said, “Then Elfwine and I are also going to brave and honorable man too?” Faramir had tears in his eyes and said, “Yes, son you will be.” Because after all, it is theirs and my and your mothers and Eomer blood running though yours and Elfwine blood. That seems to make our son very happy.

Oh, Theorderd I have missed you and uncle so very much and at times I am so lost without you and uncle. But Eomer and Faramir have been so wonderful. I know that Eomer also still suffers with the lost of you both and Faramir stills suffers with the lost of Boromir. Faramir nightmares has stopped or at least they don’t come as often as with mine nightmares. We are able to talk about our lost and our sadness. But talking to our son about all three of you and seeing his eyes light up when we tell of stories when we were younger and what trouble that we got ourselves into. He just laughs at the stories and he loves to hear them over and over. When I tell him that he and Elfwine has the some strength as their fathers and all three of you his eyes just lights up.

The boys are very close. They love each other very much and they have such a bond of friendship. They are as close as you and Eomer and I were and as close as Faramir and Boromir were. I hope that they will never lose that closeness and bond that they have. It has just made me so happy that Elfwine and Elboron are so close, for it is important to all of us that our son’s will always be there for each other.

With Faramir being the Prince of Ithilien and Eomer being the King of Rohan they are both very busy men, but family is important and they make sure that boys to grow up together. They want them to have that closeness and friendship that would get them through life’s challenges. They need to be able to depend on each other and help each other out when the time comes. They both will one day take the place of their fathers and they would need to know what to do and if a war shall ever come again they would need to always be there to help each other as Eomer always goes to war with Aragorn and Faramir.

Well my husband is calling me to bed. But always know that you, uncle and Boromir are never from mine heart or thoughts.

All my love