In the Houses of Healing

by Eruvanne

This is another one of my song/stories. This song is the one that is sung during the Houses of Healing while you're watching Aragorn cure Eowyn. I hope you all like it.


With a sigh you turn away

Aragorn let out his bated breath as he saw Eowyn’s chest begin to heave. Gazing into her face, he saw for the first time peace and contentment in the shield maiden’s countenance. After letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction, he smiled and went to give his instructions to the warden.

With a deepening heart
No more words to say

Slowly, Eowyn opened her eyes. Propping herself up and looking around, she realized that she had not died as she had hoped. After a soft sigh, the shield maiden looked to see if Aragorn was nearby. If he were close at hand, at least he might relieve her. But then she remembered, Aragorn would not help but pity her. And she wished for no man’s pity. She laid back down and tried to rest but could not.

You will find that the world
Has changed forever

Rising from her bed, Eowyn looked out her window towards the pale rising sun. A cool breeze from the sea blew into her room. As she surveyed the tiers of the city from her place in the upper level, she saw the many small figures of people bustling about the city. She shook her head in disdain. “Do they not know that the world has changed forever? That nothing will ever be the same?” she wondered. Withdrawing from the window, Eowyn went out into the gardens behind the Houses of Healing.

And the trees are now turning
From green to gold
And the sun is now fading

Faramir watched the retreating form of Eowyn from a nearby passage. As he watched her, he could tell that she was not content in her present situation. She was perpetually looking towards the east and when she left her daily post, Faramir could see in her eyes that she was troubled. Turning his gaze away from the beautiful maiden of Rohan, he looked out toward the east himself. Darkness covered that portion of the sky. Gloom and despair seemed to seep from it. He turned away towards his room and hoped in his heart that Aragorn and the other leaders of the West would conquer the coming darkness.

I wish I could hold you closer

Faramir stood, looking east, in the sunlit garden. But the sun did not warm him. In his mind, he was trying to see if there was any hope for the men of the West. His mind told him that evil would conquer the strength of men and that he was among the last living in that free age. But his heart told him otherwise. In his heart, he felt hope and joy that the darkness would be overcome and that they would come to days more blessed than the ones before. Presently, he came out of his brooding by the sound of footsteps behind him. He turned to see Eowyn approaching. She came up beside him and stared eastward. Longingly, he gazed at her, wishing that he could hold her close and tell that everything would turn out right. But he knew that he could not speak so to this woman both brave and strong. So the two figures stared eastward as a cool wind blew.