A Brother's Love

by Faramirgirl

A Brother's Love

Captain of Gondor

Son of the steward

Brother to Faramir

Leader to his man

Loved by everyone

Strong and brave until the end

Faramir woke up one night in a cold sweat. When he looked up, he saw his brother Boromir standing at the foot of the bed. He closed his eyes and then opened them again to clear the image. But it did not work. Boromir was still standing there, "This is just a dream for you cannot be standing here. My fever must have become worse," said Faramir calling for the healer.

"No one can hear you, little brother," said Boromir with a smile.

"Am I dead?" asked Faramir.

"No, little brother, you're not dead, for you have so much to finish before you come back to me," said Boromir.

"Then how are you standing here? I saw you lying dead in that boat as you floated past me," said Faramir.

"Faramir, you are very sick and weary. You need to find the will to live. As much as I love you and want you to come with me, you have much living to do yet. You had shown that you are a very good leader. Your men followed you on that death mission that father sent you on," said Boromir.

"How did you know that?" asked Faramir.

"I have seen many things, my brother. I know that Father is dead, and that he remembered that he loved you in the end, just like Gandalf had told you that he would," said Boromir.

"Then you know, brother that I don't have anything to live for? Aragorn has taken his rightful place as the King of Gondor," said Faramir.

"Yes I know this also. He had made a promise to me before I died, that he would not let his city or our people fail. And he stayed true to his word, I would have followed him for he is my brother, my captain, and my King," said Boromir.

"Yes and there is now no reason for me to go on living. For the city is saved and in good hands for their King has returned. And I can come with you, my brother," said Faramir.

"No, Faramir, you can't, for your time is not now. Aragorn does have a need of your talent my brother. There is also a beautiful young lady who needs you," said Boromir.

"Who?" asked Faramir.

"She is right here my brother, in the "Houses of Healing" for she was hurt on the battlefield and thought to be dead. But Aragorn has saved her also. You both are broken hearted; she lost her beloved Uncle on the battlefield. She feels that she is in love with Aragorn, but he is in love with Arwen. She just wants to die an honorable death. You both can help each other heal,” said Boromir.

"Well, the only person that I remember meeting besides Aragorn, is this little hobbit named Pippin. His cousin was also hurt on the battlefield and Aragorn is healing him also. This little hobbit, Pippin says that he knows you and he talks about you all the time," said Faramir

Boromir burst out laughing, "Yes, the little one's; Pippin and Merry. They are very special to me. They are maybe little but they have big hearts and are brave as any man," said Boromir, remembering the two little hobbits that he loved very much..

"Well Pippin has been talking about you and Merry non stop. He tells me how you showed them how to hold a sword and that you carried them through the snow,and how you come to help them when they were surrounded by Orcs and Uruk-hai," said Faramir.

"Yes, I had tried to take the ring from Frodo. I was very sorry that I had done that; the ring had taken over my senses and Father had wanted this mighty gift. But, it was wrong and when I saw that Pippin and Merry were in trouble I had to save them," said Boromir in a very sad voice, remembering his downfall caused by the ring of power.

"We heard the horn blowing," said Faramir.

"Yes, but you would have never arrived in time, Aragorn did stop the Uruk-hai from putting another arrow in me. But there were many Orcs and Uruk-hai and they had taken the little one's. Aragorn had told me that I had not failed and fought well. I told him that I had tried to take that ring and that I did not see, he forgive me and gave me my honor back," said Boromir.

"Boromir, I do not have anything to live for and just want to come with you," said Faramir.

Boromir had reached for Faramir hand, "Come with me, little brother, for I have something to show you," said Boromir.

Faramir took Boromir's hand and followed him as he had always done as a child. He loved his brother and trusted him. Without Boromir, Faramir just did not imagine much of a life, for Boromir was his life, his strength, and he believed in him when their Father did not. He did not see his life going on without his beloved brother. Faramir was still in deep thought when Boromir had stopped walking. "Look in there," said Boromir with a smile on his face.

Faramir looked into the room that Boromir's finger was pointing to. He saw the most beautiful lady lying there. “ Who is she?" asked Faramir, not taking his eyes off her.

"She is Eowyn, shield maiden of Rohan. And also Eomer’s sister who is now the King of Rohan since their Uncle had died on the battlefield," said Boromir.

"Well, Boromir, what makes you think that she wants anything to do with me? You said that she is in love with Aragorn and he is the King of Gondor, and I am nothing but a Captain of Gondor without any power. My men have all died. What makes you think that Aragorn would want the steward's son around for anything," said Faramir.

"Yes you are a Captain of Gondor and even though you are not the King or the steward you have a very important role to play in the lives of our people. Aragorn will see to that, he is a fair and honorable man, Faramir. And the King of Gondor does need you and so does Eowyn and our people. You are loved, little brother and have many great talents and you are a wonderful leader. Aragorn is going to need you very much to rebuild our city. If war breaks out again, he will need a strong leader," said Boromir.

"Even so, Boromir, what would the beautiful shield maiden of Rohan want with me? And her brother is going to be the next King so she would be the heir to throne of Rohan until he has children. So why would she give that up for a Captain of Gondor?" said Faramir.

"You have both lost people that you love, she wants to just give up and die with her cousin and uncle. Aragorn also saddens her because she believes that she loves him. Aragorn is in love with the beautiful Elf, Arwen, daughter of Elrond of Rivendell. Aragorn pities her, Faramir, and she doesn’t need any more pity but you can show her love, she needs you just as much as you need her," said Boromir.

Faramir just stood there looking at this beautiful woman. He had turned around to say something to Boromir but he was not there. Instead he was back in his bed and Pippin was beside him, telling him about the beautiful shield maiden of Rohan called Eowyn. Pippin was telling Faramir how he thought that he and Eowyn should get together. Faramir sat up in his bed and looked at Pippin, "Boromir was here, where did he go?" asked Faramir.

"Oh good, you are awake. Why are you asking about Boromir? He is not here, it is only I. Let me get Aragorn, or the healer. You must be running a fever," said Pippin.

"Wait! You were here the whole time and you did not see Boromir? He was standing with me outside Eowyn’s room," said Faramir.

"Faramir, you have not been out of the bed. You were just having a dream and talking to Boromir in the dream. The healer said that it would be just the fever," said Pippin.

Faramir smiled and looked up. Then he saw Boromir, "How much, Boromir, did you have to with Pippin talking about Eowyn?' Faramir said in a whisper.

Boromir just looked at his brother and smile and then he was gone.

Captain of Gondor

Son of the Steward

Brother to Faramir

Leader to his man

For everyone loved him

Strong and brave until the end.