Immortal Death

by Eglerio Hyn

Pain ripped through his arm, startling him from his frenzy. Pain. It was almost foreign to him, strange and terrible. Haldir turned and plunged his sword deep into a Uruk-Hai. Eyes closed with exhaustion and darkness. Someone came behind him. But it was too late, something sharp struck him, deeply. Another wave of pain crushed through his body. Haldir began to fall, feeling his life seep from him. He looked around him, a wash of new sensations, horrifying sensations. He saw death. It touched him, flowed around him, vibrated in the air. His fallen comrades and friends all drowned in the sea of death. A sadness like he had never felt before surged through him. Haldir dimly heard a voice calling his name. A familiar, angry and saddened voice, he heard the clash of swords. Another Orc fell dead. Aragorn’s arms caught him as he fell, but Haldir didn’t feel them. His eyes stilled, and his spirit fled.
He had tasted death, and sorrow. Perhaps one day his spirit would return to these lands. He hoped it would be a more peaceful and hopeful age than the one he died in.