Letters from Faramir

by Faramirgirl
A Letter to Denthor

Dear Father

It was been years since your death. I was talking to Eowyn my beautiful wife, telling her how your hurtful words to me still hunted me. She suggeted that I write them to you in a letter.

I have never told you father how badly your hurtful words had hurted me, how your rejection of my love hurt me so bad. Did you ever know how badly you have hurt or did you even care the pain that you caused me? No matter what you said or did father I loved you and tried to please you. You saw me as weak because I did not like war. I did not like killing. But I would defend our city and her people,yes father I am a men of peace and love.

You always had me living in Boromir shadow and every change you got you were always remind me that I was not good enough. That I would never measure up to Boromir in your eyes. But even with that you did not destory the love and closes that Boromir and I shared, their was no jealousy or rivalry between us. Boromir. It was like you blamed me for mother's death, or did you blame me for her death father? I had welcomed Gandalf into my life and from him I had learnt wisdom, and this also displeased you. But Gandalf was the closes thing that I had to a father, because you were not there to be a father to me. You were for some reason uncapable of being a father to me. Why father why did you not want to be a father to me?

You doubted my ability to be a good captian and lead my rangers into war to kill the enemy. Boromir was always telling you not to doubt me, that I was very capable of leading my rangers and defending our city and her people. You was always telling me that I was not good enough that I would never measure up to Boromir. I loved you father and was always tring to please you. You would never give me the change, for you always found fault with how I did or did not do something right.

Boromir talked you into letting me be a captian and have my own rangers and be at Iihilien, but you only reluctantly agree to this, for you still had your doubts that I would lead my man into battle and defend Gondor and her people. War broke out and we won. We were having a celebtation of the victory. And you came up. You and Boromir hugged and you said, "I hear that you got the enemy signally handed."

Boromir: "They exaggerate father, the victory also belongs to Faramir."

Denethor: "Were you not entrusted to keep the city self?"

Faramir: "I would of, but our numbers were few"

Denethor: "You let the enemy walk in at take over."

Faramir: "That was not my intend,"

Boromir: "He tries and yet you give him no credit."

You and Boromir was talking about going to Rivendell for a meeting with Elrond. And Boromir did not want to go, so I stepped and said, "If there is reason to go to Rivendell, send me instead."

Denethor: "For captain Faramir do show his true qualities? I think not I only trust your brother to go, the one that will not fail me."

Father do you have any idea what those words did to me? How those words had hurt. Well my rangers and I were off again defending Gondor and we got two hobbits, these hobbits had the ring that you wanted. Here was my one change to show you my quaities and how you pleased with me. But after the fight in Osgiliath, I had release the hobbits and knew what changes I had throw away, and I knew that I had just forfeit my life. The ocrs attacked Osgiliath again and I had my men flee for Minas Tirith.

Once again you told me that I was not good enough. You did not want to give up the outter defenses that Borormir had defend. I had told you that Osgiliath was was over ran by orcs and all you could said was, "Is there still a captain here willing to his lords words?"

Faramir: "You wished now that our places had been exchanged, that I had died and Borormir had lived,"

Denethor: "Yes I wished that"

Faramir: "Since you were robbed of Boromir I will do what I can in his stead." And I bowed to you and then looked you in the eye and said, "If I should return, think better of me father."

Denethor: "That would depend of the matter in which you return." My back was to you so you could not see the hurt in my eye."

So I gathered my man up and started the ride to Osgiliath, in which I Knew that we all would be killed, but I want to please you, even if it meant the death of myself and many of my rangers. Gandalf told me not to throw my life away, that this was your madness, but all I would say was, "Where do my loyalty lie if not here?"

Gandalf said, "Your father loves you Faramir, he will remember in the end."

Well Father I was thinking that I would never know, beacuse I know that I and my men were going to die. As my man and I were changing I was thinking that I would be with Boromir here in a few minutes.

But somehow I lived, I was hurt badly but alive. But father you were going to burn me alive if Gandalf and Pippin had not stopped you. The last thing I remeber was that I opened my eyes, and you was on fire and said "Faramir" before you run.

Father did you remembered that you loved me? I will never know, will I? But I do want you do know father that with all your hurtful words, that I love you still, I do miss you and Boromir very much, You both have missed out on so much, my beautiful wife and wonderful son. Aragorn is king of Gondor now, but he has make me Prince of Ithilien.

Did you ever love me father? Did I ever make you proud?

Love your son