A Faramir Story

by Faramirgirl

Eomer and wife Lothiriel and their son Elfwine came to visit Faramir and Eowyn. As they were there, Faramir told the boys Elfwine and Elboron the story of Gondor. Eowyn and Eomer and Lothiriel sat down to listen as well.

It all start in the Year 2 with: Isildur plants a seeding of the White Tree in Minas Anor. He delivers the South-kingdom to Meneldil. Disaster of the Gladden Feilds: Isildur and his tree elder sons are slain.

Dad asked Elboron, "Is that why we still have the White Three in Gondor?" Faramir smiled at his son and said, "Yes son that is why, but then Gondor went through some hard times, and things happen." Uncle Faramir, "What happen?" asked Elfwine.

Well in the year of 1636. The Great Plague devastates Gondor. Death of King Telemnar and his children. The White Tree dies in Minas Anor. The plague spreads north and west, and many parts of Eriador becaome desolate. Beyond the Baranduin the Periannath survive, but suffer great loss. And in the year 1640 King Tarondor removes the King's House to Minas Anor, plants a seedling of the White Tree. Osgiliath begins to fall into ruin. Mondor is left unguarded. In 1810 King Telumbhtar Umbardacil retakes Umbar and drives out the Corsairs. In 1851 the attacks of the Wainriders upon Gondor begin, and in 1856 Gondor loses its eastern territories, and Narmacil 11 falls in battle. And then in 1899 King Calimehtar defeats the Wainriders on Dagorlad. In 1900 Calimehtar builds the White Tower in Minas Anor, and in 1940 Gondor and Arnor renew communications and form an alliance. Arvedui weds Firiel daugther of Ondoher of Gondor.In 1944 Ondoher falls in battle. Earnil defeats the enemy in South Ithilien. He then wins the battle of the Camp, and drives Wainriders inot the Dead Marshes. Arvedui claims the crown of Gondor. But in 1945 Earnil 11 receives the crown.

Eowyn says, "I think that it is time for lunch." "But mom the story is not done." Elboron says, "Yea Aunt Eowyn, Uncle Faramir is not done telling the story," said Elfwine. Eomer started to laugh and said, "Boys after we eat lunch then Faramir can finish his story." Elfwine says, "You know Elfwine it is going to take forever. Our parents can talk forever," said Elboron. Lothiriel overheard the boys talking and started to giggle at the boys. Eowyn smiled at the boys and told them to sit and eat. Well lunch took longer then the boys wanted and they kept asking their parents if they were done eating. Faramir started to laugh and said that they should have some patience. Eomer started to laugh and said, "I think the Uncle Faramir can go on with his story." "YEA" said the boys together, Lothiriel and Eowyn just laughed. So they all gathered in the sitting room and the boys sitting on the floor by Faramir's feet.

"Where was I" said Faramir. Well then the year of 2043 Earmur becaomes King of Gondor. He is challenged by the Witch-King and then in 2050 the challenge is renewed. Earnur rides to Minas Morgul and is lost. Mardil becomes the first Ruling Steward. In 2475 attack on Gondor renewed. Osgiliath finally ruined, and its stone-bridge broken. Eomer speaks up and then in the year of 2758 Rohan attacked from west and east and overrun. Gondor attacked by fleets of Corsairs. Helm of Rohan takes refuge in Helm's Deep. Wulf seizes Edoras: 2758-2759. The long Winter follows. Great suffering and loss of life in Eriador and Rohan. Still in 2759 Death of Helm, Frealaf drives Wulf, and begins second line of Kings of the Mark.

And then in 2852, Faramir starts to talk again, Belecthor 11 of Gondor die. The White Tree dies, and no seedling can be found, the dead tree is left standing. Elfwine said, "Uncle Faramir why is the White Tree dying so much?" Faramir said, "Each time a King dies so does the tree." Elboron said, "The White Tree can't stay alive even if there is a Steward?" Faramir said,"No it is the tree for the King." In 2885 stirred up by emissaries of Sauron the Haradrim cross the Poros and attacks Gondor. The sons of Folcwine of Rohan are slain in the service of Gondor.

In the year of 2930 my father Denethor was born to my grandfather Ecthelion, and in 2976 Denethor married my mother Finduilas of Dol Amrith. And in 2978 my brohter Boromir was born and in 2983 I was born. And in 2984 the death of my grandfather and then my father becomes the Steward of Gondor. and in 2988 my mother died. Now for some more history of the people of Gondor.

There was a last of alliance of elf's and men, they went to fight the evil of Middle Earth. The Elven-King and Elendil of Westernesse who overthrow Sauron, though they themselves perished in the deed; and Isildur Elendil's son cut the Ring from Sauran's hand and took it for him own. Then Sauron was vanquished and his spirit fled and was hidden for long years; until his shadow took shape again in Mirkwood. In Arthedain the line of Isildur was maintainted and endured, but the line soon perished in Cardolan and Rhudaur. There was often strife between the kingdoms, which hastened the waning of the Dunedain. The chief matter of debate was the posssession of the Weather Hills and the land westward towards Bree. Both Rhudaur and Cardolan desired to possiss Amon Sul (Weathertop), which stood on the borders of their realms; for the Tower of Amon Sul held the chief Palantir of the North, and the other two were both in the keeping of Arthedain.

Isildur was marching north along the east banks of the River, and near Gladden Fields he was waylaid by the Orcs of the Mountains, and almost all his folk were slain. He leaped into the waters, but the Ring slipped from his finger as he swim, and then the Orcs saw him and killed him with arrows. So dad, "The ring was losted in the Great River, Auduin." said Elboron. "Yes, the ring passed out of all knowledge and legend." said Faramir. "Uncle Faramir, were you kin to Isildur?" asked Elfwine. Faramir smiled, "No I was not kin to Isildur, Aragron was."

"How did grandfather Denethor became the Steward of Gondor?" asked Elboron. The House of the Stewards was called the House of Hurin, for they were descendants of the Steward of King Minardil, (1621-14). Hurin of Emyn Arnen, a man of high Numenorean race. After his day the kings had always chosen their stewards from among his decendants; and after the days of Pelendur the Stewardship became hereditary as a kingship, from father to son or neatest kin.

Each new Steward indeed took office with the oath to hold rod and rule in the name of the king, until he shall return. But these soon became words of ritual little heeded, for the Steward exercised all the power of he kings. Yet many in Gondor sill believed that the king would indeed return in some time to come; and some remembered the ancient line of the North, which it was rumoured still lived on in the shadows. But against such thoughts the Ruling Stewards hardened their hearts. Nonetheless the Stewards never sat on the ancient throne; and they wore no crown, and held no sceptre. They bore a white rod only as the token of their office; and their banner was white without charge; but the royal banner had been sable,upon which was displayed a white tree in blossom beneath seven stars.

"What number Steward was Denethor?" asked Elfwine. My father was the twenty-sixth Steward. "Was Boromir to follow Denethor footsteps?" asked Elfwine. "Yes he would of," said Faramir. Boromir was a great captain, he was noble and fair of face, a man strong in body and in will. Faramir had tears in his eyes talking about his brother. Eowyn put her arms around him and asked him if he was ok. Faramir wiped his eyes and said that he is ok and will go on with the story. Eowyn said that it was time for a break and some tea. So Eowyn and Lothiriel went to make tea. Eomer told the boys to and wash up, and he went to Faramir and sat by him. Eomer put his arms on Faramir's shoulder and asked him he was sure that he was ok and wanted to go on with the story. Faramir said that he wanted to go on, he Elboron to know the history of Gondor.

After tea they once again gathered in the sitting room and Faramir started his story again. When Denethor became Steward (2984) he proved a masterful lord, holding the rule of all things in his own hand. He said little, he listened to counsel, and then followed his own mind. He had married late (2976), taking as wife Finduilas, daughter of Adrahil of Dol Amroth. She was a lady of great beauty and gentle heart, but before twelve years had passed she died. Denethor loved her, in his fashion, more dearly than any other, unless it were the elder of the sons that she bore. But it seemed to men that she withered in the guarded city, as a flower of the seaward values set upon a barren rock. The shadow in he east filled her with horror, and she turned her eyes ever south to the sea that she missed. After her death Denethor becsme more grim and silent than before, and would sit long alone in his tower deep in though, forseeing that the assault of Mordor would come in his time.

It was afterwards believed that needing knowledge, but being proud, and trusting in his own strength of will, he dared to look in the plantir of the White Tower. None of the Stewards had dared to do this, nor even the kings Earnil and Earnur, after the fall of Minas Ithil when the palantir of Isildur came into the hands of the Enemy; for the Stone of Minas Tirith was the palantir of Anarion, most close in accord with the one that Sauron possessed. "Dad what did the palantir saw grandfather?" asked Elboron. "Yea uncle Faramir what could Denethor see in that palantir thing?" asked Elfwine.

In this way Denenthor gained his great knowledge of things that passed in his realm, and far beyond his borders, at which men marvelled; but he bought the knowledge dearly, being aged before his time by his contest with the will of Sauron. This pride increased in Denethor together with despair, until he saw in all the deeds of that time only a single combat between the Lord of the White Tower and the Lord of the Barad-dur, and mistrusted all others who resisted Sauron, unless they served himself alone.

So time drew on the War of the Ring, and Boromir and I grew to manhood. Boromir, five years the elder, beloved by our father, was like him in face and pride, but in little else. Rather he was a man after the sort of King Earnur of old, taking no wife and delighting chiefly in arms; fearless and strong, but caring little for lore, save the tales of old battles. I was younger was like him looks but otherwise in mine. He read the hearts of men as shrewdly as our father, but what he read moved him sooner to; pity than to scorn. He was gentle in bearing, and a lover of lore and of music, and therefore by many in those days his courage was judged less than his brother's. But it was not so, except that he did not seek glory in danger without a purpose.

But there was great love between Boromir and myself, Boromir was my helper and protector since childhood. There was no jealousy or rivalry between us, but Boromir was father's favor. It did not seem possible to me that any one in Gondor could rival Boromir, heir of Denethor, Captain of the White Tower; and of like mind was Boromir. Yet it proved otherwise at the test. But of all that befell these three in the War of the Ring much is said elsewhere. And after the War the days of the Ruling Stewards came to an end; for the heir of Isildur and Anarion returned and the kingship was renewed, and the standard of the White Tree flew once more from the Tower of Ecthelion.

"Uncle Faramir, how did Boromir died?" asked Elfwine. I found out by Pippin that Boromir had died protecting him and Merry from the orcs. But I hear the horn of Gondor blowing and knew that Borormir was in troble, but did not know where he was. I sat at night by the waters of Anduin, in the grey dark under the young pale moon, watching the ever-moving stream; and the sad reeds were rustling. So do we ever watch the shores nigh Osgiliath, which out ememies now partly hold, and issue from it harry our lands. But that night all the world slept at the midnight hour. Then I saw, or it seemed that I saw, a boat floating on the water, glimmering grey, a small boat of a strange fashion with a high prow, and there was none to row or steer it. An awe fell on me, for a pale light was round it. But I rose and went to the bank, and began to bank, and began to walk out into the stream, for I was drawn towards it. Then the boat turned towards me, and stayed its pace, and floated slowly by within my hand's reach, yet I durst not handle it. It waded deep under my gaze that it was almost filled with clear water, from which came the light; and lapped in the water a warrior lay sleep.

A broken sword was on his knee. I saw many wounds on him. It was Boromir, my brother, dead I knew his gear, his sword, his beloved face. One thing only I missed: his horn. One thing only I knew not: a fair belt, as it were of linked golden leaves, about his waist Boromir! I cried. Where is thy horn? But he was gone, the boat turned into the stream and passed glimmering on into the night. Dreamlike it was, and yet no dream, for there was no waking, and I do not doubt that he was dead and has passed down the River to the Sea. "Uncle Faramir that is so sad." said Elfwine. "Dad did you cry for uncle Boromir?" asked Elboron. "Yes it was hard and I wept for my brother, for he was the only that loved me." said Faramir.

"Dad tell us about Frodo and ring?" said Elboron. "Do not get tried of hearing that story Elboron," laugh Faramir. Ok the story of Frodo and the ring. We got Frodo and Sam at glades of Ithilien, which anyone is caught on the land of Gondor they are to die. Frodo told me that he had a task to do and that I needed to let him go. I told him, "I should take you back to Minas Tirith to answer there to Denethor, and my life will justly be forfeit, if I now choose a course that proves ill for my city. So I will not decide in haste what is to be done. Yet we must move hence without more delay." But you let Frodo and Sam go though did you not uncle Faramir?" asked Elfwine.

I did not let Frodo and Sam go instead we blindfolded them as they could not see the way we were going. For we were going to Window of the Sunset, Henneth Annun fairest of all falls of Ithilien, land of many fountains. There were only to ways out, one was passage yonder by which we entered and the hobbits were blindfolded and then the second way was through the Window-curtain into a deep bowl filled with knives of stone. So I Knew that they could not get out. Frodo told me about Boromir and about Gandlaf's fall and the Elf's of Lothlorien. Sam had mention the Ring by mistake and Frodo was very upset over this. I said that this is the answer to all the Riddles. The One Ring that was thought to have perished from the world. And Boromir had tried to take the Ring from Frodo.

And here in the wild I have you: two halflings, and the host of men at my call, and the Ring of Rings. A pretty stroke of fortune! A chance for Faramir, Captain of Gondor, to show his quality! Ha! He stood up, very tall and stern, his grey eyes glinting. But then I started to laugh and sit back down, and said not if I found it on the highway would I take it I said. Well Frodo now at last we understand one another, I said to him. If you took this thing on yourself, unwilling, at others asking, thenyou have pity and honour from me. and I marved at you: to keep it hid and not to use it. You are new people and a new world to me, arey all your kin of like sort? Your land must be a realm of peace and content, and there must garderners be in high honour. For Frodo task was to destory the ring at Mount Doom. And then Sam told me that I had shown my quality; the very highest, and I Smiled at him. As it was I let Frodo and Sam go. "Uncle Faramir I just love that story" said Elfwine.

"Well it is late boys and you sure be getting ready for bed," said Faramir. "But dad there is more to the history," cried Elboron. Eowyn said, "Yes there is but your father can tell you and Elfwine more later, now you both go and get ready for bed."