Hey! Ho!

by Eruvanne

Hey! Ho! To the bottle I go.
To heal my heart and drown my woe.

Inside the Prancing Pony, Merry and Pippin began to get comfortable. Plenty of ale, a warm fire, good company; what more did they need? Downing mug after mug, the two hobbits began to forget their fears from their journey. Pippin shuddered as he remembered them. First being held captive by that nasty willow and then being captured by the Barrow-wights. Luckily, Tom Bombadil was there two save them both times. But there were those Black Riders. Those were worse than any of the others. Quickly, Pippin finished his cup and went up to the bar to get a pint.

Rain may fall and wind may blow,
But they’ll still be many miles to go.

Freezing on a mountainside. This was not what Merry and Pippin had expected on this quest to help Frodo. In his mind, Merry had imagined fighting dragons and trolls and other things like in Mr. Bilbo’s tale. But nothing was like that. Instead, he had marched for miles on end without any breaks for meals, besides breakfast and supper. Now they had been chased into the mountains by a flock of crows. Merry wondered how much farther this journey would go.

Sweet is the sound of the pouring rain,
And the stream that falls from hill to plain.

Waking from slumber, Merry could not remember for a moment where he was. Then he remembered. The he and Pippin had been taken to the home of Treebeard, an ent they had met. Looking around he could not find Treebeard but saw Pippin taking a drink from a nearby pool. Hearing the rippling stream that fed the pool, Merry closed his eyes and listened. He could almost imagine himself back in the Shire playing near a brook.

Better than rain or rippling brook . . .
Is a mug of beer inside this Took!

Merry and Pippin sat upon the pile rubble enjoying themselves. They had just come from the harrowing experience of the toppling of Isengard. Pippin lay back on a pile of stones as if they were a pile of feather cushions. Yes, he had exerted himself quite a bit. Taking out his pipe, he filled it with some of the pipe weed he and Merry had found and puffed contentedly. He then drank a bit of his beer. Ah, to feel that wonderful liquid again inside him was a wonderful feeling indeed.