The Daughter of Felarof

by Evermind

Ages, and ages back, I prodded my muse in the direction of Felarof, and this is what she came up with! I really do worry about her sometimes... I imagine it as a kind of legend or old tale, the sort Merry might have heard in Rohan.

The Daughter of Felarof

Hîn en Rochîr, she was named by the elves of old, child of the horse-lords. But many other names she has had, in song and tale, and in the speeches of beasts and birds and the many tongues of men. Mîr en Amon: the jewel of the hills, Simbelmyne Eadig: the blessed memory, and the Daughter of Shadow. But most often among the Rohirrim she was called the Daughter of Felarof, and that is how she is remembered in all the tales of those days. Her true name cannot be told, for it is forgotten, and all concerning her is shrouded in mystery.

It is among the Rohirrim that legends of her deeds are first recorded, and many at first said that she was one of them, but that is now almost certainly proved false. Some said she came of a forbidden union between a wild man and an elven maid, because of her affinity with the earth, but this is mere fantasy. Among the eldar it is said that she was a maia, of the people of Orome, Lord of the Forests, but it is told that she was, like Bombadil, a renegade, who had forsaken the blessed realm and the long fruitless toil of the Valar, and sought in Middle earth to make a place for herself. In this it is likely that they have the true tale. Elves are usually correct about most things.

Her appearance varies greatly from tale to tale, most often she is said to be a girl child, though her age was never known, and changed but slowly and erratically as she willed it. Most accounts describe her as small with dark curls, and bright eyes, brown skinned and slender, clad in white. But there are other tales, and nothing about her is certain in these later times. All that is known about her is that when Eorl and the Rohirrim came from the North, she was there. Whether she journeyed with them, or settled in Calenardhon of her own accord is unsure, but in all the tales she is agreed to have a great accord with the wild things, and a deep knowledge of the land. Her affinity with horses is most greatly cited, and she is said to run with the wild herds, needing neither sustanence nor rest, and being able to summon all things of the wild to her as she will.

The tale of her birth is strange, and probably now a matter only of legend. It is said that when Eorl came from the North, he found a white mare standing upon the summit of the high hill where later Meduseld was raised. He took the mare, and tamed her, breeding her to his great stallion Felarof. When the season waned, the mare gave birth to her foal, a snow white filly, and suckled her in the golden straw of Eorl's own stable. Yet when Eorl returned he found no colt at all, but a human babe lying in the straw at the mare's feet. The babe was gone by morning, and the filly also, but from that day forth the mare was wild and would let no man handle her. As for the child, she disappeears from all recorded history, reappearing only later as the charcter of legend which she has today become. Whether she was in truth the daughter of Felarof, that great sire, now only the wise can tell.