Home is Behind

by Eruvanne

Home Is Behind
The World Ahead

Setting out upon his journey, the elf took one last glance of his woodland home. Sighing, he turned and urged his horse forward. Legolas had not wanted to leave, to journey far from his home in Mirkwood. However, Elrond had summoned a meeting of all the free people of Middle Earth. So Thranduil was sending Legolas to represent those of the woodland realm. But the elf’s heart remained in his homeland. A soft breeze stirred the emerald leaves above him. Far away, a nightingale began to sing. Sunlight sparkled on the path in from of him. Closing his eyes he breathed in his surroundings, imprinting the image in his mind. Now he felt ready for the world ahead as he left.

And There Are Many Paths To Tread

Roads. Paths. Trails. No matter what it was they continued walking. Ever since the forming and setting out of the Fellowship of the Ring, they had been on the move. Although he could feel no pain, Legolas could tell that the journey was wearing on his companions. Through many different byways they had gone. Flat plains, rocky hills, and snowy mountains could not deter the fellowship from its task. So they plodded on.

Through Shadow
To The Edge Of Night

Legolas peered through the darkness but to no avail. The dark of Moria was too much for even his elven eyes to see through. The light ahead of his was the only sign to show where the darkness ended. Or mile after mile, the elf and the fellowship followed after Gandalf. Until they came to the great hall of Dwarowwdelf. Then the darkness began to enter their hearts. Fleeing from their enemies, they ran to the bridge of Khazad-dum. Then their fearless guide fell into darkness. And for the first in his life, Legolas felt as though he had reached the edge of night, where darkness surrounded him everywhere.

Until The Stars Are All Alight

Through the golden leaved of Lorien, the stars sparkled like diamonds in the blackness over head. Legolas was reminded of the silmarils of the Elder days and wondered if they had shone as brightly. As he gazed heavenward, the shimmering silmarils of the sky gradually began to change to tears. “So you mourn as well for our loss?” Legolas queried of the stars. He felt tears of his own begin to well up in his eyes. Closing them, he listened to the lament of the Lothlorien elves for Gandalf. Yes, he believed that the stars were alight to show that even the Valar felt his loss.

Mist and Shadow

Shifting shadows mingled with the dense mist to create an eerie atmosphere. Legolas sensed that much fear and dread resided in the Paths of the Dead. The hair on the back of his neck began tot stand on end. His skin became clammy as his eyes began to see shapes in the half-light. The shapes men and of horses followed behind him, Aragorn, and Gimli. These misty shaped blended with the shadows and the elf called upon the Valar to give him courage to endure.

Cloud and Shade

The deciding battle of their lives had come. The men of the West had united and now stood before the black gate of Mordor. Legolas looked up to see if he could see something, anything, that was friendly to the enemies of Sauron. But no bird, star or sun pierced the clouds overhead. Shade engulfed him as the clouds became a blanket for the sun. A warm wind blew. Humidity began to fall upon the elf. Wiping away his dampened blonde hair from his eyes, Legolas looked about him. The men stood firm and strong, resolved to their all to the freedom of their homeland. At last he looked beside him at Gimli the dwarf. Ace in hand, Gimli was ready for any onslaught the Enemy should send. Turning towards the gat, Legolas smiled and quietly thanked the Valar for sending him such a stout-hearted friend.

All Shall Fade

Legolas could not believe his eyes. The Tower of Barad-dur was falling, crumbling, crashing down. The Enemy had fallen by the hand of a hobbit. The darkness, created by the Dark Lord to assist his servants, began to fad. Brightly, the sun shone down upon the victorious few. Arriving back in Ithilien, the elf visited Frodo along with the rest of the fellowship. After his visit, he wandered amid the treed of Ithilien, reminiscing about the past age and thinking of everything that would grow and fade.

All Shall...Fade

Seagulls cried overhead. The waves crashed against the shore. The smell of the sea wagered on the breezed. Legolas stood upon the deck of the ship and breathed deeply. Finally, he was able to follow his longing for the sea. Looking one last time at the place that had been his home, he beckoned to a lone figure upon the dock. “Come, Gimli. It’s time to leave.’ Slowly, the dwarf walked toward his friend.

“Are you sure, Legolas?”

“Yes, my friend. Come. Galadriel is expecting us.” Smiling now, Gimli came aboard and stood beside Legolas.

“One last adventure, eh, old friend?” asked the dwarf.

“Yes. One last adventure.” Legolas laid his hand on his friend’s shoulder as the sun faded behind the horizon and behind the fading shoreline.