Letter from Pippin

by Faramirgirl
To Pippin's son, Faramir, from his father.

My dear Son Faramir,

The two most important days of my life was in 1427 when I married your beautiful mother Diamond and the second day is 1430 the day you my son was born. I know that I had lived a very busy live being the Thain of the Shire, but my beloved son, you were always the most important person in my life.

You were a beautiful child when you were born, you have so much of your mother in you. We named you Faramir after a dear and very close friend of my. He is a strong person and an honorable men and naming you after him,I know that you going to be a strong and wonderful. And you have my son truned out to be a very strong and wonderful men just as Faramir was. You do have alot of Faramir spirit and love in you my son. And I could not of been any happier to see Faramir in you. But I see alot of his brother in you also. For Boromir was a wonderful men whom I had also loved very much. Boromir had taught Merry and me how to use a sword, he also carried us thourgh the snow, and when the orcs came after us he defended us to his death.

I had given my services to the Lord Denethor such as it was, for the payment of his death. Then the day came that Lord Denethor had sent Faramir and his rangers to retake Osgiliath, I was sad, because the Lord Denethor had sent his son to his death. I could not believe that a father could do this to his own son. The talk between Faramir and Denethor break my heart, for I would see so much sadness in Faramir eyes and no love in Lord Denethor eyes. This is what was said.

Faramir:"You wished now that our places had been exchanged, that I had died and Borormir had lived,"

Denethor: "Yes I wished that"

Faramir: "Since you were robbed of Boromir I will do what I can in his stead." And I bowed to you and then looked you in the eye and said, "If I should return, think better of me father."

Denethor: "That would depend of the matter in which you return."

Son this had hurt me so bad, for I had already started to love Faramir and was going to lose him as I did Boromir. But some how Faramir had lived though this, and through upsetness and thinking that Faramir was dead, he was going to burn Faramir alive with himself. I had went there and told Lord Denethor that he was not dead, but Lord Denethor did not listen and throw me out. So I went to look for Gandalf to help me save Faramir life and we did.

I had gotten to know Faramir better when he was in the house of healing, and I would go to him every day and tell him about the last days of Boromir life, It was so hard for me to tell and for Faramir to listen, for we both are sadness by his death. And in the house of healing is where he met the Lady Eowyn, who he had fell in love with.

Before we had left Gondor, Aragorn was make King. And when he come to us, we bowed to him. Bur he said, "My friends you bow to noone" and then King Aragorn bowed to us and then Lady Arwen and everyone bowed to us. let me tell you son, we Hobbits did not know what to think of the big folks bowing to us.

Gandalf has sent us home after fourteen months of being away. When we had gotten here the evil wizard Saruman had taken over the Shire. Frodo, Sam, Merry and myself were on our own. For there were no big people to fight this war, so the four us had gotten the town together and we had defected Saruman. Yes my son four Hobbits had set in motion a plan to rid the Shire of this evil, and we did.

Do you remember when I took you to meet your namesake? It might me so happy that Faramir had loved you as his own son Elborn. I remember one day that you and Elboron were talking and of course my son Faramir and I were listening in. Do you remember this talk?

"You had asked Elboron if Uncle Boromir was really your uncle too? Well Elboron had thought about it for a minute and then said, “Yes of course he is”. And then you had ask another question, how can that be? Elboron said, “Because Uncle Boromir loved you’re father and you’re father had loved him, beside my mom said, “That family doesn’t always mean blood”. This seems to make you happy".

Well Faramir and I had tears in our eyes. Faramir was so proud of Elboron. You do know son the Faramir, Elboron, and Eowyn had loved you so much. You are a part of there lives and always would be. Just as they my son are a part of our lifes. It makes us all proud that you and Elboron got along so well, and that Elboron has taken to protect you. He was always amazed at how much you could eat and that you were hungry all the time. Well son you got that after me.

And in the year of 1463 when you took Goldilocks the daugther of Samwise to wed, was a very happy day. Samwise is a very good and honorable men and I could not of been happier when you wed his daughter. She is lovely and of good spirit and I know that she would make you happy. Do you know how honored Elboron was when you had asked his to be your best man at your wedding?

It did my soul good to see Faramir, Eowyn and Elboron, and also Eomer, Lothiriel, and Elfwine, and Aragorn, Arwen and family all here. I think son that the Shire folks did not know what to think of all those big folks being in the Shire. Goldilocks was a vision of beauty. Dress in a beautiful white dress that Eowyn had made her and flowers in her hair. She looked so much like her beautiful mother Rosie. Aragorn and Arwen loved you so much son, and they all had bought you such wonderful gifts.

What sadness me my son is that Frodo was not here for your brith or wedding. Frodo is such a wonderful Hobbit my son, for he and Sam had destory the one ring so that all middle earth can live in peace. It was a big burden for a Hobbit to bear, but your cousin was very brave and with the help of Sam he was able to do it. So my son you have married into a wonderful family.

Son you have bought so much joy into my life and you are my world, you and your mother. You both have replaced the sadness in my heart that was left for the war of the ring. I pray my dear son that you will not have to face that much death in your life.

I am dead now my son, and buried next to King Aragorn, where I am the most happy. Remember my son, alway stay close to Elboron and Elfwine. And remember how much I love you and what joy you have bought into my life.

Love your