Drabbles for Eowyn

by various
An early Drabble for Eowyn day
Quick - what do you call the wife of the Steward of Gondor? And what exactly does she do, anyway?? Maybe this:

Eowyn moved gracefully among the tables in the great hall. Everyone was gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of the High King’s coronation. “Would you care for more mead, my lord?”, she asked one man. “Let me get a cushion for your seat”, she told an older warrior. “In case of attack,” she reminded a group and pointed, “use the exits at either side of the hall.” She tugged at her vest, checked her hair and rearranged the little cap on her head. Somehow, Eowyn sighed to herself wistfully, I didn’t think being Stewardess of Gondor would be like this!

A drabble for Eowyn on a windy day
She stood outside the Golden hall, her white dress billowing around her and her blonde hair floating in the wind. She clasped her hands together, and stood elegantly squinting into the distance, as if she was expecting someone to appear on the horizon. A sentry walked past on his way to change the guards, and briefly wondered what she could be thinking on such a fine morning.

Little did he realise that her only thoughts were "Drat, I should have paid more attention when my mother taught me knitting, I could have done with a warm jumper and some mittens"
- starlinguk

Eowyn--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble
E mpowered Shieldmaiden of Rohan. Skilled in the
Mastery of the Sword, she wants the chance to prove
herself in battle, to protect those she loves.

O vercome with much grief when her cousin, Theodred,
and her Uncle Theoden died tragically.

W ent into battle disguised as Dernhelm so she could
fight for those she loved. Because of her, Merry
gets to fight in Minas Tirith and they slay the
Witch King together.

Y oung, royal Lady ready to lead when the need arose.
She was a help to her people.

N ever dreamed she would meet her future husband in
the Houses of Healing.
- Silivren Ithildin

Lady Éowyn’s Stew

When it was decided there was going to be a celebration of their victory at Helm’s Deep, the women of Edoras began to plan what the menu would be while sitting in the Great Hall. Now the Lady Éowyn was quite excited by this and told the women that she would make her famous stew recipe seeing as how much Lord Aragorn loved it before leaving the hall. Upon overhearing this Aragorn started to choke on the ale he was drinking. When he could speak he said to Gimli “I would rather fight the Uruk-hai again than eat her stew.”

Éowyn’s Hairy Trap

The moment after Legolas had entered the small storeroom there at Edoras the door suddenly slammed shut behind him and locked.
“My Lady Éowyn what is the meaning of this?” he asked clearly confused for she had asked him if he would help her by fetching some apples from in there.
“You have refused to tell me your hair care secrets so you can stay in there until you do!”
“But it’s dark in here.”
“So just tell me what I want to know and I’ll let you out.”
Legolas sighed. Sometimes being a fair Elf did have its drawbacks.

Drink Some....A Drabble.......Inspired by Dinledhwen

“Will you drink some?” Éowyn asked Aragorn. She held out a cup. Aragorn pushed some of his hair behind his ears. Then he leaned over and looked into it. He smile faintly, and thought, “I wonder what’s in it, if it’s anything like that stew of hers, it will be, not good.”

Éowyn was smiling thoughtfully at him, how she loved him. “Please have some, to honor the dead.” She said again, urging him to drink some. In her mind she was thinking, “I do not want to have to pin him down and force him.” “Come now, drink it!”
-Queen of Gondor

A Twister Drabble :0)
Every time I've seen this scene, another movie pops into my head...


Eowyn’s horse raced under the thundering oliphaunt. Weaving back and forth to avoid being crushed, she knew there was only one way to defeat it.
“Merry, take the reins!” “Left!” “Right!”
As Merry steered, she grabbed their swords and sliced into the mumakil’s thick legs. The oliphaunt came crashing down and Eowyn shouted…
“Merry! Look out! Tractor!” The truck swerved and she grabbed the wheel. She looked up in time to see the cow flying directly at their windshield.

“Merry! Cowwwwwwwwwwwww!”

She woke with a start, turned off the TV and vowed never again to fall asleep while watching Twister.
- Joyful

A slight trip-up

There was Aragorn. Now was her chance. Eowyn smoothed down her hair, smoothed her skirts and went running down the stairs to where stood Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. She smiled at Aragorn.

"Oh, hello, Aragorn!" she cried breathlessly. "I didn't see you there!"

Aragorn glanced at Legolas and the Elf raised his eyebrow.

"Come, let us to the hall!" Eowyn cried and she turned around. Then she put her hand to her forehead, cried a weak little, "oh, I feel faint!" and threw herself backwards into Aragorn's arms. She opened her eyes and--

"Hey, baby." Gimli grinned down at her.

Another drabble........Eowyn's sister.

Eowyn was sitting upon the steps, bored once again. But then there she saw a sight that made her sit up straight. There, upon the broad fields of Rohan, came riding three figures--and one appeared to be a woman! Finally! Another woman to talk to!

Eowyn went running to meet them, glanced at the others, and grinned up at the fair-haired maiden.

"Oh, wonderful! finally! Another woman to talk to!" she grinned up at the tall female, marvaling at her dress. Very odd and green it was.

"But I'm no--"

"You and I will be like sisters!"

"My lady, I'm not--"

"Oh, come come! You and your companions must come with me! Oh, and what is your name, sister?"

"Legolas." The Elf growled.
- Peregrine

Eowyn's 16th birthday

Eowyn was in a stink. It was her 16th birthday, and she’d asked for a sword – a special sword, elegant and deadly. Just the weapon for her. And instead she’d received…

… a cookbook.

She was not amused. Although Eomer seemed to be, as he winked conspiratorially at Uncle Theoden.

Like cooking is important, she grumbled to herself. Was this supposed to be some kind of hint? Well! If dear Eomer didn’t like the mud pie she’d made him eat when she was 12, he could just... just... just... just eat brick!

And Eowyn knew where to get the brick!
- onónë

In the tent she stands alone, watching shadows flicker past. Their hands are filled; they carry weapons, armor, provisions. Her own hands are empty. Hanging quiet at her sides. Their feet run quickly, her own stand still, idle. They are riding to war and battle; she must go home to an empty throne and a waiting city. Her hands clench. No! She will not be left behind. With mail she clads herself, a sword she girts at her waist, a helm of steel she takes. Now she walks among the men, her hands full. No longer Éowyn, she is Dernhelm...

On the battlefield, smoke and dust swirls around her. Horrified, she watches helplessly as her King is flung through the air and crushed beneath his mount. She sees the black terror alight and threaten him. Heedlessly, she dashes between him and the foe. One fell sweep of her blade destroys the winged beast. From the ground rises the king of darkness, foul mace dangling from gauntlet-clad hand. Terror and loyalty battle within her, and she fights. “No living man can kill me...” Tearing off her helmet, she raises her sword and her golden hair streams about her. “I am no man!”


Shieldmaiden of Rohan, you are more fair than the dawn. Cold and pale and beautiful, like a lily in the early, chill morning light. White and golden you are, of a king’s line and a strong heart. A Steward’s son am I, with no love for weapons or war. No man’s pity do you desire, yet my heart is yours. Do not scorn compassion that is the gift of a gentle heart! I know of the pain you bear. Éowyn of Rohan, do not let yourself be drowned in despair, for there is a light yet in the Eastern sky...


Steward’s son, I do not know why. I do not know why you stir my heart, nor why a sliver of hope returns to me when I am with you. Standing atop these white walls with you, I am feeling something I have not known before. Warmth, compassion, hope, love and laughter. Would you have your people say that you tamed a wild shieldmaiden from the North? Yet no longer will I go to war. I will seek to heal and to rebuild. With you I will begin a new life, Faramir of Gondor, for it is you I love...
- Frodo Baggins