Letters to Boromir from Faramir

by Faramirgirl

My dearest brother,

It has been years since you're death and I still miss you so much. So much as happen since then. But first let me tell you this. Father had sent my rangers and me out to retake Osgiliath in which it was over run by the orcs. I told father that since he was robbed of you I would do what I can in your stead. So my men and I rode to Osgiliath and all were killed but me. My leg had somehow got tangled up in the foot straps and the horse as taken me back to Minas Tirith, where the men had taken me to father. I really don't remember much after that; I was burning up with fever. Pippin had rolled me off the burning table that father has set ablaze. Gandalf's horse had knocked father into the fire when he had crabbed Pippin and fire burned. Well I was in the house of healing and Pippin was there a lot. He would sat by my side and made sure that I was o.k. Aragorn is the King of Gondor and he healed me. But then brother you know who Aragorn is, you have traveled with him until your death. Aragorn has not spoken much but he has told me t hat you were a very brave and honorable man and that you fought well. It was you that had tried to save Merry and Pippin.

Oh the other hand Pippin has talked about you a lot. He is very fond of you and loves you so much. He has told me how you showed him and Merry how to fight and hold their swords. How you had carried them through the snow when it was too deep for them to walk. Pippin is so sadden by you're death and misses you so much, I see dear brother why you would love this little hobbit for I too love him. He has become a very important part of my life; he did help save me from father's madness. I would always talk to him about you; we both miss and love you so very much.

Well I was in the House of Healing; I had met this beautiful woman, who also was being healed by Aragorn for her injuries. She and Merry had killed the Witch King on the battle field of Pelennor. Her name is Eowyn; she is the Shield maiden of Rohan. In that battle she had lost her uncle on the field. She had not wanted anything to with me at first, she just wanted to die. She told me to just leave her alone, I could tell that she was hurting and she was in love with Aragorn. But Pippin wouldn't let me give up on her. She would to the garden, and I would go there also, we would talk, but she was so hard to read.

Gandalf had crowned Aragorn King. Aragorn has made his speech, "This day does not belong to just one man, but all. Together let us rebuild this world". Eowyn and I both attended. Aragorn was walking down and greeting his people when he came upon Legalos, and then he saw what Legalos was smiling about. For behind him was Arwen the women that he loved. It was a beautiful union between the two for his queen has come home. Well the Elf's and the dwarf's had came and helped rebuild Minas Titith and she is as beautiful as ever. The Elf's had left Middle Earth and Legolas and Gimli had taken off together and the Hobbits went back to the Shire.

Eowyn and I was in the garden later that afternoon and she told me that she was in love with Aragorn and that she had wished that he would of let her die there on the battle field beside her uncle. I told her that I loved her and started to walk away. She said, "Faramir let me finish". I stopped and turned around and looked into her beautiful eyes. She said, "Faramir I have come to realize that Aragorn and Arwen belong together and that some time, I don't know when but I had come to realize that I do love you".

Oh brother you should have seen me, I just ran to her and picked her up and started to swing her around in circles. She laughed and it was just a beautiful sound. Pippin of course was thrilled for the both of us. Merry was also thrilled about the news, for he is as fond of Eowyn as she is him. Aragorn as made me Prince of Ithilien and Eowyn as agree to become my wife, this beautiful women as brought so much happiness into my life. We had a beautiful son name Elboron. Oh how I wish that you can meet my wife and son, you will love them as much as I do.

Pippin and Merry comes as often as they can to visit us. You see brother our Pippin is the Thain of the Shire and Merry is the Master of Buckland and Sam is Mayor. Aragorn makes the three of them "Counsellors of the North-kingdom. On this visit Pippin wanted me to meet is son. He had named his son after me; I was so touch by this. Elboron just loves Pippin and little Faramir. Pippin tells the boys of his travels with uncle Boromir and they just love hearing the stories. Well one day little Faramir and Elboron were talking and of course Pippin and I were listening.

Little Faramir had asked Elboron if uncle Boromir was really his uncle too? Pippin and I listened to see what Elboron would say. Well Elboron had thought about it for a minute and then said, "Yes of course he is". And then little Faramir had ask another question, how can that be? Elboron said, "Because uncle Boromir loved you're father and you're father had loved him, beside my mom said, "That family doesn't always mean blood". This seems to make little Faramir happy.

Pippin and I just looked at each other and smile. Pippin said, "Children have wonderful insight". And I said, "Yes they do". Pippin said, "Faramir it also seems that your wife has wonderful insight". And of course I had to agree with him.

Boromir you would just love her spunk, and let me tell you brother she has gotten plenty of it. I have been so blessed in my life; even through I miss you so much. I still have it all, my beautiful wife, my wonderful son, and Pippin and little Faramir who I love as my own. For all of them as bought me so much joy.

Boromir I often wonder if things would have been any different if I had gone to Rivendell instead of you. I had mention this to Aragorn and he told me that you had done what you felt was right for me and himself. He wanted to prove the father that I was ready to be a captain and ready to defend our city. Aragorn said, "Faramir your brother loved you very much and wanted your father to see what you could do. You must know this and understand this. He had done it for you". He also told me that you had accepted him as our rightful king of Gondor. He had also said that you had pleaded with him to not let our city or people fail. Aragorn had said that he had made that promise that he would not let his city or people fail, and he had kept that promise. He is a wonderful leader. I have been able to talk to him about you and Aragorn has said nothing bad about you only good things, I can see that he also loves you. When we were talking about you I had notice that he had tears in his eyes also. His lovely wife Arwen is also a wonderful queen, she loves the people of Gondor just as much as Aragorn and I do.

Eowyn and I went to Rohan when Aragorn had crown Eomer King. He is Eowyn brother, only family that she had left beside me and our son. He is a good man and he is very loyal to Rohan. And he loves his sister very much, Eomer and I have became close and this makes Eowyn very happy and we are making sure that Eomer son Elfwine and Elboron are close. Eomer was at out wedding and the birth of our son as Eowyn and I was at his wedding and the birth of his son. Eomer is a very honorable man. He rides to war with Aragorn and I as Aragorn and I ride to war with him.

I had gotten a letter from Pippin and in it he was telling me how Saruman had invaded the Shire. Merry and Pippin took charge and rid the Shire of the evilness. Boromir you would have been so pride of Pippin and Merry for the strength that they had shown. They had gathered all the hobbits that were stand up the Chief and together they had brought him down. They had saved the land and people that they loved and they did it without any help from us big people. They had found their courage and they knew how to fight because you my dear brother had taught them well. The evilness of the middle earth battle has taught them something and how to deal with evil.

I had gotten a letter from Sam and Merry telling me that Pippin needed my help, his beautiful wife Diamond had die and they fear for Pippin loneness. He had loved her so much and they fear that he would never love again and that little Faramir would not have a mother. I showed this letter to Aragorn because he also loved Pippin. Aragorn had sent for Pippin and had a talk with him. Pippin knows that we all love him and are worried about him and little Faramir. He said that his son is his life that he is happy and don't plan on remarrying anyone. Any one can see that he loves his son and that little Faramir comes first and for most in Pippin's life.

You will be happy to know that my nightmares have slowed down they don't come as often. I heard the horn of Gondor blowing and I knew that you were in trouble. And then I see a boat coming down the river an elvish boat and lying in the boat was you my brethren dead. I will never forget that image out of my head. I would not help you so therefore I have failed you. Aragorn and Pippin also feel that they have failed you. Each of us in our own different ways and for our own different reasons.

As I am writing this letter to you, I can feel your spirit with me. That you are watching over all the people that you love. I can still recall the last words you spoke to me, "Remember this day little brother".

Pippin and Merry saw you last but alive with three arrows in you. They were so hurt because Aragorn could not save you, as Aragorn was hurt because he could not save you. But Pippin was glad that he saw you alive and not dead. Aragorn, Pippin and I talk about you often and on the day you died is when we all need each other the most.

My goodness brother I didn't know I had so much to write you. But it is time for bed as my beautiful wife is calling me. I love you Boromir.

Love Faramir