A Fellowship Christmas

by Elvenstar

Merry Christmas!

Elanor stood and looked out the window as she dressed in her warmest outfit and got ready to brave the cold air. Christmas was coming in a few days and the little child was getting very excited about what she would get from her parents. Thoughts of all the things she wanted raced through her mind: Oh I do hope they remember all the things I asked for. She reviewed her entire list over again in her mind as she put her hat on her head. Let’s see, I want a dog, a sled, an apron, and a new doll- her thoughts were broken by a sudden knock on the door. Elanor shook her head to clear her thoughts and opened the door and there stood a little Hobbit lad the same age as she, hopping from foot to foot.
“Well are you coming or not? Slow poke,” the boy asked giving her an accusing glare.
“I’m coming, I’m coming, keep your shirt on, Nibs,” Elanor replied smiling at the lad before her. Then they both laughed and bolted barefoot into the snow (for Hobbits have leather-like feet that stay warm in cold weather). As the two children ran about the hills laughing, others joined in on the fun and soon nearly twenty Hobbit children played together. As Elanor ran beside Nibs, she suddenly saw a weak spot in the snow and before she could call out Nibs found it and fell neck deep into the snow. Elanor laughed as she watched her friend struggle to get out and even harder when others came and tried to dig him out, but all they managed to do was move the snow around. Though, one did get close to falling in himself.
“Don’t worry Nibs!” shouted one child as he dug in the snow, “We’ll get you out of there in no time!”
“If you don’t fall in first, Ted!” Nibs answered as he struggled to get out but found that he was completely stuck. Suddenly a shadow came over all the children and they looked up to see two adult Hobbits with hands on hips standing above them.
“Now, what’s all this about, eh?” the first asked raising an eyebrow.
Elanor answered him, “Oh, Papa, Nibs went and got himself stuck in the snow and we can’t get him out!”
The second Hobbit answered, “I can see that, Elanor, well, Sam, what should we do? Should we leave them here?” He stopped and smiled as the children chorused NO! “Or should we be nice and help them out?”
“Oh, I don’t know, Mister Frodo,” Sam replied winking at his daughter, Elanor, “They look like they have everything under control but…” he waited a minute then continued, “I suppose we could help them out this once.” His words were answered by a cheer from the children. Frodo and Sam bent down and managed to dig Nibs’ shoulders out of the snow, then they each grabbed a shoulder and with a mighty heave, pulled the wee Hobbit free from the snow. The children cheered and clapped their hands as Nibs brushed himself off and thanked his rescuers.
Frodo laughed and sent the little Hobbits off again then turned to Sam, “Well, Sam, that was fun.”
Sam smiled, “Yes it was, Mister Frodo, Nibs always seems to find a way to get himself stuck doesn’t he?”
Frodo laughed, “Aye, Sam, he does seem to, but never have I had the joy of seeing so many others trying to free him!” Frodo clapped Sam on the shoulder, “Come, my friend, let us go to the stables and see if we can find a little pony for that Elanor of yours,” he whispered as Sam smiled.
The two started off for the stables as they remembered when they where the kids’ ages and were playing in the snow.

That night after supper Frodo and Sam sat by the fire together as the snow blew around the little Hobbit Hole of Bag End. Sam’s wife, Rosie, sat in a rocker embroidering, while Elanor lay on the floor reading from a big red book, “Bilbo really had a lot of adventures didn’t he, Mister Frodo?” she asked looking up from her reading.
“He sure did, Elanor, many great and frightening adventures.”
“Like yours and Papa’s?”
“Yeah, I suppose you could say that.”
“Tell me that tale again, Papa, please,” Elanor begged sitting up and looking at Sam with a pleading glance. Sam looked at his daughter and smiled, “but you’ve heard that story a thousand and one times!”
“Oh, please, Papa, please,”
Rosie looked up from her embroidering and announced, “Not tonight, dear, it’s your bedtime.”
Elanor groaned but got up and kissed her parents then shuffled from the room. Sam smiled after her, “Isn’t she a dear, love?” he looked over at Rosie. “Oh yes, Sam, she sure is, she sure is.”
A couple hours later Rosie stood, and kissing Sam, left for bed. Sam and Frodo stayed up talking, “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone were here, Mister Frodo? You know Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn,” Sam asked breaking the silence.
“Oh yes, Sam, that would be wonderful indeed,” Frodo replied as he looked up from the red book that Elanor had left behind, “If only that could happen, Sam, if only that could happen.”
“I know it can’t happen but oh it would be so wonderful.”
“I wish it could happen too, yet you’re probably right.” The two Hobbits sat in silence for a while then they got up and went to bed.


As the Hobbits thought about their friends, they were being thought about too.

Aragorn stood at one of the many windows of his court looking out at the Kingdom of Gondor below. Snow fell from the heavens as the guards strolled about the castle walls. He began to think about his companions and about what they were doing for the holidays when his wife, Arwen, came up beside him, “If you are going to continue looking out these windows all day, I might just have to have them sealed,” she announced laughing. Aragorn turned to her and smiled, “I was just thinking about the rest of the fellowship, love,” he answered.
“If you want to be with them so much, why don’t you write them?” she asked. Aragorn looked at her and gave her a hug, “What a wonderful idea!” he cried. Arwen laughed and linked her arm in his and steered him off towards the dining room, “Come, my love, let us go have our meal and then you can begin your letters.”
That night Aragorn sat at his writing desk and began to think about what he would write to the fellowship. Then he had the idea to send letters to everyone else but Frodo and Sam. He thought it would be a wonderful surprise for his two small friends. He then dipped his pen in the ink and began to write the first letter to Merry and Pippin.
Dear Merry,
I am writing this letter to you and naught Pippin, for a fear that he might lose this and that it would never reach you. I had an idea that we should all meet at Bag End for Christmas, though it will be a bit of a squeeze for Legolas, Gandalf, and I, I believe that it would be a wonderful surprise for our two little friends. I would appreciate it if you would write back with your answers as soon as possible, and please get this to Pippin quickly.
Your friend,
King Elessar
Aragorn wrote the rest of the fellowship (except Frodo and Sam) letters as well, though all were slightly different they all had the same message in them.
The next day Aragorn sent all the letters out in their proper directions then began waiting for the answers. Two days later Gimli’s answer came, then Legolas’, then Merry and Pippin’s, and finally, Gandalf’s. He was delighted to hear that all of his companions were willing to make the trip to see their two little friends.
Gimli sat in his room beneath the lonely mountain and thought about all his friends from the fellowship and began to miss them, he had not seen the Hobbits for nearly five years, though he had seen the rest a few times since their last parting, though not very recently. He wondered how they all were, if they had gotten sick, if they had married or had any children since the last time he saw them. Gimli opened a chest and took out a bunch of letters tied together by a piece of string. They were letters he had received from his friends over the past five years. He pulled off the string and took the first letter from the pile and looked at it. It was from Legolas.
Gimli read the entire pile of letters. He read about Sam’s wife, Rosie, having their daughter, and of King Elessar (Aragorn), and Arwen. He read about Legolas and his time in Mirkwood, about Pippin marrying the Hobbit girl, Diamond. When he finished them he smiled and tied them together again and put them safely back in the metal chest.

The next day as Gimli was working in the mines with his fellow Dwarves, a messenger ran up to him and handed him a letter. Puzzled Gimli, putting down his chisel and hammer, took the letter as the messenger walked off again. Gimli looked at the seal and saw that it was from Gondor. Excited, he quickly opened the letter and read it:
Dear Gimli,
How are you? It has been long since I last laid eyes on you. It seems like centuries since the nine of us set out from Rivendell. Long years have passed since then and long have we been apart. I am writing to you to explain the fact that I would love to see all of us together again. I have decided a place of meeting, it shall not be here in Gondor, or Rivendell, or in the Lonely Mountain, but instead a place where two of our dear friends live, in the Shire, or in Bag End to be more specific. I am not writing a letter to either Sam or Frodo for I would have it be a surprise for both of them, though all the rest of our friends shall know and I am hoping that all will come together for Christmas. I hope for your answer soon.
King Elessar
Gimli read and reread the letter again then grabbing his chisel and hammer ran back to his room. He quickly pulled out paper and a pen and began to write his reply to the King of Gondor:

Dear Aragorn,
I have been waiting for a letter like this for over five years! I will more then happily go to the Shire to see Frodo and Sam and everyone else again.
Yours sincerely,
Gimli folded his answer and taking wax and a stamp put the seal of the Dwarves upon it. Then he ran from the room and found a messenger and told him to bear the letter to Gondor for him. As the messenger ran off Gimli went back into his room and began to pack all the necessary things for the long journey ahead.
Legolas sat at banquet with his father, when a message was borne to him. Surprised, the Elf looked at the letter and then at his father who looked both surprised and interested. Turning the letter over Legolas saw that it was from Gondor. A look of pure delight washed over the Elf’s smooth features as he quickly tore the seal and opened the letter. He read the message from Aragorn, of which was much the same as Gimli’s. Legolas quickly handed the letter over to his father as he drank his water. His father looked at him and announced, “Well, this is certainly a surprise is it not, Legolas?”
“Aye, Father, it is surprising at that. Though I have been waiting for a letter like this for years,” Legolas replied his blue eyes dancing in the torch light.
“Well then you better go and reply to the King now shouldn’t you?”
Legolas smiled at his father and, taking the letter, stood and walked from the room. Once in his room he sat down and began to write his reply:
Dear Aragorn,
A wonderful plan you have had, my friend, I could not have thought one up better myself. I will leave as quickly as I can for the Shire and hope that I can make it there before Christmas comes.
Legolas sealed the letter and walked from the room, he called a messenger to him and had him bear the letter as quickly as he could to the King. The eyes of the other Elf widened at the mention of the King, yet he bowed and walked towards the stables to deliver the message. Legolas walked back into his room and began to pack for his ride to the Shire.
Merry stood in the kitchen of his home when there came a knock at his door, “Now who could that be?” he asked himself as he walked to the door. There stood a Hobbit holding a letter, “Hoy, now what’s all this about?”
“A letter came for you Mister Brandybuck, I don’t know what it’s about but it must be important, it was a man that gave it to me, and you don’t see many of them around here lately now do you?” the Hobbit asked looking importantly at Merry.
“No it’s true you don’t see many men around here, Wink,” Merry answered looking very confused, “Now who would have delivered a letter to me by a ma- Strider!” Merry cried joyfully as he realized who the sender was. Quickly the Hobbit grabbed the letter and tore it open, he read the content over excitedly and whooping for joy, grabbed the other surprised Hobbit by the hands and began to dance for joy, “I’ve got to give this letter to Pippin!” Merry waved the paper in Wink’s face, “It says to do so and I will do it!”
Merry let go of Wink and grabbed his coat from a peg. He ran out the door and to the stables, he opened the stall holding his pony and quickly began to saddle it. Leading the pony from the stables he mounted up and turned to Wink, “Would you be so kind as to lock up for me, Wink? Thanks.”
“Sure, Mister Brandybuck,” Wink replied smiling up at him. As the other Hobbit waved, Merry turned his pony and moved at a brisk trot down the road. Wink turned and strode into the house to lock up as Merry asked him to.
Merry headed down to Pippin’s house at a fast paced trot. A great grin came upon his face as he pictured the delighted look on Pippin’s face when he read the letter, he is going to be so happy to see this, Merry thought, it’s not often that something liked this happens.
Merry reached the Took house just before sunset. He rode up to the house and dismounted, tying his pony to a pole, he ran to the porch and knocked on the door. He hopped excitedly from foot to foot as he heard the sound of a female voice, the door opened and there stood Pippin’s wife, Diamond, holding their son Faramir. “Oh hello, Merry,” she stepped aside to allow the Hobbit to enter, “Let me go get Pippin.”
Merry stepped into the warm house as Diamond walked off with Faramir in tow to go find her husband. Moments later Pippin rushed into the room and embraced his cousin, “Merry! how are you?” Pippin asked as he looked him over.
“Fine, Pip, just fine,” he answered smiling back at his younger cousin, “Though I have something to show you,” Merry reached into his pocket and withdrew the letter and handed it to Pippin. The Hobbit took at and opened it. As he read his eyes widened in delight then he laughed, “Strider does have a reason not to trust me with this letter!” Merry grinned back at him.

That night at supper Merry and Pippin talked about when they would leave for Bag End, “Well if you two want to be there for Christmas,” Diamond began, “You don’t have to leave for a few days now seeing as it only takes a day to get there.” Pippin smiled at his wife, “Aye love, we don’t.”
After supper both Hobbits went to the writing desk and began to write their answer to Aragorn,
Dear Strider,
What a wonderful idea! You have both of us so excited about seeing everyone again. We probably won’t leave for a couple of days now so we can be at Frodo’s and Sam’s just before Christmas.
Your friends,
Merry and Pippin

Gandalf sat at a table near the fire, smoking his pipe. He was at the Prancing Pony, an inn in Bree. When the innkeeper, Butterbur, walked over to him bearing a tray and a mug of ale, “Here you go, Gandalf,” he said hefting the mug unto the table, “Oh and this came for you,” the innkeeper reached into his pocket and withdrew a letter.
Gandalf took the letter and raised a questioning eyebrow at the man, “So, Barliman, how long have you had this letter, eh?”
Butterbur blushed and drew himself up, “I received that today, sir, make no mistake.”
Gandalf smiled at the innkeeper and opened the letter. His face broke into a wide grin as he read what Aragorn had sent him, “Hurry, Barliman! Get me a pen and parchment, I have a letter to write!”
As Butterbur ran off to do as he was told the Wizard read and reread the letter. Moments later the innkeeper returned carrying pen, parchment, and a wax seal. Gandalf quickly took the supplies and waved the man off.
Dear Aragorn,
Wonderful! I was this close to taking matters into my own hands if you hadn’t done so first. I am deeply in your dept.
Gandalf waved Butterbur over to him as he folded and sealed the letter with the wax. “Get this as quickly as you can to the King,” Gandalf handed the letter over and gave the man a quizzical stare, “Don’t loose this, and don’t forget about it!”
Butterbur bowed, and putting the letter in his pocket, scuttled back behind the bar. Gandalf sighing, picked up his mug and drank deeply. Then he picked up his pipe and stared into the fire as he thought about when to leave for Hobbiton. After a while the Wizard stood and taking up his staff and pipe headed up the stairs to bed.

Frodo and Sam sat in the parlor, Frodo reading and Sam playing with Elanor when there came a knock on the door, “Now who could that be?” Rosie asked as she emerged from the kitchen, she looked at the two dumb-struck Hobbits, “Did you invite anyone over?” she was answered by the shaking of heads. She sighed and opened the door, and there stood two Hobbits who Frodo immediately knew as-“Merry! Pippin!” Frodo leaped up from his chair and laughing ran to the two Hobbits and hugged them, “What are you doing here?”
“We came to see you. What else?” Merry asked with a laugh, then under his breath said, “Ah, I see we’re the first ones here, eh?”
“What was that, Merry, I didn’t quite catch it.”
“Nothing, I said nothing,” Merry looked worriedly at Pippin who rolled his eyes in exasperation, he scowled at him.
“Well are the two of you just going to stand there all day? Or will you come in for lunch?” Rosie asked teasingly, Merry bowed to her and was nearly bowled over by Pippin at the mention of food, “Hey! Watch it, Pip!” he looked sadly at Rosie, “Sorry, we haven’t eaten since this morning.” (For a Hobbit, that’s a long time.) Rosie smiled at him. As the Hobbits sat down for lunch Merry talked about all the goings on in Buckland-“It’s been pretty mellow these past few months, though we have had our rough times.” Sam nodded in understanding. After lunch they all went into the parlor and Pippin talked about Diamond and his son Faramir.
As they went to the table for dinner another knock sounded on the door, “What on Earth,” Rosie exclaimed as she went to the door, when she opened it a tall elderly man with white robes, staff, hair, and beard stood on the threshold, “Gandalf!” The Hobbits cried in unison as they rushed at the Wizard, Gandalf laughed and knelt down as they hurtled at him.
Frodo and Sam began to question him while Merry and Pippin looked at one another and winked.
“What are you doing here, Gandalf?”
“How are you, Gandalf?”
“Would you like some tea?”
Gandalf laughed at the outburst of questions, “Easy now! I’ll answer all your questions and more in due time, though I will answer your question, my dear,” he looked at Rosie, “I would love some tea.” Rosie beamed at him.
The Wizard smiled at the Hobbits and stood, “Now, will you let me in or shall I sit on this doorstep all night?” The Hobbits quickly moved aside to allow him to enter. Gandalf stooped and entered the Hobbit hole, for Hobbits are considerably shorter than he. The Wizard stood to his full height and just missed cracking his head on the overhead beams.
Rosie escorted them to the dining room and began to brew some tea. Gandalf spoke about some of the places he had been. Though it seemed like just a few places to the Wizard, to the Hobbits it seemed like the whole of Middle Earth, “Lor’, Gandalf, you’ve been everywhere haven’t you?” Merry asked looking in awe at the elder.
Gandalf smiled and reached over to ruffle the Hobbit’s hair, “Oh no, Merry, I’ve not even been to a quarter of the world yet, though I’ve seen most of it before.” The Hobbits stared at him in utter amazement, shocked at how he could think that all the places he has been he thinks it’s nothing!
Well after dinner Frodo and Sam began finding rooms for all to sleep in. Frodo had Merry and Pippin sleep in the same room as he, seeing as they were cousins, while they gave Gandalf his own room.

The next day after all had finished their breakfast and Rosie had cleared away the dishes Elanor came bursting into the room looking very excited, “Someone’s coming, someone’s coming!” she cried as she came to a skidding halt before the table, “Did you see who it was?” Gandalf asked looking down at her. She shook her head, “No, sir, I saw him coming and I turned and ran as fast as my feet would carry me, I did.”
“Well, we’ll just have to wait for them to come to the door before we do anything now won’t we?” Rosie asked smiling at her daughter. Moments later a knock sounded at the door. All heads turned as Rosie stepped into the hallway, she was followed by the scraping of chairs against the floor as the others stood and followed her.
When Rosie opened the door all could see that a slightly disgruntled Dwarf stood before them. “Gimli!” Sam cried as he looked upon yet another one of his dear friends. “I had to ask directions a couple of times but I made it, though you’d think that half of these Hobbits have never seen a Dwarf in their lives!” Gimli grumbled.
Sam looked at Gimli, “Well, I would be surprised if anyone has seen a Dwarf, my friend.” Gimli grunted but said nothing.
“Come now,” Rosie broke in, “Let us all come inside from this chill air!” She stepped back to allow Gimli to enter, as the Dwarf stepped inside Gandalf motioned him over, “Did you see any of the others on your way here? Or did you hear word of them?” Gimli shook his head, “No, I saw and heard nothing of them.” Gandalf sighed and straightened, then led him off towards the parlor.
As the two entered Rosie came in bearing a tray of tea and cakes. Each took a cup and a cake and as they ate Gimli spoke of his journey to Hobbiton and what things he had been through…
“All in all, it was a very nice trip,” Gimli finished. “Did you stop off at Rivendell or Mirkwood at all?” Gandalf asked. “No, Gandalf, I didn’t visit either. I wanted to get here as quickly as possible.”
Frodo cocked his head, “Why? Why were you in such a hurry to get here, Gimli?”
“Why, because I wanted to see you and Sam of course, Frodo.”
Rosie popped her head into the room, “Lunch is ready.”
The friends talked as they ate, talking about times during their adventure in which they had longed for a simple meal like this.
“Ah that was very good, Rosie,” Pippin announced reclining in his chair, Rosie beamed at him. As the plates were cleared away Gimli sat back in his chair, “It was just as good as the stuff we had in Rohan, eh, Gandalf?” Gandalf looked over at him and raised an eyebrow, “I wouldn’t know, I was with Theoden, besides, you ate all the food! Then you used your beard to wipe up the mess about your mouth!”
The Hobbits, Gimli, and Gandalf roared with laughter, Pippin wiped the tears from his eyes, “Oh, I wish I could have seen that!” the other Hobbits nodded in agreement, still laughing too hard to answer. Gandalf chuckled, “There wasn’t much to see, Pippin, not after Gimli was done with it!” Again the kitchen rang with laughter. “Oh how I missed this,” Frodo sighed. Merry looked at him, “What? Making fun of Gimli? Couldn’t quite do that before, not when he had that axe of his!” Gandalf looked over at Gimli, “Are you going to let him get away with that?” he asked. Gimli looked at him, “All I have to say is, I hope you don’t plan on sleeping tonight, Merry!” The Hobbit quickly fell silent. “No, I didn’t mean, Gimli, Merry,” Frodo continued as if there had been no interruption at all, “I meant joking with one another, you know?” Merry nodded still afraid to say anything.

After the evening meal the six friends retired to their rooms. Merry, Pippin, and Frodo in one, Gandalf in another, and a room was soon found for Gimli.
As Rosie and Sam went into their room, Rosie turned to her husband, “Isn’t it strange, love, how all of your friends, of which you had been wishing dearly to see, suddenly pop up all over the place? First Merry and Pippin, then Gandalf, and now Gimli! Who will be next, Legolas?”
No sooner had she finished her sentence then a knock sounded on the front door, “What the-,” Rosie began as she and Sam ran from the room. Heads popped out of rooms, “What in Middle Earth is going on?” Frodo cried as he pushed past Merry and Pippin to get to the door. The two cousins looked at each other and smiled secret smiles.
Frodo reached the door and throwing it open looked up into the blue eyes of a man, nay! Elf! – “Legolas!” Frodo cried, tears of joy springing into his eyes, “What are you doing here?” the Elf laughed joyfully as he hugged his small friend, “To see two of my dear friends. What else, Frodo?” At that moment the others reached the two and skidded to a halt, “Legolas!” They cried in unison, then burst out laughing.
“Come in, come in, my friend,” Frodo said, stepping back to allow the Elf to enter, Legolas bent down to enter the Hobbit Hole and when he stood, just like Gandalf, narrowly missed cracking his head on the overhead beams.
“I apologize if I woke you from your rest,” Legolas announced looking down at the Hobbits and Gimli, then over at Gandalf. “No need to worry, Master Elf, we were not yet asleep,” Gimli reassured him as the others nodded. Legolas smiled in relief.
“Do you want anything to eat, Legolas?” Sam asked as he looked up at the tall Elf. Legolas shook his head, “No, it is quite all right, Sam, I ate before I came here,” he pointed at his pack, “I brought Lembas with me and ate some before I came, for I saw the time and figured I’d get here after you’d supped.”
“We don’t mind eating again Legolas!” Merry cried as Pippin nodded vigorously. The Elf laughed. “I am all right, you go ahead though if you want more to eat, Merry, if Rosie says it’s all right.”
Merry looked pleadingly at Rosie, but she put her hands on her hips and shook her head, no. Merry’s face fell and Gandalf laughed merrily, “I’m glad to see you, my friend.”
As the others left, the Wizard pulled Legolas into a nearby room and motioned Gimli after, “Did you see Aragorn on your way here at all?” Gandalf asked. Legolas smiled and nodded, “Yes, I saw him for a while and he told me that he should arrive around breakfast or lunch time, depending on whether or not he wants to keep us waiting,” Legolas whispered. Gandalf crowed, “Ho! That sounds like him indeed!” Gimli looked at them questionably, “So, tell me, Master Elf, how is it that I came but hours before you and yet saw neither you or Aragorn at all?” Legolas laughed joyously, “Very simple, Gimli, we did not wish to be seen!” the Elf winked at Gimli as the Dwarf stood dumb-founded, then growled.
When the three emerged Frodo showed Legolas where he would sleep. The Elf put his things down and thanked him.
As Rosie and Sam went back into their room Sam looked at Rosie and smiled, “It would seem, love, that you’re magic!” when Rosie looked at him, clearly puzzled, he explained, “You see, you were talking about how you thought that Legolas would pop up, and sure enough, he did!” Rosie laughed and kissed him then crawled into bed and fell asleep.
The next morning Gandalf, Gimli, and Legolas seemed very anxious, but for what, they would not say. As the dishes were cleared away the three stood and walked a little slower then usual, as if they were afraid that if they walked too fast they would miss something. Then there came a knock on the door. Everyone froze and stared at one another, then as one, bolted for the door. Legolas was the first there, of course, and swung the door open to see… “ARAGORN!” they all shouted as one, while the King laughed. “So, you decided not to keep us waiting I see,” Legolas said smiling, Aragorn laughed, “I thought about it, but then I wanted to see all of you so I decided not to hold off.”
“Wait a minute!” Frodo cried looking from one to the other, “You knew that he was here?” he asked pointing at Legolas. Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Merry, and Pippin roared with laughter. “WHAT!” Sam cried terribly confused, “What’s so funny?”
Aragorn looked over at the confused Hobbit, “I knew that all of them were here, Sam!” Sam looked up at him even more confused then ever, though this time he was joined with Frodo and Rosie too, “What do you mean ‘I knew that all of them were here’?” Frodo asked.
This time it was Gandalf who answered, “My dear Frodo, maybe we should sit down and explain this to you, and Sam and Rosie too,” He added looking at the other two Hobbits. He then motioned the others to follow him into the parlor, “Oh, and Aragorn,” he called over his shoulder, “Watch your head as you enter,” He smiled to himself as he heard Legolas laugh while Aragorn swore loudly as a loud crack was heard, “Thanks for the warning Gandalf!” He called sarcastically after the Wizard as he rubbed his forehead, he was then heard yelling something to the Elf about laughing at him, but he was drowned out by Legolas’ ringing laughter and the sound of the door swing shut. “Shut up you **** Elf!” Legolas laughed even harder.
As Legolas shut the door Gandalf sat down near the fire and waited as the others sat around him. When Aragorn was seated Gandalf motioned him to begin, Aragorn gathered his thoughts then began, “Well, I knew that everyone wanted to see each other so I, well actually it was Arwen, had the idea to get everyone together for Christmas…”
When he finished Frodo and Sam looked at all of their friends, at all of the people who had gone out of their way to make each other’s Christmas one to remember. Frodo looked up at them all and said through his tears, “You did this for us?” At Aragorn’s nod the little Hobbit burst into tears. Gandalf looked at him in horror, “Frodo, what’s the matter?” Frodo looked blearily at all of the people he loved, “I’m just so happy to see all of you, Sam and I have been wishing to see all of you for so long and now it’s finally happened!”
As the day wore on all of the friends talked about how happy they had been when they received Aragorn’s letter and what each letter said, in fact Pippin even pulled his and Merry’s from his pocket and handed it over to Frodo. Aragorn looked at him in surprise, “You actually remembered it, eh?” he teased. Pippin smiled and nodded. Frodo laughed when he read about Aragorn not trusting Pippin with the letter, “Well, he was right, Pip, you can’t really be trusted!” Pippin puffed out his chest and looked at Frodo with a glint in his eye, “Well I remembered to show you it now, didn’t I?” Frodo laughed while Aragorn looked over at Pippin, “Well you showed me wrong didn’t you, Pippin?” He chuckled, the rest roared with laughter at Pippin’s defiant nod. The rest of the day was one of the best days the fellowship had ever had, it was Christmas Eve.
The next day was Christmas and everyone exchanged gifts, it turned out that the seven had gone and bought each other presents on their way to the Shire, even Frodo and Sam had managed to sneak out at night and get their friends gifts. After everyone had ahhed over what they had received Sam lead them all out to the stable with Elanor blindfolded. When they got to the right stall, Sam removed the blindfold to show Elanor her brand new white pony. The little Hobbit lass squealed in delight and kissed her parents and then ran into the stall and threw her arms around the pony’s neck while the others watched and smiled. “What are you going to name her, Elanor?” Rosie asked looking at her daughter. Elanor screwed up her face like she was in deep thought, “Rory!” she finally cried as the others smiled at the name. Then they all went back indoors to have a cup of warm apple cider.
It was certainly the best Christmas they had ever had.

It was a Fellowship Christmas.