'Till They Come

by Eruvanne

A Story for Mithlond Day

The water sparkled with the reflection of the sun’s rays. The seagull’s lonely cry echoed across the sky. The ocean breeze blew a cooling breathe. The smell of the sea added to the atmosphere of peace. Of all these, Círdan took notice. Closing his eyes, he silently drank in the senses that surrounded him. The wonders of the sea. Yes, that was why his people remained.

Slowly, he opened his eyes to gaze upon the wonders that were his home. Yes, this is why his people stayed, why he stayed. He had dedicated his life to building ships that would carry others to the land of Valinor. And now he had another ship to build, one that would carry some of the oldest members of his race still among those of Middle-Earth and some of whom he had never heard. So after taking one last look over the sea, Círdan began his work.

Over the next few months, he chopped the trees and planed them to the smoothness of glass. He must wait ‘till those who were to ride the ships to come. Hammering the boards together, Círdan prepared the ship so that its hull would be watertight. He must wait ‘till they come. Patiently, he sewed the sails of fabric the color of silver. He must wait ‘till they come. Círdan then found a well-rounded tree that would suit well for a mast. Slowly and methodically, he sanded the tree until it was as smooth as the hull. He must wait ‘till they come. Assembling the ship, Círdan placed each article in its exact place so that everything on board would work smoothly. He must wait ‘till they come. With the final touches, the ship was ready to sail. He must wait ‘till they come

As he stood upon the shore of the sea gazing into the sunset, he heard the sound of hoof beats. Círdan turned to see approaching a single horse upon whom rode a tall and stately figure robed in white. As the figure drew closer, he could see that the rider wore a ring with a stone the color of fire and Círdan knew the rider at once. The figure was Gandalf the Wizard with the elven ring Narya the Great upon his finger.

“Welcome, Mithrandir, to the havens of Mithlond,” welcomed Círdan. He turned from the ocean view to greet the traveler.

“I thank you, Círdan. I see that you have been busy these past months,” replied Gandalf as he saw the ship waiting at the dock.

“Yes. I was told to build a ship that would take some of the oldest my race to Valinor and some of whom I have never heard,” Círdan explained.

“These of whom you speak will be coming soon,” Gandalf said.

As the two stood together with Gandalf’s grey stallion beside them, they saw five horses ride toward them. On two of the horses rode the figures of Elrond bearing the blue-stoned ring Vilya and of Galadriel bearing Nenya the mithril ring. The other three figures were ones that were familiar to Gandalf but unfamiliar to Círdan. The remaining figures were the hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee.

 As they rode up, Círdan walked toward them saying, “All is now ready.” They had come at last.