Footprints in the Dirt

by Elanor Gamgee

Not trying to be sacriligious here...just trying to express what it meant to me...

Frodo and Sam walked through Mordor to get to mount doom
As they walked, they left their footprints behind them in the dust and dirt.
At the end of all things, as they lay there together, and the lava was washing the footsteps away, Frodo looked back at where they had been.
"Sam", he said, "all this time, you have traveled with me. From the parting of the fellowship, through Emyn Muil and the Dead Marshes, you stayed your hand with that villain Gollum for me, you endured hunger and fear, you faced the black gate and fought that big Spider. AFter all of that, when I really needed you, as we climbed mount doom. you left me."

"What makes you think that Mr. Frodo?" replied Sam astonished.

"Well, Sam, I look down at the path we had trod and I see two sets of footprints, and of course over there are Gollum's, but nevermind him. Yet, at the point when I felt I couldn't go on, when I had collapsed, after you asked me about the Shire, I must have blacked out, bt then I see only one set of prints. At that time, how could you leave me?"

"Oh no, Mr. Frodo." answered sam seriously, "At the time, when you were so down and you see but one set of footprints, You were not left alone. I could not carry the burden for you, so it was then that I carried you.